The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VII

Well it sounds like you were lucid even if it was a low level. So well done.

Sounds to me like that was an LD. Congrats! Just a little more practice, and you’ll be able to stay calm, stay asleep, increase vividness and control more aspects of the dream.

Ohh awesome! thanks :woo: yeah cause when i thought it was a dream i got really excited lol and woke up straight away

I woke up about one hour before usual time, so I went back to sleep. I was in extremely light sleep, and I dreamed about taking a shower in some old building, and that some guy was chasing me. We ran to the roof, but then I suddenly realized it was a dream. I didn’t even do a RC or anything, I just started manipulating the dream a little bit, and it worked I think. Then I think I jumped off the building and woke up (??)

The thing is, I just heard about lucid dreaming two days ago, and my dream recall is terrible. Also it was a very non-vivid (lucid) dream.

Sounds like a LD to me.

Congrats :yay:

If you work on your recall and techniques the recall and vividness will improve :thumbs:

Originally posted this in its own message, should have been here I guess.

I’m new here but I’ve been trying to do lucid dreaming and last night may have been my first real success. I’ve had dreams where I have realised I was dreaming in the past, but this one went a bit further.

First of all, the main points of the dream went like this:

I’m riding on Concord but in the dream, the method of travel is to sit on what is a very narrow plane roof and just hang on. Of course, I was shitting myself as I kept feeling like I was sliding off the plane. Then I suddenly thought to myself that this is a dream so it will be OK. The plane then started to land and I was OK. I then start looking at car number plates and stuff to see if they change and stuff and these number plates were in digital format but they didn’t remain the same each time I looked. I also looked at my hands to count fingers etc and noticed they just seem a bit weird. Difficult to count and a bit blurry.

I also remember being in an elevator with some people. Can’t recall who they were, except one of them was a friend I haven’t seen in more than 10 years. I explained to him that I was fully conscious in this dream and displayed my prowess by attempting to fly. I managed to climb into the air a couple of feet and hang there a few seconds. Then I show my friend that it is in fact a dream by running up to a woman and dropping my trousers. I had reasoned that as this was a dream, she would not react and I was right. not something I would do in real life I hasten to add.

Anyway, when I was dreaming I remember thinking that I was self aware and conscious but now that I am awake, I’m not sure whether I was actually aware during the dream or whether I just dreamt that I was. i.e. that the lucidity was just part of the dream.

I remember waking in the morning and checking my digital alarm clock and relalising I was still asleep because there were no numbers. I have read that this sort of falso awakening can be part of lucid dreaming.

So, that’s my first significant experience. Just wonder if anyone has any opinions on my questions. i.e.

Is it normal for the feeling of having been lucid to fade?

Is it likely that one can mistake the experiences of one’s dreamself, with having been lucid (i.e. the lucidity itself was a dream)?

Are you ever in full control of your dreamself during lucid dreams, are you just along for the ride but aware that it’s all dream or does that maybe depend on practice?

I haven’t been using any techniques to lucid dream other than just thinking that I want to do it then remembering that during the dream. Seems to be happening quite easily.


PS hello

I had a pretty interesting dream that I can only vaguely remember… I’ve been trying to just remember my dreams, and I haven’t been very successful. The only thing I think my dreams have had in common is that their about something that I’d recently though a lot about (games, movies, places) but haven’t thought much of lately.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I completely forgot, but remembered earlier today for some reason. I remember something made me realize it was a dream, and I started manipulating the dream. I remember that I kept losing my perspective and switching from floating around the dream viewing people in 3rd person to actually being someone. I think I woke up after only a few minutes because I tried to jump out of a window.

I can remember almost nothing after I woke up, but I think it must have been a false awakening because I don’t think I woke up in my room. I can’t even remember when I had the dream, either.

The problem is I don’t know if I was having a lucid dream, or if I was actually dreaming about having a lucid dream. I had recently become discouraged by not being able to remember my dreams, and stopped trying and pretty much forgot about lucid dreaming for a little while, so this would fit with what I’ve been seeing in my dreams. I can’t remember where I was in the dream or what triggered it.

Is it possible that I could of actually had a dream about lucid dreams and not of actually been in control?

I suppose that’s what I was asking in a rather long winded fashion.

How can you tell that lucidity is not just part of the normal dream? Is there really a way to be sure?

All you can do is really consider what you were thinking/feeling during the dream. It is all to do with awareness and not about control, vividness or length. The only one I had trouble with deciding if it was lucid or not - the lucidity faded in the dream so it was hard to remember if I was really lucid in the apparently lucid part. After some deliberation I decided I had definitely been aware during that part of the dream.

yes. But it’s upto you to decide if you were really thinking in the dream or you were using control in the dream ‘automatically’ without really being aware.

Ok, I just had another low level lucid dream… I remember that this one was pretty real, but as I said my dream recall sucks, so its all blurry memories now. I remember being chased by some guy, just like in the other dream. Then I though I usually don’t get chased by people, but this time it was so real I had to do an RC first. I looked at my hands and I had 9 fingers… wtf…
I did rub my hands, but I slowly lost control over the dream… I remember closing my eyes and suddenly I was in my house (in the dream).
I can’t remember how the dream ended.

Is that normal? :confused: To have two lucid dreams in a row only days after I even heard about lucid dreaming…

It’s different for everybody :happy:
You should start a dream journal in the DJ section so you can keep a personal topic of your progress :thumbs:

Split a post asking a question about increasing awareness. To here :dragon:

Ok, so this happened way before I ever heard about LDs, and I am not sure if it was one or not. So I had a dream I was in school (and school ended a few weeks ago at the time) and I realized that it must be a dream since school ended already, so although I was conscious, I didn’t control my dream, I just changed it by ignoring my teacher and playing pranks on people and being a jerk for fun. So was this an LD? Or like half of an LD?

Oh yeah, and there was another incident, not too long ago, when again school had just let out, and I was dreaming I was in school. The teachers were giving us really huge projects due the next day, and I was super pissed. I then thought if it was a dream, but I guess my dream self didn’t want to risk the chance of me thinking it was a dream when it wasn’t, and getting in trouble at school. This was before I knew about RCs, too. Does this mean LDs come more naturally to me?

And btw, I have started a DJ, and I was wondering how many dreams should you be able to recall before trying an LD?

Thanks for your help, and sorry for all the questions.

You do not need to be able to control the dream inorder to be lucid … it is all about awareness of being in a dream. Although dream control usually follows in most dreams to a greater or lesser extent.

I would say at least one a night, but keep on improving your recall at the same time that you do the LD techniques.

Good luck :thumbs:

Thanks, that clears up a lot for me, hopefully I will soon experience a LD and control the dream.

I don’t know if this counts, or maybe I’m just on the right path?
I’ve never tried any of this before. At least never more than wanting to do it.
Anyway, before falling asleep I was telling myself that I wanted to have a dream about me and my girlfriend together, secluded from everyone else. That didn’t happen, I don’t think. I remember in one dream that I was with her, but that’s all I remember.
Though, in another, I was going with my mom to take my gf’s mom home, and I only wanted to go to see her.
Is this at least a start?

it was an incubated dream, it is good to be able to incubate what you want in your dreams :content:
But becoming lucid is different altogether you need that realisation that you are dreaming.

I read to look for signs you are dreaming.
I saw the sign, but I didn’t realize it!
I knew if she was anyhow involved I’d be dreaming,
but I only knew it while I was awake!

Okay… So I’m pretty new to lucid dreaming (and the forum) and have encountered a few road blocks. First off, is it possible to close your eyes during a dream and maintain lucidity? Also, does one blink? I have had only two lucid dreams and I am not quite sure if they were the real thing. The first one, occurred during an afternoon nap when I was doing VILD (though I had not been aware of this or any other method at the time apart from RCs). In the dream, I imagined my self in the house talking to a person but not becoming aware. I didn’t achieve quite what I wanted, but I think I had a false awakening as I was still trying to fall asleep on the couch. After a while of me trying yo “fall asleep” I began to vibrate and shake and I saw the kind of static imagery you see on a television. I got kind of freaked out but I tried it again and the next thing I remember I was standing beside the couch. I then performed an RC, and became semi-lucid ( I think). Was this a real experience or was it a fake lucid dream? I also just had a similar experience that was kinda like WILD which I have come close to before. I also vibrated and heard a strong wind in my ears. I don’t think this was WILD, because I am nearly positive I was sleeping. Does this vibration occur to anybody else?

Thank you for reading this and sorry for the long post.

The latter question-- I’m not aware of blinking either in waking life or dreamtime, so I don’t know. Probably doesn’t have much of an effect, whether we do or don’t, since (to the former question) yes, I have closed my eyes and maintained lucidity. Usually another image will blossom behind what’s supposed to be my eyelids, and it will be like I never closed them, but one time I was able to maintain the visual of the back of my own eyelids and open them again in the same dream setting.

Didn’t sound like a lucid dream to me, and if you have to doubt it quite so much… it very likely was not :smile: Or it could be a “low-level lucid” dream: … 63BB187AB5

Can you describe these vibrations a little more? It’s just that I have heard of lucid dreamers who experience what they call vibrations, that I’ve experienced and can’t personally consider “vibrations”.

I have also heard and felt the strong wind only once before, through that hadn’t led to anything, I have wondered at it.

Thank you for your reply,and that link was quite helpful. Well, all that I can recall was that my entire body was rapidly shaking, and I could that the hear objects around me were clattering around as a result.