the big WILD topic [Part VI]

Yesterday, read about WILD. Wanted to try. Found SunEye method. Read entire SunEye method. Tried SunEye method. Had a WILD.

For me, SunEye works great!

JJJ (lower ZIP file)

hey i skimmed throught the article at and it said "3. Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your head pointed toward magnetic north. " Does this mean get out a compass and line your bed up that way??? Sounds like that, but i dont know what that has to do anything with going into the astral… (O and by the way the link up there that austizmo had for this page has a “,” after it so it doesnt work. You might want to edit that.)

I think the north-south thing is only if you’re also sleeping under a pyramid with a crystal resting on your third eye. :alien:

When you have a WILD do you always recall it? Or its it like a regular dream where you may have a hard time remembering it?

you will recall it

OK, but you might not always remember a MILD, correct?

You’ll find that any LD (regardless of induction method used) will be far easier to remember than your normal dreams. There was a thread about this recently, I believe.

I can’t see how pointing magnetic north is actually going to help anything, but I guess going to the trouble of setting up your room to do this might make it successful by sheer placebo.

OK, thanks! I now have a couple more questions (sorry about them all, I’ve never had a Lucid Dream, though)

  1. What method do you personally use?

2)I don’t understyand the third eye method. Do you just roll your eyes up like you are trying to look at your eyebrows?

I haven’t been doing very much during the day for LD induction recently (very busy moving out of home at the moment), but I do have something of a regular routine at night.

I set an alarm for 5 or 6 hours after I go to bed, then I fall asleep as normal. When it wakes me up, I roll over and write down anything that I remember (just simple keywords and small sentences) then I press ‘play’ and ‘repeat’ on my CD player, which, every 2 minutes will play the message “This is a dream” (among other things) for the rest of the night. I don’t start playing this until after already sleeping 6 hours for 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s easier for me to sleep with the sound playing after I’ve just woken up, and also because you do more dreaming in the last 3 hours of sleep than you did in the first 5.

Before going back to bed, I also reset my alarm for about an hour or 2 later, and go to sleep laying on my back and attempting WILD. If the WILD fails, I’ll have all kinds of dreams over the next hour (until my alarm goes off again) that’ll I’ll write down when I wake up. During this time, I might hear the CD that’s playing and suddenly find myself in a normal dream. When I wake up for the second time, I reset my alarm for the last possible time before I have to get up for work, then repeat the above process.

Don’t be fooled though, waking up 2 or 3 times every night doesn’t affect how much rest you get at all, as long as you’re only awake for a few minutes each time. I still get around 8 or 9 hours sleep on the average day, and I get 2 attempts at WILD each morning.

Thanks Atheist, but how do you do the third eye technique? Also, where did you get that CD?

I burned the CD myself after downloading some of the tracks from a site that I can longer find. The collection is called “Brainwave Voyages”, and probably wouldn’t be too hard to find on Kazaa or just by using a standard internet search. If anyone knows where these can be downloaded from, please post the link. :smile:

The Suneye Method not only involves rolling your eyes upwards as if you were looking at something protruding from your forehead, but also focusing on your ‘third eye’ for the purpose of clearing your mind. The constant sensation of holding your eyes in that position gives you something to concentrate on (I can’t see any other purpose for it). It’s the same as concentrating on your breathing, which is another popular method of focusing your thoughts and defining intentions.

I’m not sure if this next section is actually part of the official document or not, but it seems reasonable to me. As with each of the 7 chakra points (apparently), it’s possible to ‘fire up’ this point between your eyes so that it begins emitting a rather odd sensation of pressure, as if something was actually expanding in your head. I’ve been able to produce this effect my entire life just by holding a pen or something up to my eyes and waiting a few seconds. I’ve come to understand that not everyone can experience this with the same level of ease, so give it a try and see what happens. Once you can create this effect, it becomes a challenge of focus to keep it going, so I guess this is supposed to occupy your thoughts and allow you to set your intention.

Anyway, I recommend reading the actual documentation for yourself to get a better idea of what it’s used for. I personally can’t see a great deal of significance to rolling your eyes upwards, but I do agree that waking up for 30 to 60 minutes and reading about LDs gives you a great chance of having one when you return to sleep. It’s not WILD (in my opinion), but it seems to work.

Thanks again, I’m looking forward to my first LD.

In my opinion, that is not true. When I focus on my 3rd eye, I have a very significant increase in ‘hypnagogic images’, and with my eyes in the right position, I have an instant feeling of ‘drifting away’.

Also, I heard a story from a man, who found out for himself, as a kid, how to induce LD’s while using the third eye-focus technique.

And; why did yoga’s invent this technique, 1000’s of years ago? I think it really has some effect!

Just look slightly above the position you have your eyes in, normally. You can feel your eye muscles, but there should be no pain!

xcuses for my bad english; I am just a dutch boy…


Hello people!

I have a couple of questions about WILD, and ‘the vibrations’.

When I try WILD, with the ‘3rd eye technique’ at night when going to sleep, I can get to what they call ‘the vibrations’. At least, I think; I feel ‘waves of energy’ going thru my body, and my eyelids start to shiver. Sometimes I have a strange feeling in my ‘3rd eye’-chakra, and I always have a feeling of ‘sinking’ deeper and deeper. This mostly happens when my thoughts have drifted away for a few seconds, after which I very suddenly remember that I am actually on a WILD-attempt.

My first question: if I have the vibrations, how far am I away from WILD, especially if I have them when going to sleep for the first time (no napping)? Is it ‘around the corner’?

Second question: of course; what should I do if I get them? Because they always start to fade away after a few seconds.

I hope there are some WILD’ers who can help me!



 I haven't tried to have a WILD in a long time. But i will try tonight, i only successfully had a WILD one time.  I woke up in the middle of the night but didn't get up at all, i went straight back to bed.  I didn't get any vibrations but after awhile my body(I now think that my body had already fallen asleep and it was my dreambody) started to fell really heavy.  Then i my body kept sinking until it fell through the bed.  so i got up and went off to the dreamworld :content:  .

I will post the results of my try at WILD tommorow.
Happy Wilding! :smile:

I can’t see how the actual position of the eye would cause these effects. That’s why I suspect the actual sensation (that strange tension you get in the eye muscle) is the cause of the increased relaxation and swift ticket to the dream world.

Either way, it seems to work, and that was my point.


Last night i tried WILD twice, once at night when i was first falling asleep and once in the morning when i woke up. But it seemed like i got closer to it at night rather than the morning :bored: , it felt like my body was more relaxed. So here is what happened at night:

I was laying on my back for about 15 minutes. Then my body started to feel stiff(approaching SP) and after awhile i couldn’t tell where my body parts were, i couldn’t feel them. I didn’t get any vibrations however. i kept having to swallow sometimes but it didn’t seem to matter, my body was still in SP. Then i had this wierd sensation that someone was right in front of my face, and i could feel the hot breath and smell is(atleast it didn’t smell bad, i don’t think i could of took it :grin: ). i didn’t get scared i just told myself this was supposed to happen. But that was as far as i got :sad: . I didn’t feel i could get any farther when just going to sleep at night, everything was just black, eventhough i couldn’t feel my body i was just there(any suggestions on what to do next?) i think that if i would of got to that point in the morning, thats when the dreamscape would of started to unfold. But unfortunately i didn’t get to that point in the morning :grrr: . My body felt to restless and awake so i rolled over and went back to sleep. But on a good note when i rolled over and went back to sleep, i had 2 lds! :grin: . they were vivid but short, maybe about 2 minutes each. so im still happy, i will try again tonight.


Thanx for posting,
I’ve once or twice (before even hearing about LDing) felt/saw/sensed something by my bed within inches of me. I remember after getting involved in LDing reading an article about “The Intruder” and realized that despite my Baptist (Fire & Brimstone) upbringing That this wasn’t the angel of death coming to torture me but a natural occcurance we all go thru every nite. I wish i could find the article as it explained ALOT about what was happining to me and took a hell of a lot of fear out of my life. Anyhow you’ve got more guts than me

Color me MILD… :cool_laugh:

lol, ive heard a lot worste stuff than feeling someone breathing on you, so i didn’t get scared. i just wish i got to have the dream.

Somehow when i read these kinds of posts I feel that you’re all one level ahead of me. I usually don’t get what you mean in your explanations.
Sorry I’m being completely stupid, I’m like that sometimes, but some of the things i just dont get is:

The actual course of a WILD or MILD. I’ve heard conflicting ways to do the same method. What happens first? You get vibrations and SP… like how? What does it actually feel like? When I read these forums, I keep thinking to myself, “Yeah this is perfect, now I know how do it!!” and quickly schedule my afternoon nap (which is quite noisy due to my family’s random rambling) only to find out that I’ve not an idea of a specific detail- such as “Focus your third eye- The center of your mind. After a while you will get vibrations and SP.” Seems easy enough. Then wait a second just when I’m trying it i think, where IS my third eye!? What’s the center of my mind!? What are the vibrations supposed to feel like? (Convulsions, tingling, rapid tiny shaking of the body…) And, what is SP supposed to be like? (Total restriction, access to certain parts of body, just hard to move, etc) Oh yeah wussa Chakra point? When I tried WILD this afternoon, I got all numb and kept waiting and eventually fell asleep and didn’t even know it, just to be awakened by my family (actually quite glad because I got another chance). I tried again, and drifted off after accidentally thinking about … Anyway I keep forgetting to make sure that I know these details before attempting because then I’m afraid I’m doing something wrong and I slap myself over and over again for not knowing when everyone seems not to ask them and to understand what those experts are saying… Could someone tell me exactly what happens and how you feel, think, and do during the course of MILD and WILD? I’d appreciate if someone posted this because I keep getting confused about how to do it.

P.S. I’m really dumb~! I mean really really really dumb~! Thank you for explaining to a clueless newbie! I’m gonna go eat some cheese now and see what happens :smile:

P.S.S Sorry for flooding with such a large post