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3am, yuck! never! i will stay up till 3am sometimes but not get up … nonono.
That’s why I was saying I have trouble scheduling it because the only way I’m doing it is if I get up at 6-7 ish after getting about 7.5 hrs sleep … then it’s not so bad… but I haven’t gotten any LD’s from the several times I’ve tried it recently.
Today they’re letting us out of work a few hours early :partying_face: for the holiday and I’m gonna NAP!


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Generally for people like you Sruthan you should get out of bed and do something that really requires full wakefullness such as sunning in place or practicing a martail art and then read about Lucid dreaming and go to bed.

The sam thing that happens to OneWingedAngel happens to me. when its school days, i have no ld’s, and crap dream recall. if i actually remember my dream, its got something to do with school, just typing this i can recall 2 long, slightly vivid dreams i’ve had during school days.

i have a tip for you OneWingedAngel its helped with my dream recall during the school days:
when your in your first class in the morning, write a big clear letter ‘C’ on your hand, where you likely to see it when you check the time on your watch or when your writing. the ‘C’ stands for ‘Conciosness’. once you see the ‘C’ :content: you should stop what your doing and look around the room for dream signs, and ask yourself ‘am i dreaming?’, you could even do a reality check. but you should make sure EVERY time you see it, do an RC etc. your most likely to have a dream about doing school work, talking to friends/teachers or walking around the school.

This has helped me bypass the pressure of school, and sometimes benefit from the pressure. it works pretty well. try it.

Thanks :ok:

Heh, after typing the above post [last night] before i went to bed, i had dream about school again. i didnt see it coming, although i shoulf of :sad:

Thanks :ok:

GOD DAMNIT, i had another dream about school last night :sad: :cry: :grrr: :angry: :ack:

Tjis must be getting a little frustrating, try thinking about something you would reallyu like to do in your next lucid/nonlucid dream bnefore you go to bed.,

i did think of something i’d like to do, but instead, i had a dream about shopping with my relatives :confused: Why? i have no idea.
i ahve been having at least one dream a night these days, im hopeing pre-lucidity will come next.
i’ve been listening to that la Berge interview allot these days, i think that may have something to do with?

Thanks :ok:

What I like about WBTB is when you goto sleep you’re concious that this is not IT. The night is not over. You’re not giving up on today. To people who don’t dream, a group I once belonged to, this is what sleep meant. Thus the longer you stay up the longer the day is. However with LDing and specificly WBTB you’re aware that Sleep is a period of time all its own.
I actually enjoyed getting up at 3 and staying awake till 4 this week… And the fact that I knew I was going back to bed later made it painless.
Now, if only I could get some lucid dreams out of this :smile:

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Ugh. I tried to do a WBTB on a school day. I went to bed at like 9 (I was sleepy) and woke up around 3:30. I read for about 15 (not a half hour because I was afriad I woudln’t be able to go back to sleep. As it turned out I couldn’t fall back asleep, was just tossing and turning. So now I only got 6.5 hours of sleep and and I have a midterm first thing today… :cry:

So far I’ve had success with WBTB… the two times I was able to drag myself out of my warm soft comfy bed into the chilly, dark night. Yeah. WBTB/MILD is a technique that may very well work for me, if only I didn’t go right back to sleep after my soft mobile phone alarm goes off. I really severely dislike barging out of bed in the middle of the night… and more often, even when I wake up naturally, I just flip over and continue to sleep. It’s not an entirely uncommon problem is it? :wink:

I’ve had very much success with naps. So far the three most powerful LD’s I’ve had in the past year were all from naps. WBTB/MILD is the most comparable method… so I really have to figure something out for dragging myself out of bed.

Is doing exercises (squatting, stretching, etc) a good idea? Or turning on the computer and visiting LD4All? :wink:

whenever i do WBTB i visit the forums and read for a while, it gets your thoughts on lucid dreaming… and helps you get ready for your dreams. i’d recommend it over exercising… maybe just a few stretches to get up or something.

Well, I just ordered EWLD, so that should help. :happy:

I had a nap this afternoon but didn’t LD! Argh! I hope I’m not hitting a dry spell.

Anyway, waiting until the weekend when I can try WBTB/MILD again. (These busy weekdays… argh.)

Hehe. In my case, I seem to not even remember a single dream when I take an afternoon nap. It’s probably because I sleep very heavily, due to being exhausted from the night before. :smile:

And as for WBTBs, I’ve stopped trying those mainly because of my brother who sleeps in the same room with me and it wakes him up :\ If only there was SOME way to be woken up without sound… Maybe something like a large vibrating teddybear…? :bored:

Hey OneWingedAngel,

Whenever I try using WBTB or MILD I just set my intention to wake up after every dream that I have. That usually is enough to wake me up after my dreams.


If you’re saying that it works for you then I don’t see any reason NOT to try it myself :content: Thanks ypm.

So OneWingedAngel? Any results?


I was just going to report about the results :smile:

I tried your suggestion in the last 3 days (in which I had only 7 hours of sleep each night – because of school), with having a true intention and motivation of recording my dreams and waking up in the middle of the night, and quite suprisingly - it worked well! In those 3 nights I set my alarm clock after 6 hours of sleep, and at each night I had found myself waking up at about 15 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off! I woke up immediately after a dream and wrote it down. Then, I set my intention on remembering more dreams when I got back to sleep.

So I got to a point which I have never been before in, at which I can remember about 2-3 dreams a night on school nights, having 7 hours of sleep at maximum! And at the last night I got to a point in a dream in which I was about to realize I’m dreaming but the dream had faded by the time I performed the RC. :tongue:

Thanks a LOT for your advice ypm! It motivated me to continue trying :smile:

What I’m trying to do now is finding out what are the best times to wake up at when your sleep is limited to 7 hours or less, and make full use out of that sleeping time :grin:

Hey good to hear OneWingedAngel. It’s pretty neat how the mind works with stuff like that. I was pretty impressed when I found just thinking about waking up after each of my dreams was enough to actually wake up after each of my dreams.

I’ve also found that waking up after each of my dreams helps my dream recall a lot. I’m often able to remember 2 or 3 dreams a night when I do this.

Now I just need to use this to start inducing more and more lucid dreams.

Good luck with your experiments, let us know what the results are.


Yes! I succeed with the help of WBTB to have two LD’s last night. :happy: I’m so glad I finally found something that actually works for me.

Now, I’m going to try what ypm suggested to improve my dream recall, as well. :slight_smile: If I am able to wake up naturally, by intention, after each dream, I can use WBTB/MILD (or in my case, WBTB/WILD sometimes happens) more effectively and have more LDs. Thanks for the tips!