The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VII

If at any time during the dream you realized you were dreaming, then you had a lucid dream. If you had control in the dream, but did not realize you were dreaming it was a false lucid dream.

Thanks alot guys, now that I think about it more I realize I probably was lucid.

Hey My Fellow LDs I Dunno What Happend But About 2 Days Ago i Went To Bed As Normal And Woke Up About 6am I was Busting For a Wee Lool Anyways I Went Back To Bed After And i Was Laying On My Back I Must Have Falling Asleep And Then All Of a Sudden I Was In The Loo Doing My Business Again I Went To Lean On The Wall And Fell Straight Threw It Then I Started Trying To Shout But Nuffin Came Out I Tried To Open My Eyes Aswell But It Was Hard Then I Woke Up Was That A Ld ??? :help:

unless you were aware it was a dream … it wouldn’t be a LD.
so were you actually aware at the time you were dreaming?

I :rofl: on reading

well i was aware that it was a dream

I hope this is the right place to post this, please forgive me if it isn’t.

I just got to know about Lucid Dreaming exactly a week ago and thought “Hey, I wanna try that, too!” so I did.
Last night might have been my first (tiny) success but I’m not entirely sure.

I had a normal dream when suddenly I realized “Hey, I’m dreaming! Time to try manipulating things!” and I remembered that one of the last things I had thought before I falling asleep had been “I’d love to meet Ewan McGregor!”
And somehow I managed to make Ewan McGregor appear in front of my door.

But at the same time I had the very weird feeling that I was only dreaming a normal dream about being able to have a lucid dream.
I don’t really know how to explain it.
My dream self seemed to know that it could “wake up” every second and return to that normal dream I had before as if that normal dream was the “real life”.

Now I am rather confused. :confused:
Was that a first step to become a lucid dreamer or just another weird normal dream? xD

Its called a FLD i think.

But what you had was a LD, probably a not very vivid one. :content:

Congrats anyhow :grin:

:welcome: Fayh to LD4all. It seems like an FLD for me. Your first LD’s are going to be weird, but you get better the more LD’s you get. One thing I wonder: did you like that dream?

Thank you guys!
I’ll definitely keep on trying.

And yes, I liked it.
As weird as it felt, it was a very entertaining dream.

Your dream sounded more like a very low-level lucid to me (like, you understand that you’re dreaming, but you don’t feel the clarity of mind or vividness that usually accompany LDs). I’ve had plenty of FLDs though; I’d do something crazy and explain it by telling the DCs that I was dreaming, but it would never really “connect” in my brain, and I’d be whisked away by something else before I could think more on it.

you had your first LD :content:
If you realized while inside the dream that you are in fact dreaming, it is a lucid dream.
Yes, it was of a very low lucidity level and your clarity was perfect probably but these things will get better and better with time, so just enjoy your journey to perfecting this ability.
By the way, sounds like you had a good control if you summoned Ewan to your door. Doesn’t work for all people in their first LD.
Lastly, you don’t need to worry about “steps to becoming a lucid dreamer”, we were all born with this ability and you are already using it.
Have fun tonight ^^

Okay, so another question of mine. I think that I had finally found my technique.

Night Saturday - Sunday. I went to sleep pretty soon (22:30 :content:, I wish I could go sleep like this everyday) and made myself relaxed. Then, instead of imaginating a dream-scene, I was singing a song in my head with changing the words to anything related to LDs. It didn’t work, as always. Instead, I woke up at like 07:00 and went asleep. Then I had the funny feeleing that happened before. I was thinking about my own scenario for Heroes episode ( :cool:) and then I asked myself “Why don’t change it?”. When I entered the state I calmed myself and then did some RCs: my watch was showing mili- and microseconds, I could breath through my nose (i thought it was normal :eh: ) and checked my hands - they looked like they were pulsing. So, after doing these RCs I decided to go search Hiro to help me change things. When I was traveling with him, two guys atacked us. Hiro disappeared and so the guys. Then I wanted to change the scene to something more plains oriented. Unfortunely, I was knocked back to my bed.

My question is, was it LD? If so, why was I knocked back to bed?

Thank you!
I’ll definitely have fun with this while getting better. :'D

You’re welcome Fayh :smile:

I didnt manage to understand from your post if it was in fact a LD. I think not.
If you were of the fact you are dreaming , it is a lucid dream. But it sounds like in spite of your multiple RCs, you still didn’t figure that out.
You were knocked back to bed because you either subconsciously wanted to or because your body has reached a critical level of Serotonin, which leads me to my final words.
The mistake most people do when they try to WILD/project/whatever… is they try to do it at night before going to bed, while the Serotonin level is lowest and the Melatonin level is the highest, and the body is not relaxed. These conditions make that time the worst possible. In the morning, when you wake up, you have a high amount of Serotonin and your body is already incredibly relaxed, that is the reason why you can fall into a dream so easily in the morning.
Hope this helps :content:

[color=purple][size=84]I’m new to lucid dreaming. Incredibly new, as a matter of fact. I tried it a few times a number of years ago, got frustrated, and gave up. I rediscovered the topic last night, and was interested in trying it, so I did, not expecting to have any results. I tried the WILD technique, but my room mate kept talking to me and breaking my concentration, so I eventually gave up.

I had a dream that definitely wasn’t lucid, but from there, dreamed that I had been woken by my room mate. Still dreaming, I got out of bed, sat at my desk, and drew and filled in a circle on a piece of paper. I proceeded to fall through the hole in the paper, and into a new dream which may or may not have been lucid.

Remembering my dream after I woke up, I didn’t feel as though I had much control over what was happening, though I did seem to be aware that I was dreaming, and remembered it as very choppy and phantasmagorical. I’m not sure, however, if I was lucid, or if I was just dreaming that I had the impression that I was.

Thanks to anyone who responds,

Probably not. If your not sure, just say, “Was I aware that I was in a dream?” If yes, then :yes:. If no, then :no:.

:welcome: to LD4All! :happy:

If you knew that you were dreaming then you were lucid. The control has nothing to do with it.

Yesterday I had my first Lucid Dream (atleast I think it was). :smile: I was dreaming and realized that I was dreaming. First thing in my mind Reality Check :happy: So I did the finger/hand check and it didn’t work, nothing wierd with it… Then I did a nose check and it actually worked, I was able to breathe, meanwhile all the colours went much brighter and clearer… :happy: I was flying before I could think of that, I think it was somehow related to my dreams (IRL) about flying :smile: After that I got carried away and lost it… :neutral:
Wierd thing is, I went to sleep normally. I tryied WILD (no success so far) 3 nights ago… :smile:

Then it was definately a lucid dream. Congratulations! :grin:

:welcome: to LD4All, by the way! :woo:

I had a dream I was making out with some chick randomly in my dream. I then later realised that if I was really making out I would feel it on my lips but wasn’t and that led me to realising its a dream. Instantly after i realised it felt like my head was shaking in real life while I was still in the dream. The dream then went to a white void and I tried thinking of something to spawn but I woke up cause of excitement.