The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VII

It wasn’t an LD, because you didn’t get to alter it in any way.

However it was close to one because you realized you are dreaming. The LD is what comes after that.

This isn’t true. :tongue: An LD is defined as any dream in which you realise you are dreaming. The level of control isn’t always an accurate indicator of this. Since what you expect to happen in an LD happens, if you expect yourself to have no control that will likely happen, however it doesn’t mean you didn’t have a Lucid Dream. It sounds to me like a part of you expected something significant to happen when you got lucid, and it did.

well i had a dream last night and i was at school. I think i knew that i was dreaming cuz i tried to open a locker telepathicly. It didnt work. But i didnt really have that much controll. I’ve always had a lil bit of controll of all my dreams, but im never really lucid. I need 2 kno if this dream counts as being lucid, and how can i increase lucidity.

p.s.: i dnt count this as lucidity.

I had a dream last night; I was sitting in a chair in a very large room when suddenly i thought: I might be dreaming. I didnt have any control, but i did the nose RC, That was a weird feeling. Even after the RC i was skeptical that it was a dream, but i decided to try and fly. so ran as fast as i could. It didnt work, and the dream ended.

I had this dream a few days ago. It was very memorable.

I woke up in the early morning. But I didn’t write in the dream journal. So I lay there and go back to sleep and thought I should try some meditation. As I closed my eyes, I kept meditating going through in my mind, all my limbs and parts of the body, and feel as though my body is heavy. I also had the idea of being in a black hole to cleanse the mind of all thoughts. I could feel my mind drift off to sleep and so eventually I started floating and my breathing became heavier. Suddenly, I felt as though I was inside something, something big. The whole world seemed to expand and then I realised I was somewhere very comfortable but not realising I was dreaming. As though I was aware I was sleeping and felt myself asleep. And this was where it got interesting. I was kind of floating still and I felt very comfortable but still tied to something. Then I sensed that I was part of something massive, as though I was glued to the surface of a massive globe, a kind of, on top of the world feeling. The feeling and sensation of this was immense – everything seemed to expand forever to the point of dizziness. So in this weird environment, I must of sensed that I was dreaming, because the next thing I remembered was being focused on a weird TV screen. I got the sense of an old orange CRT set. When I looked at the screen, I would see colourful abstract images appear as I thought them. There was a feeling of control, and then the images appeared more real, to the point where I saw a forest landscape. Everything was shifty though and not very clear. I must have fallen into deeper sleep not long afterwards. I woke up remembering the intensity of feeling part of something massive. That expanding-floating sensation was very impressive.
Now I am not entirely sure it was a lucid dream because everything was not very clear and I don’t exactly remember thinking ‘Gee, I must be in a dream right now’ .I guess my biggest breakthrough in this dream was being aware of the blurriness and actually remembering the Lucid TV and the expanding sensation. Was this a low-level LD?

I will mention a frustrating dream last night - I think I was grocery shopping and I remember seeing and picking up a tub of ‘Dream Yogurt.’ In the dream I had a second look at it, but then I woke up! It was very annoying. It was as though as soon as I was about to realise I was dreaming, it was too much! Why was I woken up?!

If anyone has any tips or revelations for me , do tell. Cheers.
(P.S. - Apologies if a similar dream has been written before. I have tried the search many times and read as many dreams as I could.)

I’m not sure if this belongs here, so if it doesn’t please move it?

The other night I had a dream where I was hanging outside the mall with a few of my relatives and suddenly my cousin’s friends start trying to kill us with harpoons. Fortunately, I stole one and fought back, then realizing they were just toys and not really dangerous. Then we all went to my aunt’s house and nothing really remarkable happened after that except that when I pressed eject on the VCR three VHS tapes came out instead of one.

The thing is I remember sitting in my aunt’s house around with my cousins and everyone, and thinking “Well how was I supposed to know it was a dream? Nothing out of the ordinary happened. How are you supposed to know you’re dreaming if your dreams are normal?” I think I woke up after that, but I’m not sure.

But what I’m wondering is, was I dreaming that? Because the thought would have suggested I knew I was dreaming… which I didn’t (unless I only knew at the end?) So I was thinking maybe I was awake and just thinking that and associated it with the dream in my head? But if I was awake I think I would be able to tell that harpoons are a little out of the ordinary.

So was it in the dream?

From what it looks like, that was not a lucid dream. You dreamed the scenario up but the connection still didn’t click with your head. It’s just like if you saw yourself flying but didn’t recognize it was a dream (except much more obvious). However, it’s certainly a step closer than not having the signs there in the first place!

It sounds like you might have gotten lucid, but at a low-level there. Lack of control doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t lucid. And being skeptical of it being a dream, would very likely affect your ability to fly or do other dream related things. Dreams respond to our expectations, if you expect things not to work, it will usually happen.

It sounds like you were most certainly in the process of transitioning into a dream. Perhaps already in one, it may have just been a case of imagining a scene to make it appear. If you WILDed, there mightn’t be a moment where you suddenly realise you are dreaming, since you will have maintained awareness whilst you fell asleep. :smile:

I agree with bendrummin, it doesn’t sound like you were lucid to me. It seems that lucid dreaming just appeared in your dream, that isn’t what defines a lucid dream. Realising at the time you are dreaming does. Hopefully it won’t be long before your thoughts drift onto, “Maybe I’m dreaming right now!” you are heading in the right direction for that. :content:

I had the most awkward dream last night and I have no idea whether it was an LD or just seemed like one…

(Note: I’m a huge fan of the TV series Supernatural, so I dream about it a lot after watching it in the evening. The main characters’ names are Sam and Dean. Just saying if you’re wondering about the names, I’ll talk about. Call me crazy or obsessed. XD)

Okay, for some reason Sam and Dean were staying in an apartment of my parents’ house. There are six apartments in our house, all belong to us. So my Mum told me about our new tenants and because it was really late already I said hello and wished them a good night, in German. (My first language)
A second later I realized that they couldn’t understand me and apologized in English. Dean shrugged it off and said “Don’t worry, we understand German” (he says that in German xD)
I thought “Huh? No, they don’t understand me! They’re American!” and then “Oh, I see. This must be a dream!”

After that some more stuff happened but that’s not that important.

Right when I realized it had to be a dream, everything became VERY realistic.
Nothing was weird and blurry like my dreams usually are, it was as if I woke up in my real room. I can remember every detail of what happened after that.
But I didn’t manipulate anything. I didn’t even TRY to change anything. I just went on with my dream.
(How I wish now that I had tried to manipulate the characters and events)

After some more stuff happened (my Mum yelling at Dean for listening to horrible 80’s rock music way too loud, Sam lying on the bed unconsciously, my grandma visiting for her birthday, …) I must have forgotten that it was a dream, though.
I ended up in my best friend’s car, everything completely different from before.

Dreams confuse me.

sounds like a LD to me :smile:
you were aware it was a dream, everything went more vivid.
lucidity doesn’t always involve manipulating things

Last night I was dreaming about just walking through some hotel (it was longer than that, but that’s not really important,) and I started floating a foot or two off the ground. Suddenly I could see myself, which hasn’t happened in a dream of mine since I was probably around ten.

I remember thinking “Hey this is a dream, and I’m floating that means I can fly! That was one of the quest options!”

So then I start flapping my arms like a chicken and I fly down the hallway. That’s about the extent of what I can remember. I guess I probably woke up.

The only real reason I’m doubting it was an LD was because I never really thought of flying in an LD in real life, but I guess because I was already floating? I don’t know. What do you guys think?

It doesn’t matter if you hadn’t thought of flying in a LD previously. When lucid, you can suddenly think of something to do or even not be able to remember a LD goal you had set yourself.

The only thing to consider is if you KNEW you were dreaming while in the dream.

This morning in my dream I had a thought that I could sleep longer and then another thought came to me like, wait, no I can’t, and I immediately woke up and looked at the clock and it was 3:30 am which was a good early time for me considering I needed to be out the door by 5:30. Does this count as lucid? I think it does because when I went to bed I knew I wanted to get up early. And it felt like my thought process was lucid before I woke up even though I didn’t think, hey I’m dreaming.

My boyfriend says he does stuff like this all the time, in his sleep he actually looks at the clock then wakes up and it’s that time on the clock IRL. Let me know if this counts because I’ve only had one LD so far (I just typed “fart” first by accident, LOL) and I’d like to change my # of LD’s in my profile to “2”! :content:

It doesn’t really sound lucid to me. But since you had a passing thought about sleeping … if it was my dream I would classify it as pre-lucid.
But really, it depends on how aware you were before waking up. Did you REALLY know that it was a dream and sensed that full awareness?
So really you have to think back and ultimately decide for yourself since you did mention

It is possible to think clearly in a dream but not be lucid.

Ah, I had an odd dream too! In my dream I had just woken up and was lying in bed. But, I remembered that you could get false awakenings, so just to check I pinched my nose-and I could still breathe through it! Weird sensation, that is.
Problem is, (I dunno, I was probably too connected to my conscious self) it felt cold outside my bed, so I didn’t want to get out. I was all like “Nah, I’ll have a lie in.” So I thought of trying out some tricks whilst lying in bed.
For some reason I was hell bent on conjuring up a handful of marbles?! Well, my logic was that I should try creating an object and, well, why not marbles? (Really retarded logic if you ask me) But, after trying unsuccessfully to bend the dreamworld to my will, I started to doubt I was dreaming. (I know, right? How the hell is being able to breathe through your nose when its blocked not proof enough?)
So I did a bunch of other reality checks. One of them was to check my hand for the word I’d written on it during the day (“DREAM”), and my hand had some mad combination of numbers and letters on it instead. (Like; “Mhf57shk”) So then I thought “Yeah, as if I even wrote that, I’m so obviously dreaming.”
But still no control or motivation or excitment. I ended up staring out my bedroom window and wondered about throwing myself out of it to try shocking my system into taking me somewhere else or something, but I was still unsure. (“What if I’m not dreaming? I’m just gonna end up earning a Hospital visit and a nice cosy chat with a psychiatrist!”)
And just as I thought up the idea of flying-just a little hovering in my room-I woke up. For real this time! Boo!
So with all that doubt and weird logic, I have to wonder if I was lucid at all. I’ve had fakes before, but I’m not sure about this one. Real or not? Hmm.

Ok I’ll try to explain…

For a while I’ve been reading about some techniques on the forum for lucid dreaming, but last night I didn’t bother to try any, and just went to sleep as normal. During my dream, I said to someone in my dream "is this a lucid dream? but I got no response. I also recall flying for a bit.

I am unsure, was this a real lucid dream, or me dreaming about having one? :eh:

It depends what you were thinking when you asked the question. A lucid dream is being AWARE that you are dreaming while in the dream. So from what you wrote it just sounds like you were dreaming about it.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I was in a very light sleep and i was dreaming about cutting up a fish and i then said" i love severed fish heads" and thought wtf i wouldnt say that in real life i must be dreaming i tried to control myself but i woke up