The BIG WILD Topic - Part XIII

It sounds to me like you just woke up into a half sleep state then, went back to sleep and dreaming.

A great way to learn to WILD is just to spend time studying and becoming familliar with your hypnogogoic imagery, without any of the pressure of trying to enter a dream. It’s this pressure that makes the technique so difficult for many people. If you spend and hour or more each night just using this observing technique you may find (as I did) that WILDS begin to happen naturally without you even trying to consciously enter a dream.
It’s trying to force the crossover point which is the biggest cause of failure, so just take the pressure off and observe.
It may take days or weeks, but you should find that WILDS come naturally.

I agree with most of what you said. Tring to force yourself into a dream will likely prove counter productive and lead to waking you up. At least that has been my experience. Using your HI can definitely help guide you into a lucid dream but, you also have to be careful that you don’t get too caught up in them either as the imagery is designed to send you unconsciously asleep. Again it is a balance.

I like your idea of just observing HI at first and not try to LD but, just observe. I think that would have saved me a lot of frustration back in the beginning.

Also, I think too many people worry about the possible symptoms of WILD like SP,HI etc. I think that too many people worry about getting down into SP or “getting the vibrations” that they forget about the real goal which is to induce a lucid dream. All of this causes too much active thought which keeps you awake.

I can’t remember if I already posted this, but whenever I try to WILD, my face is to tight, if I loosen it up my eyes open, especially if I try to observe HI. My eyes don’t usually do this when trying to sleep normally though. Also, I’m pretty good at getting my body to relax now, but after long periods and I still can’t fall asleep, my body starts to get uncomfortable, keeping me awake whether I move or not.

I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

I don’t know what the cause of this is but give this a try:

Do your relaxation techniques as normal with your eyes open then, without moving your head turn your eyes up and focus on a spot on the ceiling. Then just focus on your breath while keeping your attention on that spot. Your eyes will flutter and blink as you hold your attention there. Eventually your eyes will get tired and want to close on their own. Then continue with your WILD technique.

Thanx :smile:.

you can meditate, focus, count, whatever on something as an attempt to WILD, but when you only focus on one thing you’ll lose yourself in it, as in: you start dreaming and you’re not aware of it.

i think is best to become aware of your awareness.
what are you focussing on? what has your attention?
who is focussing? who is aware?

this keeps you from losing yourself in your thoughts, or in your dreams.

i’m not completely sure of this, but i thought about the last dild/wild thingy and came to this as very important.

I think I almost WILDed without trying last night.

I couldnt get to sleep, wasnt really very comfortable and I’ve just started getting up at 7:30 for school instead of like 12 :sad: I had some HI i think but i didnt really pay attention to it because I just wanted to get to sleep.

Then a while later I suddenly felt like I was being pulled to one side of the bed. I just tried to relax and there were vibrations… but they were like inside my head, :eek: I think there was sounds that went with them as well, and when I looked for HI I noticed I could just see lots of little brightly coloured dots. Also I felt like I was being bent in half, which wasnt very nice, and I tried to stop it, but without much success.

After a while I just had a FA, but I didnt realise it. :sad: I looked at the time and it was 6:30am which I felt was when more lucid dreams would happen for some reason. I had another dream (dont remember how they were connected) then I woke up and it was only 2am.

When I’ve tried focusing on things like HI I just get distracted and I’m not very good at trying to relax, especially if I’m lying still. :eek:

I also have the issue where when I realize that I am dreaming and not really awake because it felt so ‘real’, I usually panic and wake myself up. Not totally sure why I do this. I feel it’s just the shock of it all.

I’m consciously telling myself to stay in the dream longer and not panic or leave the dream when I realize that I’m dreaming. This happens to me most of the time. I only had maybe a few lucid dreams that when I realized I was dreaming I decided to stay and play around for awhile. :smile:

Maaan-oh-man, I need some help.

I was listening to the trance induction thing on Stephen LaBerge’s new CD last night, and after it was over, I was extremely relaxed, but something strange happened.

I found that if I visualized myself in bed, and then me in “energy/particle weird form” rising out of my body, I could focus on this different…“tingling” body that was inside my physical body. It was reeeaally weird. I tried to control my tingling body, and did a little bit, but eventually just started moving my arms.

I wonder that if I had sleep paralysis, this wouldn’t be a problem…?

Huh. Ever experienced this?

Hey evilshiznat, :wink:

Would that be the CD that comes with his latest book, Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life? I’m asking because I just ordered it and can’t wait until it arrives so I can try out the techniques in his book and CD. Maybe when I get it we can compare notes. :smile:

I think that’s the book, but I’m just using the mp3 that somebody posted a little while ago. It’s on the CD, though.

Ohh ok cool. I feel ya. I will keep you posted on how it works out for me when I get the CD and try out the techniques. :wink:

Hi evilshiznat,

I have experienced that aswell. When you get into trance (lower brainwave freq), and you fall somewhat 1/2 asleep, at a certain point your brain disconnects your physical, outward senses from your mind. These are then replaced by an inner model of yourself, or dreambody. When this happens, you can also feel your inner body of energy. This is especially pronounced when you induce a so called OBE where you imagine yourself out of your body. The first few times to me it felt like all tingly tiny needles stuck all over my body (didnt hurt, just a lot of tingling lol). Anyway, I dont believe that during such an experience we are actually leaving our bodies, but that’s a bit of a sidestory. Point is that when we do this, somehow the connection to our energy body seems pretty strong and can cause amazing experiences.

Nice to find this topic, i have an interesting thing that happened a couple weeks ago, and was wondering if its normal.

I usually try doing WILDs to get myself into a dream, it is usually a hit or miss. But the last time, after seeing all the HI i felt some twitching in my eye, i began to lose focus of the imagery and focused a lot more on my eye movement. I tried moving my body, it felt very weird as if i was in sleep paralysis. Soon enough, i realized that i was actually in REM mode, and i was concious during it… Is this supposed to happen? It was one of the oddest things that i’ve ever felt…

Hey jiggaben, that’s normal. REM is actually (different from what many people seem to think) not just the eyes following the dream content, but also random movements. If you are aware of you physical body during REM (which can happen), then you can also feel your eyes move.

I give up. at least until summer, when I can use WBTB with it. I’ll use MILD for the last couple of weeks, maybe I’ll see some improvement, who knows :content:

Two nights ago I had my very first WILD. As a person who can easily enter SP (usually occurs unintentionally) it was so much eaiser then I expected. I accidentally entered SP and gained the courage to not exit the state. Then I felt myself slowly rise from the bed, and eventually opened my eyes. It appeared as though I was still in my room. At first I was almost sure that I had woken up in real life. Then I checked my hands, and with much surprise I had 4 fingers. Yes!

This morning I had SP again, but foolishly got scared and woke up. So for one of the first times, I actually tried to trigger SP. After 30 minutes of consciously resting in bed I felt the onset of the hypnogogic state. Suddenly my breathing patterns changed and I could no longer breathe intentionally. This was very
uncomfortable. It actually startled me so much my pulse exploded, and I aborted the WILD. Even as I was out of bed I still was unable to prevent myself from breathing. I tried to hold my breath but my but my brain thought otherwise and took in deep gulps of air. Very strange, but also reassuring. My brain still has some instict. Anyway would anyone mind giving me some advice for triggering SP? Maybe w/out the shadowy figures and choking sensations?

Is this a WILD?

anyways it was about 8:20 am, and I just woke up, and felt like sleeping again
I was sort of concentrating on doing WILD, and I think there was sort of a blank spot somewhere that I couldn’t remember what happened
anyways, at the time I thought I might have entered a phase in WILD, my arms went numb, and i started hearing ‘rumbling’ sounds in my ear, which would just go on and off in intervals (like 2 seconds rumble, 1 second pause)
But I dont see any images or dots, just what i normally see when my eyes are closed (Somewhat blank, random noise, comparable to the grain you see when recording things with a camcorder in a dark room, but not exactly the same, more like ‘patches’)

anyways, in conjunction to the rumbling noises and the numb arms, in my half conscience mind, i thought i was going through a phase of WILD (although I’m not exactly sure, since i never preformed one before). Then, i heard stuff, like people talking, although i didn’t really hear anything, it was more like the voice that you hear when dream characters are talking, or when you’re reading a book. The talking continued (i remembering understanding what they were talking about, and even wanted to take part in it), then I had a false awakening (which i think i saw the dream characters talking, although I’m not sure), and awoke about 10 - 15 seconds later
It was about 8:50 am

Can someone tell me if I actually successfully entered in to one phase of WILD (which I’ve never done before), or I was just dreaming of a WILD (could happen, i keep telling myself to WILD, and I could’ve just dreamed the WILD instead of performing one)

edit: yay, first post