The BIG WILD Topic - Part XIII

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A WILD is only a real WILD when you go all the way, end up in a LD. If not, you only went part of the way. If you suddenly dream of a WILD and then go lucid, then it’s not always WILD (depends on when it happens, WILD happens only from wakefulness!), but if you knew you were dreaming, it was a LD after all. But you said you had a FA, in which case you did not become lucid (do a RC next time!), so you probably did not fully WILD all the way. But you did come close, so that is pretty encouraging! So keep trying and more succes might well be on its way :smile:.

Whenever I attempt to WILD, I manage to get my body all numb and heavy pretty quickly, but I can never get beyond that. I was in that state for 2 hours once, and I still didn’t go into SP or get any HI.

I can’t have a complete WILD, i get bored counting and everytime i give a try i always end up in the morning being frustated for no having WILD. I didn’t know WILD was SO difficult for me.

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That was probably HI but you came very close to having a WILD. I haven’t experienced one myself yet either. Next time, try to imagine/create a dreamscene in front of your eyes and enter it. Good luck.

thanks for the replys ^^

all i actually wanted to know was what kind of sounds am i supposed to hear during that phase of the WILD

Okay, hi everyone, I’m back again. I was trying Wilding back in Feb/March with no success. Last night I decided, just out of curiosity, to try it again (the reason I stopped was that I didn’t feel like disrupting my sleep constantly during school days, and weekends weren’t enough). I did a relaxation technique, and it worked really well. Then I imagined myself climbing up a king of large tree house with different floors type of thing.

I imagined I could feel myself stepping onto the wood and going up the stairs–surprisingly realistic. After a while I could tell I was getting closer and closer and I began to fall into the dream I think. But I got a bit excited and I ‘woke up’ to full consiousness again. But while I was waking up, there was this weird state where everything was black and it felt like I was not really in my body (small feeling, nothing big) and I began to fade in.

That is probably the best I’ve gotten. I think I’ll keep trying that a couple of times, but remind myself I am dreaming. I find that I should forget my breathing as it leads me to my heartbeat and the moving pattern against my bed reminding me I am awake. That was probably the big thing that I became aware of that led to my lack of success. I’ll keep trying, especially since school is almost over. I’ll be able to sleep a lot more.

PS: I’ll add that I think I must have been trying to hard to focus on one thing before, it was easier just to keep walking and imagining, I guess that was what they were saying to do back in the last section of this topic.

ok…im gonna try doing WILD tonight…or this afternoon.the thing i dont like about WILD is that you have to awake after 5-6 hours of sleep.i like VILD because you can do it right when your goin 2 sleep.thats cool b/c then whenever u wanna have a little VR fun…u can do it whenever u gonna try doing WILD right when i go 2 sleep even though i was told it will take forever…i dont care.anyway…it should b fun…ill post 2morrow on how it works. :wink:

How many times i’ve tried WILD? but i don’t give up, that courage i have will pay off when i first have my first WILD succesful experience that’d be pretty soon.

ok…i tried my first WILD last night and im pretty satisfied.i didnt work but i was close.i tried before i went 2 sleep and i didnt really try that hard…if i really wanted 2 do it then i probly could have had a good chance…but i just started 2 go 2 sleep after a little while.i started 2 feel like i was floating above my body but i cant remember that well because i was half asleep.anyway…when i actually tried 2 do it was about 6:50 took about a half an hour but no success b/c i overreacted. my hands and legs were goin numb and eventually my whole body was tingling more and more.i was starting 2 vibrate.i was so surprised and shocked and kind of scared that it was actually working and actually paralyzing me that i started breathing really really fast and my heart started 2 pump faster and faster until i was feeling like i was almost bouncing off the bed it was pounding so hard.then it stopped…and not b/c i did it right and i was going 2 start entering a dream…it was b/c i overreacted 2 much.i was pretty frustrated b/c after that i was 2 awake 2 try again but i was still happy that i actually got that far.does any1 no how i can not get so exited that i have 2 restart.thanx a lot!

LucidN20 try to focus on whatever you were focusing at, don’t let these vibrations and stuff get you out of concentration.

Is it natural to still feel your physical body while on a WILD trip?

Yes it is natural. I’ve tried doing a WILD like 200 times, and the last few times I’ve done it! Twice in a row. Look at my dream journal too see in detail. If you want to know the symptoms, ask me. I did it right when I went to sleep.


I posted this problem I had several times, but I could never solve it, so here it comes again. When I get to a deep relaxation my body moves alone and I loose it, what can i do???

How do your body “move alone”? :eek: :bored: :confused:
Could you explain it better, or link towards a post where you explained the problem?

Sorry, I was on a rush…

Well, the thing is this, when I try to WILD, I will do all the relaxation stuff and become really numb; then I will start the counting or so. But at some point when I feel I am getting close to it, my arm (or any other part) will suddenly move, the movement is violent enough to take me out of this relaxation state.

But resently I made a progress, I learnt how to autohypnotise myself to realize (at any point of the night) that I am in SP, and then I would enter the dream, some sort of WILDish technique.

But any help is still welcomed.


It’s happened to me, ussually one of my four limbs. All I can think is spasms, and try to tell yourself not to do it? I can’t stop doing it, sometimes and WILD with my hands under my head to stop them, but they sometimes move out. I’ve also caught myself sleeping and moving at the same time, I wake up and my hand is still trying to turn of the tv, although there is no tv in my room.

First I’d like to say hi to everyone as im new :smile:
That out of the way, I’ve been trying the WILD technique for a while, and i fell that I am getting better at it, although I had had lucid dreams, none from WILDing, yet.
A while ago I went out one night and had a really bad hangover the next morning, but I realised that whenever i closed my eyes i got very vidid HI, which surprised me quite a lot, although i didn’t exploit it as I wasn’t in the mood. (This post might be a little off topic for this topic, apologies in advance if it is :smile:)

When you drink alcohol, REM sleep is supposed to be suppressed (to an extent). What you experienced is probably ‘REM-rebound’, intense dreams or HI which follow a period of alcohol consumption.

Pez_Soluble, I don’t really know what advice to give you. I often occurs that people who are beginning with relaxation have some little problem (itching, swallowing, located pains) but it disappears with some practise.

Sleep on your stomach or side with your arms under a pillow.