The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VII

Right! I always enjoyed my dreams even as a child and they always facinated me, I always end up having really wierd dreams and am talking about them to others all the time so I guess that’s why I have so many lol

Until a year ago I didnt even know about LD which is why now I am asking this of you guys (the pros ^^) I sometimes have dreams that I am flying, the first time that I had it I was about 12 or something and I remeber my sister had the same kind of dream, she was talking to us about dreaming about flying and how great it was and I remember I really wanting to have that dream and feel how it is and couple of days later I had it and I really enjoyed it, the same thing happened with her driving a car and since then I was able to dream to drive a car.

Then the second time I had a dream that I was flying since the feeling felt like something I felt before, I felt kind of familiar to it and I started to make it last abit longer since I thought this is a good feeling.

Then about a year ago after I found out about LD I had a dream that I was flying I realised I was dreaming since I was flying I thought this is great and I flied for at least an hour or so It was mostly being able to jump really high and have a small flying sensation then back down again and jump up again but usually I can only do this for about 2 to 5 min max but this time it lasted a lot longer (at least an hour or so) and then I went back to what was supposed to happen in the dream and finished the dream.

So did I have a LD or was that just an ND? Because to be fair, although I knew I was dreaming I didnt have that much control over it, not like I could tell myself where to go or anything…

Sorry for being too long XD

Hello Nico, welcome to LD4all! You did indeed have a lucid dream, albeit a hazy one. Congratulations on your first step towards complete lucidity! I’d suggest working on dream recall now, and if you don’t have one already, starting a dream journal.

I wish you luck!

Lucidity is not being able to do things, but knowing that you can, and that you’re dreaming.
Sure enough, the two usually go hand in hand, other times, it’s low lucidity, but you still know you’re dreaming.

If you fought a dragon with fireballs while flying in outer space knowing you can do anything IS NOT LUCID DREAMING

If you fought a dragon with fireballs while flying in outer space knowing that you’re in the middle of a dream, It’s an LD.
Sorry for the strange metaphor. It’s made for the extreme. You could have an ND while building a city underwater and be able to breathe it and have an LD where you’re sitting in a chair.

Yay! I am glad that it wasnt just a normal dream =D

Thanks for the replies, I do like to get into LD but things like SP really puts me off, I have experienced SP a few times already without even practicing for LD and I really hate it.

I am gonna try and keep a dream journal if I get the chance, other techniques such as waking up 4 hours after you slept and going back to bed is not optional for me since I run a business and I cant be sleepy at work lol

Well, since you realized you were dreaming, techincally it was an LD, and not being able to control it or having it very gray and hazy is normal. The more you LD, the more vivid they’ll become and the more you’ll be able to control them.

Ok, I had this dream last night where im not sure if i was lucid or just dreaming that i was Lucid.
First Heres the dream i had.
I was for some strange reason trying to get a red juice box cold. Tony Bourdain was there (Guy from travel channel) he told me how to make it cold i was at my grandmas house and made some special ice it was huge chunks some how i got it in the juice box.
This is were i might have become lucid:
Then all of a sudden i was somewhere else i was in front of a huge ice container like the ones outside of a gas station with like a polar bear on it. It had 3 doors i opened one and it was just a blank wall same with the other 2. i walked to the side of the container and thought “Am i dreaming” I did a watch reality check. I said “Yep Guess im dreaming” So i tried to fly didnt work so i tried to summon a flying creature. i imagined what it looked like. When i opened my eyes i was in a medieval room with someone laying on the floor… so i walked outside and saw tony again He said follow me and ran followed him and we ran up a building like in assassins creed there was a huge shingled roof i remember it being tanish i ran on top of a bunch of vertical poles we got to the edge we were a lot higher than i thought we were. Then all of a sudden i jumped off and hit the ground several times a couple just sat there and watched me do it. The end

It seemed that i could control it. it was vivid but it felt as if i was only watching it instead of actually being there. I could control it but i was watching it kinda like a video game. I even remember it starting to fade so i rubbed my hands.

I have been researching and watching videos about lucid dreaming, how to’s, ETC.
Was i just hyped up about having one and just dreamed of having a LD?
Or was this a LD?

It sounds like it was an LD. If you ever go ‘hey, this is a dream… i’m dreaming’ then that’s lucidity.

Some LDs may be more lucid than others, more controllable or more vivid… but they’re all still lucid dreams, just at sort of different levels of awareness.

Well done! :thumbs:

OMG! Yay. I finally had a Lucid dream? Woot! Woot! :lucid:

Yay! :partying_face:

The past days i haven’t been able to sleep much, so i didn’t do anything in order to have an LD at all.
But this night, i was dreaming. And since i was so tired even when waking up (hadn’t get enough sleep),
i didn’t try to recall my dream. So, after lying in my bed for some minutes, i stood up. And then it hit me.
I remembered that i saw something in a dream,
and then (in the dream) i realized it!
This wouldn’t work in the real life! But the problem is…then i woke up. Or did i?
I have no idea. I thought i wake up, but can’t remember it though.
So i was thinking…maybe i just dreamed that i become lucid? Is that possible?
I am petty confused now…

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i feel like that all of the time, where you don’t feel legitimately LUCID, where you wake up thinking that you were dreaming that you were dreaming that you became lucid within a dream inside your dream :uh:
i guess the fact that there is any realization in your dream at all means that you’re lucid, but then of course there are many levels of lucidity.
for me, and it seems for alot of people, lucidity is hard to concretely define, i some times find lucidness that seems like it belongs in a different level altogether.
i guess all i’m trying to say is whether or not you want to define lucidity one way or another, you still want to have specific goals and personal preferences, taking you little by little towards having better lucidity
but i’m no expert- hope i could help at all anyways :content:

I could have been a false lucid dream or a low level lucid dream.
Slim is the line between those two.

But I’d say it was a lucid dream…
You see, if you DID really realize you are dreaming, that’s always a lucid dream.
Even if you woke up after that.

You see, many beginners wake up when they become lucid…it is because of the excitement.

You must stay calm in order to have a longer lucid dream.
Next time, try to repeat: ‘‘I’m calm, I’m not excited’’ or something like that.
It usually works.

Maybe you lost lucidity instantly, but the dream continued…also possible.
You weren’t lucid enough.Next time try to rub your hands and touch anything in the dreamworld.That usually makes you more lucid.

a FLD is a normal dream where you just think you’re lucid…but you aren’t.
So, it’s dreaming about lucid dreaming.Happens to almost everyone, including me (well, it used to happen before).

Good luck.If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I can’t remember that i woke up…and what annoys me, is that i can’t remember what triggered the LD.

There does not always have to be a trigger for a lucid dream. If your reading, talking an thinking the whole day about lucid dreams you often ‘just’ become lucid.

I remembered that something triggered it…but can’t figure out what. And for some reason, i had the word “matress” in my mind when i woke up.

One time, during a series of normal dreams, I discovered a “portal” that took me into a lucid dream. At the time, I wasn’t aware that I was dreaming (ND), so I thought that I had actually discovered a real life portal, which upon entering, I would be in a lucid dream. Within the lucid dream (other side of the portal), a disembodied voice gave me a lesson in dream manifestation. Guided by her instruction, I accidentally created a flood, and tried to escape by going back through the portal. However, the flood followed me into the ND state on the other side and created a nightmare.

What are your thoughts on this? Dreaming about dreaming?

Is this type of experience considered lucid, or is it just a dream that happens to include a dream within its own (non-lucid) narrative? Anyone have a similar experience?

Either way, it seems that I had a “dream guide”, while at the time I didn’t know what one was.

I have also had dreams (ND, usually) in which I tell dream characters about another dream (also ND) I just had moments before. Even though I don’t recall ever being lucid during the dream, I am still able to tell other characters that it was a dream after the fact. So maybe it would be determined in-dream DR? My friend tells me she frequently uses this technique consciously as a DR device.

More recently, I suddenly had the feeling of being bilocated (in two places at once) while in a ND, and immediately spoke to a dream character and proudly told her that I was actually at home asleep, and that I was in a dream with her at the moment. Yet when I thought of my self that was sleeping, it was a dream version of myself. Next, I woke up in my dream-self’s apartment. (False awakening?)

A likely explanation could be that I am having brief moments of lucidity before slipping back into a normal dream. Or maybe only my subconscious is aware that I am dreaming, but my conscious mind doesn’t quite catch on enough to become “fully” lucid.

Dreams can be so tricky!

This sounds like a dream that contained lucid dreaming in it’s plot-line. Although it does depend on how it was inside the ‘lucid dream portal’ It could be a case of you dreaming how it might be to be in a lucid dream, or you could have been lucid. Hard to tell sometimes, especially if it’s a lower level LD. If you aren’t sure, try to compare it to previous LDs, if you haven’t had any yet, don’t worry. You’ll likely know the answer quicky if you have an LD later and this wasn’t one.

This does sound increasingly closer to being lucid, if it isn’t lucid already. Especially where you are saying you are currently in bed asleep.

Not quite sure what you mean with the waking up in your dream selfs apartment.

Ok so last night i went to sleep (of course), and when i started dreaming i had a dream that i was in my school and everyone was playing Beatles Rockband in the lunch room. Then we started playing in the main hallway and then for some reason I started painting with this tube of “paint” and it was in a tooth paste bottle and green and everytime i kept trying to make it into a perfect circle on this little white tray thing i wouldnt do it in a circle at all. For some reason every time i kept trying to, it would go right back to the middle of the tray. I thought that this wasnt right because paint is never like this and i would of been able to get it in a circle. I could feel the tube in my hand and i was getting mad and right when i was about to get it perfect, this lady took it from me and started painting on a mirror. Then i thought everything went back to normal but nothing was normal because we were still playing Beatles Rockband but there were no tv’s. So was that a lucid dream or not??? :help:

This doesn’t sound like a lucid dream to me, there doesn’t seem to be any point at which you realised you were dreaming. Unless there was more to it, like you just knew it was a dream etc. It sounds like you may have been questioning things a little though, which is a good sign :smile:

I had a false awakening, where I woke up from the dream, but I was still dreaming. The only thing is that the apartment that I woke up into isn’t my actual real life apartment, but in the dream it was “my” apartment.