The BIG WILD topic - part XVII

I’m not that experienced but here’s my input: Try to ignore the songs and focus on something else, the mucis may still be there but try to treat them as background music like when you’re at a store. Something that you could focus on is your breathing and counting inhales and exhales. Or just simple counting.

I agree, Mocha55. I think the songs are much like HI, something to be only passively aware of. Don’t force them out, but don’t let it dominate your thinking either.

CampusAnis, to tell you the truth, I never have nightmares and rarely experience fear in dreams, especially LD’s. I’d suggest using your awareness, if you experience it in an LD, ask out loud (in your dream) “Why am I afraid?” The answer could come in many ways: scene change, DC answering you, just plain knowing or the feeling disappearing.

I thought I had a breakthrough in my WILD’ing, having experienced the edge of sleep several times and with accuracy. I’m still having trouble ‘tipping over’ into sleep. I’ve found myself intentionally stopping my counting in order to sleep, especially: a) when first going to sleep, b) after a WBTB when I only have a short time left to sleep, like 1 or 2 hours left. I think I’ll keep trying it when I still have 3/4 hours left… but cautiously.

I never did counting in a WILD. I don’t see why I should in the future.

What method do you use to keep yourself alert? I’ve heard of many: third eye, mantras, visuallizing stairs/walking, etc.

My main problem is falling asleep (a’dream). I have a light insomnia that can grow. So I actually don’t think about keeping myself alert. Dreams come into my mind themselves if I lay there a bit and am lucky and they pull me into sleep paralysis. I actually never go further when this happens (it has happened only one real time). Yesterday I woke up from a long dream, having some kind of hyperactivity hysteria. There was this huge boat that just amazed me, I just kept looking at the boat and making sick moves. Then I jumped into the water, my arms twisted that sick that I couldn’t go up and I would drown. In this state I woke in SP. I struggled if I should use the chance to do an LD and I decided not to. It was just to uncomfortable. It feels like being trapped in your mind.

Are you sure they’re full dreams and not HI?

It sounds like you have a similar, but different problem than me. I have trouble tipping over into sleep, you tip over, but get stuck in the fall into sleep… without actually landing in a dream. :grin:

I’d think that you’re in a good position to WILD. You need to gather your consciousness and remind yourself that its just a dream (get yourself some higher lucidity). Practice/experience will ease any discomfort or fear. This actually sounds very similar to the common experience of Old Hag, the fear and SP, without the dream figure.

Well, I tried it today at 5 in the evening, sort of like yesterday and I got close, I experienced the HI and a bit of HH and I just fell into a dream without being concious and then waking up again thinking that I never fell asleep.

The actual problem is, I almost never come that far. When I start I lie there, trying to relax as much as I can, it’s getting warm and I’m getting impatient. It seems very hard for me to reach the state of HI or flashing dreams, so I have to train that first.

Greetings, all…I’m recently trying every time I can to get an LD, and so far, it looks promising. I’ve chosen WILD as my method because from my understanding, although it takes time to master, it’s the best way to be able to induce LDs at will/reliably, and because I won’t end up having LDs when I didn’t really need/want to have one (though I severely doubt that will be the case very often).

Anyway, I’m using the counting technique, and I always get to the same point, where I’m numb, but still just awake in bed with my eyes closed, and I have no clue how to progress to the next stage. If anyone can help me, that’d be just peachy. :help:


I’m going to practice trying WILD. I think I made progress one night when, twice, I got to a point when my heart was throbbing and my arms and legs were completely asleep.

The one question I have is, how late should I stay up? When I go to bed, should I be still a little awake, or completely worn out?

I’m pretty sure if I use this with WBTB it will work better (I’m holding off on that just for tonight though, I need to catch up on sleep).

This depends from person to person. I’ve never done WILD in the first sleep period (except naps, but that’s a different scenario). However, it is important for your body to be sleepy. Your mind should be more awake than your body (if that makes any scence).

I don’t think you should be completely worn out, however. This tends to give poor DR, and will probably result in worse LD level.

I’m sure WBTB would help too, but if you need to catch up on sleep, you probably shouldn’t be trying WILD…

Well, that’s good to know. I better not try it for a while, I’ve been doing that for almost a week straight. n.n

Hey! Today I was doing a WILD after I woke up, and I think I might have had a lucid dream. I was in bed, and I remember feeling like I was sinking. I could hear the shower going in the other room, and I used that to concentrate. Then I think I was in a dream: I was lying in bed in the same position. I tried to lift my hand so I could get a look at it (to see if I was dreaming). It was so hard to move! But I ended up getting a glimpse of it, and it looked very different, so I knew I was dreaming. I got up, and everything was really hazy. I was in a party. I wanted to make something appear, so I tried, and it didn’t work. Then I turned around, and what I wanted to appear was there. Then I could control what I wanted it to do. Then I think I fell out of being lucid, because the hazyness dissappeared.

Was this a) a WILD and b) a lucid dream?

BTW, I was trying WILD for a few days, fell out of it, and now (a month later) tried this this morning.

It was a) a WILD and b) a lucid dream. Congratulations! :happy: That must’ve been totally awesome! Seems like your break was good for something. I love to see WILD success.

Yes and yes, congratulations!!! :clap:

I was excited just reading it. :smile: You also stumbled on an important part of creating objects in dreams…your thought will create it, but Intention alone is sometimes not enough. The trick is, think about the object and then reach for it or turn around to see it. It sort of gives the mind a chance to create the object. Expecting it to be where you look for it is key.

It kinda reminded me of The Shining. :content:

Wow!! I’m so happy right now!! Thanks for all the enthusiasm guys, you’re all so sweet! I’m so excited to try again :smile:

I have a couple questions though:

  1. Why was it so hard to move my hand?

  2. Why was I in a party?

  3. How do I remain lucid?

Thanks again guys :smile:

  1. There is a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. It’s a defense mechanism of your body to protect you from hurting yourself in a dream (while freaking out). I don’t know why you were unable to move your dream hand, but it probably had something to do with the sleep paralysis, because you did a WILD, dreamed directly from the awake state. Sleep paralysis is very common for WILD.

  2. I don’t know. Dreams always have their reasons. Maybe it was because of something that happened to you in real life. Maybe it symbolized some kind of presence, to make a difference between dreaming and reality.

  3. There are several techniques, such as rubbing your hands spinning, or just motivating yourself and / or screaming “INCREASE LUCIDITY!”. It’s all your mind. You can control it. I’m not a pro, so the other guys have to answer this for you. Lucid dreaming needs training, too, so don’t give up if in the first few LDs it’s not perfect. But this was a very good one. Was it your first LD? :content:

Yeah, it was! I’m so happy right now! I can’t wait to try again!

Why was it a good one?

Take for example my first LD. I had a dream sign which I had before. In the dream before I thought “this is a dream” but didn’t get lucid. But in this dream I really realized it was a dream and then it faded to black, I couldn’t create a new dream scene and got a normal dream again.

Your dream went in the right direction. You can do anything now from practising. And I can imagine that it was very cool. Were you really conscious when you were at that party?

And how many LD tries did you do before generally?