The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VII

Yes, it was an LD because you knew you were dreaming. By your description it was a low level LD. By that I mean the awareness of the dream state wasn’t that sharp. You were probably aware on some base level that it was a dream; but not to the point where you could control anything - you might not even have been aware that you could control something.

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The other night I had this incredible dream. One of those that you wake up from with a smile on your face :smile: But also one where I questioned what the h**l was this?

I have been trying to get an Out of body-experience for ½ a year now and been reading lots of books on the subject… Just recently after having no succes I decided to try and get into Lucid dreaming. (I have a book by Laberge)
The 3rd night trying with MILD (and starting up with too many RC during day-time :eek: ) I had this wonderful dream i mentioned:

Here we go:

In the dream I remember waking up in my living-room on the couch (although sleeping in my bedroom) I felt my body being filled with vibrations (like before a OBE) and i said to myself maybe I’m having an OBE - soon after i could feel myself floating up over the coach. I said to myself: “This is it! I’m OBE’ing!” My eyes were closed and i remembered to say “astral vision on!” to get sight - it worked (or perhaps i just opened my eyes.)

Then i said to myself “go up, up, up” and i did; i went through the roof of my house (it was very dark in the attic) and i went further up. Now i could see the stars on a VERY dark-blue sky. This stage of the dream was extremely lifelike i have never seen the sky as beatiful before - and it was almost better than looking at a real sky. Then suddenly i remember having my wife in my arms, like Superman and Lois Lane. I gave her a kiss and decided to go out of my out of body experience (i know you have to keep them short at first to remember them) I then woke up in my bed - and said WAUW to myself i really did it! I reached out for my dream-journal and wrote in it - i then went back to sleep. Or so it seemed because i woke up again looked in my dream-journal and saw that i hadn’t written anything. I was dazzled i went up and looked out hte window to see if there was a clear sky. There wasn’t - so i must have dreamt it all up.

I was both exited and dissapointed - glad about the dream but dissapointed because i hadn’t had either a Lucid dream or an Out of body-experience :confused:

Then again i remember my thoughts VERY clearly i thought i was having an OBE and acted accordingly - but then again I didn’t think of the fact that i lay in the couch instead of my bed or that i suddenly had my wife in my arms.

Was it just a very vivid dream?

CAn someone help me i had a dream last night i think i was lucid but cant be sure.

I was in schools garden and i was chasing some adventure throwing lightning and fire from my hand and being invisible.I remember i was trying to find a door to teleport another place.I know we can use doors to be other places and i though that in my dream.But if i was in a lucid dream i would first calm down and explore dreamworld.But instead i was in a hury.Was i lucid?

toygar 05 - I’m not sure if you had a lucid dream, based on your description however the answer is no. The question you need to ask is whether or not you ever realized you were dreaming…if you did then it was a lucid dream.

Umm…no, not neccesarily. People often have low-level LD’s where they realize at the most basic level that they are in a dream but nothing really changes. Lucidity does not guarantee control or clarity of thought.

Remember folks, [size=150]a lucid dream is nothing more than a dream in which you know you’re dreaming, the amount of control or clarity is irrelevant, so long as you are aware you’re dreaming then it is a lucid dream.[/size]

@ Juulsgaard
I don’t think it was exactly an LD, since you don’t seem to realise you were dreaming. It certainly sounds like a fascinating dream though. :smile: Since I’m still unsure if AP/OBE is possible, I’m probably not the best person to judge if this is an AP/OBE or not.

@ toygar05
As Lucidity_Master said, it’s a question of if you were aware you were dreaming or not.

After my last experience like two weeks ago (here) I recently figured out that when I wake up in the night (happens :content: )and try to go back to sleep I feel realy relaxed and different histories come to my mind. They were like thought made by me but they kept going without my “help”. Eventualy I said something like “How is it in there?”. Then I felt really weird (SP maybe?) and the room I thought about materialized in my mind and I was there too. Saddenly, I was knocked out of this state like 1 second later.

After being knocked out, I decided to try again. And again, I had different history in my mind (was it in hospital? I don’t remember). Later I said “How would I look like in these clothes?” and - again - the hospital materialized. This time I started to run and it knocked me out again (2 seconds :content: ). I’m pretty sure, that if this state was longer, I would have lost my conciusnes of my physical body.

Then, my question is - were these LD’s?

They could I suppose be classed as extremely vivid HI, but at the least I’d say it was probably HI transitioning into a dream. :smile: When you seemed to become part of the scene, did you know it was a dream? If so, then it either was an LD or very vivid HI, bordering on being an LD.

Actually, the words that I said were my own, they weren’t part of the histories. I was just lying there and I thought about it. I guess I can count it as knowing it was a dream :smile: .


(the text below may be crude)
Day Three
It was my third night and and I definatly had a lucid dream. I’ve also experienced them before, so i definatly know what the fell like. This is my third night.

Day Five
My next one is, well, what I need help on. The dream took place in the country, I could see all around the world almost like it was flat. I mostly could see mountains. It was absoulty beautifull, almost the most beautifull thing i’ve seen in my whole life. I can see the bluest sky as a backround on the white peaked mountains and the everchangeing landscape that seemed to run infinatly to the mountains. (ok heres when i’m not sure if i go lucid or not). I’m in a restraunt bathroom on the second floor. I plug my nose and inhale. I can breath. Wait hold on, I look in the mirror and I have a thrid nostril that I’m not plugging… I believe I went lucid though, just read. I then walk out of the bathroom to a window next a latino couple. I listen to them talk, I look at them, then i jump out of (the night before I told my self, “when i’m lucid i will fly” i think this was the cause of what happens) the window. I do a very slow front flip and land on my back. It didn’t hurt at all though, I think something cushoned my fall.
(it goes fuzzy untill this part) I decide i’m going to fly. I found my dad in a military bunker near by. It had tons of weapons inside. I tell him something about how i’m going to fly, mostly to the bigest most white peaked mountain, Mt.Kilimanjaro! He tells me no. I walk out thinking screw him. I scramble up a hill, and onto the roof of a near by structure. I’m looking at the mountain, preparing myself to do this when… My dad walks out right then, right before i do it. I quickly slide down the house onto the hill. I go to find him again, and he is with my mother, some other people, and a hallway monitor from school. They were talking next to some platforms. I then decide to get on one run and jump to the next one, but I don’t just jump. I have a computer key board attached to my waist like a fanny pack. In mid jump I press the v key which alows me to fly. I only tap the button so I hover for a split second, carrying me a few more feet forward, giving me sort of a super jump to land on the opposing platform. I do this for awhile until my mother pulls me over and talks to me about a conversation she had with them. She said something about someone telling her about me being a good jumper. It fades away after that.

So i guess what i’m asking you is. Was this a LD? In both of my, what i think are LDs, I get no sudden realization. I just accept it and go about my business. Especially the part with the third nostril, It just happend. But then again it must have been a lucid dream becasue I followed my word from the night before.
Did I have a LD or just a dream about LDing?

Please reply your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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I think once you are aware that you dream you can call it a lucid dream - I think there are also just different levels of control and the one you had just seems to be a low level lucid dream :content:.

Hope I helped you!



Sounds like you were semi-lucid. The dream was guiding you like a normal dream, but you were aware but not in full control.

Your getting closer though, and nice scenery!

whether or not it was an ld is totally up to you. To me it sounds like a semi- or pre lucid dream, you had the right idea, just not the control. good luck!

If at any time during the dream you realized you were dreaming, then you had a lucid dream. If you had control in the dream, but did not realize you were dreaming it was a false lucid dream.

Thanks alot guys, now that I think about it more I realize I probably was lucid.

Hey My Fellow LDs I Dunno What Happend But About 2 Days Ago i Went To Bed As Normal And Woke Up About 6am I was Busting For a Wee Lool Anyways I Went Back To Bed After And i Was Laying On My Back I Must Have Falling Asleep And Then All Of a Sudden I Was In The Loo Doing My Business Again I Went To Lean On The Wall And Fell Straight Threw It Then I Started Trying To Shout But Nuffin Came Out I Tried To Open My Eyes Aswell But It Was Hard Then I Woke Up Was That A Ld ??? :help:

unless you were aware it was a dream … it wouldn’t be a LD.
so were you actually aware at the time you were dreaming?

I :rofl: on reading

well i was aware that it was a dream

I hope this is the right place to post this, please forgive me if it isn’t.

I just got to know about Lucid Dreaming exactly a week ago and thought “Hey, I wanna try that, too!” so I did.
Last night might have been my first (tiny) success but I’m not entirely sure.

I had a normal dream when suddenly I realized “Hey, I’m dreaming! Time to try manipulating things!” and I remembered that one of the last things I had thought before I falling asleep had been “I’d love to meet Ewan McGregor!”
And somehow I managed to make Ewan McGregor appear in front of my door.

But at the same time I had the very weird feeling that I was only dreaming a normal dream about being able to have a lucid dream.
I don’t really know how to explain it.
My dream self seemed to know that it could “wake up” every second and return to that normal dream I had before as if that normal dream was the “real life”.

Now I am rather confused. :confused:
Was that a first step to become a lucid dreamer or just another weird normal dream? xD

Its called a FLD i think.

But what you had was a LD, probably a not very vivid one. :content:

Congrats anyhow :grin:

:welcome: Fayh to LD4all. It seems like an FLD for me. Your first LD’s are going to be weird, but you get better the more LD’s you get. One thing I wonder: did you like that dream?