The BIG WILD topic, part XVI

Well, the fact is that I don’t feel uncomfortable until that point; when I lay down I immediately try to find the most comfortable position possible; I’m going to try a new position the next time I try (this morning I woke up too early and I couldn’t try eat). Only after a lot of time I am in SP (at least an hour) I have that uncomfortable feeling…
Well, during SP I never feel “floaty”, but I have strange sensations; I usually feel my hands (sometimes other parts of the body) in different positions from their actual one; sometimes I feel like my hands are touching each other when I know they aren’t, for example.
Your information will be useful though, I usually stay still when I feel I have to move slightly, I’ll try to mve next time. Thanks! :content:

Well, simply I am now able to enter SP whenever I try, as long as I’m laying down on my bed… I can also do this at evening, and not during a WBTB, but it is quite pointless :tongue:

To enter SP I just find a comfortable position, close my eyes and stay still, and it comes spontaneously in a short time, but only if I want (every time I just want to sleep without attempting to WILD, I fall asleep just after starting to feel SP; when I’m tired, however, I fall asleep before feeling it, but still I can feel it if I’m motivated to).

About the “month of costant training” I jsut mean that I’ve been trying to WILD for about a month now almost every morning; I’ve had only one WILD but a lot of SPs, so it has worked pretty well as an SP-training :tongue: (I would prefer full WILDs anyway).

However, since my SP is very weak (I can break it quite easily if I try) and almost without HI it’s easy for me to get through it (except for the point I said). Only one time I felt a strong SP (I couldn’t move anything except my eyes and it was hard to break out of it) but it happened while waking up, not while falling asleep… and I wasn’t trying to do anything that time :tongue:

I am new at wilding and when i wild how can i feel the vibrations and the HI. Do any of you have any methods i should do to wild.

One night I was trying to WILD, but I felt some parts of my body (ex. My hands, my shoulders, my feet) start involuntarily twitching. Is this normal for a beginner or does this usually happen

Plus, I never realise when I am dreaming or not, so sometimes I stop my WILDing (thinking I’m dreaming) and perform a RC, only to realise that I am indeed awake. Can somebody tell me how you realise when you are dreaming or not?

Also, many times I get an itch on my face and I want to scratch it , but I’m afraid that all of my waiting will go to waste. Should I go ahead and scratch it anyways, since it interferes with my ability to relax, or try my hardest to ignore it…

NOTE This might not seem like that important of a problem to you, but it is a major problem for me…

Ignore it. I’m no expert, but in my own experience trying to WILD, I’ve ignored my itches and eventually I barely even noticed them at all, it’s hard to explain the feeling…it’s like the itch felt very far away and small, like it wasn’t even happening to me. And it’s quite empowering to overcome the urge to scratch! :content:
Others will tell you the same thing, I’m sure. If you scratch, you will lose your level of relaxation and basically have to start all over again.

First of all, SP is different for everyone, and even the same person can have different feelings every time, so it’s not so sure you will see HI or feel vibrations.
The method I use is the following:
-After a WBTB, when you lay down, find a comfortable position. It’s quite easy to enter SP if you lay on your back and let your arms rest just next to you, without touching your body. This position is usually uncomfortable for sleeping but it’s very effective for WILDing (at least it was for me).
-When you feel comfortable close your eyes and breath slowly. Concentrate on your breaths and count them (this helps you keep concentration).
-If any thought arises, let it go. Do not think about anything that is not your breath. If you find yourself thinking about anything else, concentrate again on your breath. It’s easier if you count up to 10 and then restart from 1; this way the counting doesn’t tend to become automatic and it’s easier to find out if you lose oncentration.
-At some point, if you have done it well, you will feel some vibrations that usually start from the tip of one of your limbs. I don’t know if they are the same for everyone; for me, they’re weak vibrations that start from my left hand, diffuse to all the left arm and then they diffuse to the rest of the body. For some people they start from the feet, and maybe for you they will start from another place. Just ignore the vibrations and stay still. It’s nothhing to worry about. The first times you feel SP it may be scary, but if you know what it is, you have no reason to be frightened. Anyway, as soon as the vibrations arise, start counting in a different way: you should count alternating numbers to the words “I’m dreaming”, this way “1, I’m dreming; 2, I’m dreaming; 3, I’m dreaming…” and so on (the words “I’m dreaming” are not really necessary, but they work almost like a self suggestion). You should count at a rate you feel comfortable with, for example with your breath or very slowly (as wissam told me before). Here you need to be less concentrated, so it’s better to keep counting until you reach 100, not 10, and then restart.
-With these vibrations, HI may arise. Unluckily this is usually not my case, so I can’t describe HI very well… you could see very simple or very complex and realistic light patterns, sounds, or other feelings… they can change over time, for example, you could see some simple HI and after some time it becomes more and more complex. HI is not so easy to pass… you must ignore it, but not too much; if you ignore it completely, it may disappear and it’s like a step back in the process, but i you pay too much attention, it’s easy to lose concentration and fall asleep completely. Think of them as part of the environment, and think of them as they were real. Try to not think “This is just HI” or they will very likely disappear. Just keep counting.
-After some time, you will enter the transition phase. It’s the last obstacle before the WILD, so you are almost there! Physical sensations could change completely. You could feel stronger vibrations or even something weird like people walking on you. Also, HI could become more detailed and complex. Keep acting like before. Remain passive and keep counting. It may be hard to remain passive with people walking on you, but if you lose concnetration at this point, you’ll fall asleep.
-If you are successful in mantaining the concentration, then you have done it! You will find yourself inside a dream! Unluckily, I can’t be of much help here; I WILDed only one time. I suddenly found myself laying in my bed with my eyes open (though I did not open them) but lights were on and the window was open (if I was still in bed they shouldn’t have been, right?), so I did a RC and it had a positive result. Now, how to avoid my error: as soon as you enter the dream, pay attention to the environment. Look around, stare at something (ie. your hands) until you see a lot of details, concentrate on sounds and smells, search for wildlife… try to feel the world around you as it was real. This is useful in any LD, not just in WILDs; it helps improving the stability of the dream… I’m saying that because my WILD was very short… I wasn’t even able to get out of my bed :sad:

Oh, a last note: as Cynster said, if you have an itch, ignore it. If you keep concentrating on the counting, the itch will feel somewhat distant and unimportant.

You have very likely already read almost everything I wrote in this post, but I hope I was of some help :wink:

I just tried WILD’ing for the first time yesterday and I guess maybe I made so progress . . . I don’t know.

At first my body was cold as hell and I was kind of shivering during the night, all I could do was lie down and try to sleep. Ignoring random itches I suddenly felt that from my hands to my feet, my body was becoming warmer and felt kind of heavier or tense . . . not by that much though.

As I started counting and breathing along with the counting my heart sometimes pumped faster and faster . . . and along with these heart pumping moments my foot sometimes felt tingy and sometimes it twitched. When my heart pumped harder my hands started to twitch too. It wasn’t after 1 hour and 20 minutes staying like this I got up and went to the washroom. . . and my legs still felt weak and warm.

Is this good o_o?

Deerdancer, I have almost the same problems. Most of the time random parts of my body start twitching, and I start sweating really hard. Also, my heart starts beating really fast.

My problem isn’t so much as I keep falling to sleep, but I can’t go to sleep…

Plus, I lie awake for almost three hours attempting WILD, and still nothing happens…

My last problem is that I’ve had so many experiences with SP (before I knew what it was) that now, anytime I don’t try to move for about 20 or so minutes, I start to panic and move out of instinct…

Oh man! You were right! I have heard it all, but that was so well explained and cleared up a few things that helped tons! Thanks!

I think I’m starting to understand this: HI is the daydreams that you get ehile still conscious of your body, right? If so, then I’ve been getting better at this. Can anyone confirm this?

Not quite, since you have no control over them and they are EXTREMELY fragmented. More like random thoughts/visuals/audios.

HI are no special images, or whatever, they’re just a thing directly before you fall asleep

One thing that puzzles me about HI… How do you see it? Are these images right before your eyes, just like reality, or could you see it only with your “imagination eyes”? Because I can’t tell, if I see HI, or if I don’t…

When I close my eyes and try to look at my eyelids or further in this direction, I see some flashes of color and this kind of thing… But they won’t become something that makes sense. And with “imagination eyes” I still see some scenes.

I’ve heard, that you can’t control HI. I can control a little this images I see with “imagination eyes”, so are these flashes on my eyelids the HI (I can’t control them)?

And one more thing, I heard that you see HI only if you are relaxed and falling asleep. But I see these flashes every time I close my eyes, no matter if I’m falling asleep or just closing eyes for a while during the day…

They made pretty good sense, but I don’t think I had any control over them. I think that conciousness of my body might be an over-statement, too. It was more of a feeling of knowing that I was in my bed, but not being conscious enough to do anything other than let things happen. Kind of a “zoning out” thing. Does this change anything?

No, the flashes under your eyelids isn’t HI. Close your eyes and push (softly!) under your eyeballs, that’s just a chemical reaction, not HI.

It’s like imagination, the images are quick and can be detailed, but you didn’t summon them, they just appear.

I get more auditory and illogical thought HI than visual, at first. When you imagine a scene, if you have good visual imagination, you can make a very detailed representation. In HI, it’s even more vivid, like a dream, but still in the imagination. And random, you don’t call it, it just bubbles up.

Thanks for answer :smile:

One more question: when trying WILD I have always random muscle twitches. I’ve just read, that it’s all in my head… Is it a sign of something, for example SP?

Myoclonic jerks are natural, pretty much everyone gets them. I’ve got them so bad that I’ve kicked the wall before, usually scares the crap out of myself! :grin:

Here’s the Wikipedia article.

Although it’s occuring right before sleep, I don’t believe that its a natural precursor to SP.

Edit: I just read more about it myself, I guess Hypnic Jerk is what we’re talking about.

Here’s the Wikipedia for Hypnic Jerks

Thanks again :smile: I will try to WILD again this night and I wanted to know as much as possible :smile:

I read today, that “inner dialog” spoils WILD. If it is so, then I found one of my mistakes :razz:

Well, inner dialogue is bad if you can’t fall asleep and good if you can. :cool_laugh:

I’ve only had 2.5 other WILD’s (since May 1, 2006), all my LD’s are DILD’s. I guess all my recent WILD reading paid off!

WILD after 4 hours sleep, natural wakeup. My WBTB alarm wasn’t for another 2 hours. I tried various WILD techniques. It seemed like a while at the time, but I think it was only about 30 minutes. I think this was in this order:

  • Counting on inhales and exhales.
  • “I’m dreaming” and counting. (one on inhale, other on exhale)
  • Counting by twos.
  • Imagining walking down a flight of stairs.
  • Flight of stairs and counting.
  • Imagining walking in detail.
  • Just thinking about my breathing and concentrating on the heavy feeling on the exhales.

I had HI of various things and even experienced the vibrations so many people have spoken of. At one point, I wondered if I was in SP, but didn’t want to wreck the feeling, so I kept going. I also experienced getting really cold, but just kept going. I then had the experience of an OOBE, hovering over my bed with a deep sense of heaviness through my floating body. The various HI slowly turned into repeated images, looking like landscapes. I imagined myself laying in bed and flipping through the pages of a magazine. I just kept flipping and soon forgot that the book was not real, thinking that I had a porn magazine in bed and was dreaming that I was seeing landscapes instead of the true pictures as some type of strange HI. (I don’t have such a magazine in real life.) I then thought, it’s time and jumped right in!

Click here to read the dream that came of this, I recopied the initial part, it may prove helpful to other struggling WILD’ers.


Just had some WILD progress. It was the first time ever I reached the state of sleep paralysis from an awake state (well, maybe when I woke up in the morning and had SP and went to sleep again, I had it too, but this was intentional WILDing). I was imagining a dream scene (not intentional, it just popped up) of some guys trying to fight with me and some other person and I wanted to fight with one guy, but he pressed me in the other direction and I was sliding fast speed backwards, which gave me the SP experience! I was too scared to go on, but if I am ready, I will go on. By the way, do you always have a lucid dream if you can stay awake while the body falls asleep? What happens if you can’t dream because you’re not in your REM-cycle or something like that?