the big WILD topic part IV

In the morning I had a … interesting experience. I just awoke from a dream I think (couldn’t remember it), and went back to sleep. I saw this strange images … colored, morphing forms (hypnagogic images?). I concentrated on them and said “Next time when I’m dreaming I’ll know I’m dreaming” over and over again. After a while all went white for some seconds, and in the next moment I was lying in my bed with with my eyes opened. I made a quick test because my vision was messed up, and so I got lucid…

Was that a WILD?

i mentioned this before… but since then it has happend several times

i go strait into a WILD state to a dream withought having to get up at 2:00 it just happens when i go to bed…

is this definatly a hypnagogic dream… or can i acctualy be entering REM sleep strait away?

I tried WILD for the 1st time last night. I thought I had a good beginning because I started going numb and felt this tingling sensation. For some reason, it was just my lower body not my upper. I am going to keep on trying, if only I could not itch so much, its frusterating to lay there trying WILD and then my nose itches like crazy, does this happen to anybody?

Last Night I attempted WILD, I was using the counting technique “1. Im Dreaming, 2. Im Dreaming, 3. Im Dreaming” This was working well for me because my body was starting to tingle like pins and needles and I was also hearing strange sounds like munching, I was then starting to see images, they looked like swirling clouds.
But then I got the most craziest itch in my leg and I had to wake up and scratch it! Jasonnov118 your not alone. Also I have a question, If you use WILD to enter a lucid dream, does that mean you will remeber it very clearly and vivid? because you where concious the hole time would it be like remembering something that happened a few hours ago? It’s a hard question to try and put into words.

I get better result from WILD recently before i fall asleep at all even though ive never suceeded. Im pretty sure its possible.

I dont like WILD… too scary and exciting.

Well I tried the WILD last night. I woke up around 5 or so and stayed up and went on the forum and read for a while about lucid dreams. Then I went to sleep. I layed on my back and closed me eyes. One way I concetrate is I look into my eye lids and I can see like circles going away from me. So I watch all the circles and stuff. But it took a while cause for some reason people get the swallow trouble but I get the breathing trouble. I like breath harder when I try to contrate and it just annoys me and its like I am not breathing right and not getting enough air. But anyways after a while my body like starts to gt twisted. Its like I am laying there and my other body is like going the opposite way trying to get out. And my fingers would like start to act like they are going to sleep. And I can just feel my body shutting down… but for some reason I never see any pictures or anything or can go any firther than this. Everytime I get to the feeling where my body is like twisted and wanting to seperate or something but can’t go any further. During this time I just would fall asleep a bunch of times and wake up.

But after a while I get very tired and last night I would go lay down and I would instatly get sleep paralysys. Its not like I am totally frozen cause my body like gets sucked into like this deep thing and I can get out of it in a second. But it happenes when I guess I am fully awake. I got out of it and layed back down and it happened again. My body feels tottally wierd and I get this wierd feeling come over me. I got out of it again and layed back down and it hapened again. I think I get these when I am so tottally tired where I guess my body just wants to goto sleep no matter what cause I stay up all night on the PC when I am past tired and should be in bed. But what I am asking is if I can use this feeling for anything. I tried to use it but it goes away on its own.

Also is my WILD on the right track? Also could I use the body acting like it wan’t to seperate as an OBE. I am not sure if exactly it wasn’t to seperate but I just got this feeling like I am laying one way and I am also going the other way. I guess I just can’t concetrate like I should. My mind hears everything around me fully and I can’t focus on anything. I just let me body do what it wants while I lay there…

That thing that you mentioned about the circles going away…I see the same exact things…too bad they never morph into anything more interesting. However, I find it cool that our minds are so alike to see those circles…maybe they mean something.

I too see those circles when concentrating on the darkness.

To me they appear purple/white and they expand, almost if I passed through them. They are controllable but only to a certain extent. They appear in certain conditions relating somehow to the light intensity of the room, but I’m not sure.

Perhaps I will experiment with them more, but I’m not sure if they can be used for staying conscious.

I wonder what everyone else’s experiences/experiments with them are?

yoyo, all you beautiful dreamers out there.

i’ve been trying to have a WILD for a couple weeks off and on. i seem to get pretty close, experiencing some closed eye visuals and the like. i distinctly remember the feeling of something in my head falling into a black abyss, some aspect of consciousness, falling into the black abyss. body sensations are a none, vibrations are there. so far no auditory hallucinations, but i’m hoping to get something of the like. I’ve found that thinking that you’re sinking slowing does some good stuff to your body. somehow stimulates it, but doesn’t. just good.

anyway, any suggestions for bridging the gap between wild techniques and ld’s?

every time i try to do a WILD, i smoke calea z before bedtime, and have a shot of calea z extract too. i normally experience vividness, but haven’t been lucid yet…

also, any advice on music for WILD’s? i’ve been listening to a few hemisync songs, which seem to work in relaxing me properly, but i wonder if my mind is allowed to wander enough…

so many questions!

best cd’s for dreaming:
aphex twin’s selected ambient works volume 2
coil’s timemachines
any massive attack cd

(a little biased?)

oh yeah, i just started this DREAM ANALYSIS class at school, which seems to be pretty rad, fyi…

“let the WILD rumpus begin” -sendak

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