The BIG WILD Topic - Part XIII

I’m having troubles with WILD. My body paralyzes as it goes into sleep, but I keep wanting to open my eyes so it doesn’t work :grrr: because my head remains awake and I don’t know how to go to the next stage because whenever I focus on the dots flying around and stuff my eyes want to open. Can someone please please help me :cry: :help: Thanks

All I can say is… don’t pay too much attention to it and ignore it. If you get deeper into trance/SP, it usually stops. Instead of focusing and worrying about your eyes, let it go and let yourself sink deeper into relaxation (for instance by imagining yourself sink through the bed or fall down in an elevator). If you’re in full SP, or when you feel vibrations/see vivid HI/hear noises, you can for instance shift your awareness to a dream scene and keep this image fixed inside your mind. The trick is not to pay attention anymore to these strange phenomena like vibrations, SP, noises which are all a result of the physical body falling asleep. Instead, concentrate on only one thing, and one thing only; this one thing needs to be connected to the dream you’re about to enter (so definitely not something to do with your physical body, like breathing, counting or the strange SP sensations). Two possibilities: let yourself be carried away by the HI (this is pretty tough, because you have to flow with them passively without interacting too much with them)… when they’re pretty much developped, you can visualize a scene related to the HI you’re perceiving, and feel yourself entirely in that scene… if you’re lucky, the HI will totally engulf you and change into a full blown dream. The second possibility is to ignore HI and solely concentrate on a particular dream scene you wish yourself to be found in, like standing on a beach, reading a book, etc… Really visualize it as if you’re actually being there. Feel the textures, the sensations, see whatever you intend to see, visualize it as vividly as possible. Keep focused on it no matter what happens to your physical body at that moment (but again, don’t overdo it or you’ll wake up because you’re too much aware… it’s really about balancing awareness when shifting from waking life to dream life). There are many other techniques you can use. But all of them require a lot of practice, so don’t panic if it doesn’t work the first, second or twentieth time. Keep practicing and you’ll get there eventually.

Good luck! :smile:

i was just talking to someone who said their mother was wiccan and taught him lucid dreaming as a child and he said that the shock of WILD’s is what you need to get into the lucid dream. So next time you start getting freaked out at all the weird voices and noises remember that those sounds are imperative to the wild. But sometimes i get tricked and think those things are actually happening and want to go see what it is and end up pulling out.

I don’t think a shock is necessary. But what do you mean exactly by “the shock of WILD”?

Hey, guys. :smile:

Just wondering – when you’re imagining a dream scene to slip into while trying WILD, does it necessarily have to be sitting or laying in bed? Can you imagine running, or even walking down the stairs? Is it more difficult to slip into a LD via movement than just staying still?

Thanks in advance. :smile:

No it doesn’t necesaarily have to be sitting or laying in bed. You can walk down the stairs. (that’s what I do, and I count every step…)
I think it’s for everybody different. Some people found it easier by staying still, and other via movement.

I think the information that person imparted was more about stressing the importance of freaky occurances during WILD, that and informing beginners (which he may have thought i was because i ask millions of questions)that those occurances meant it was working and to focus on them.
But (and this may seem difficult or perplexing) the thing i think would help alot of people is developing a way to distinguish between the real and the WILD. Now alot of us here are already proficient at determining whats real and isn’t, but i have been fooled alot into thinking somebody is actually in my room and im just really tired. To eliminate this confusion i would put a note on my door for no one to come in and ask politely that no one do any loud activities around the latter part of my sleep. Either that or tie up and ball gag everyone in the house before i go to bed.

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