The biggest number of LDs in one night

What is the biggest number of LDs you have had in one night?

  • Haven’t been lucid yet
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 15
  • 16 - 20
  • more than 20

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What’s your record of lucid dreams in one night?

I usually have 2 lucid dreams in one night. How about you?

I usually munch mine together and call them one. :razz:

I had 9 last night :happy:

I once had six in a row, using the dream re-entry technique. :grin: But I had trouble remember the first ones after that…

4 once. Average is 1-2. I usually am half awake in the middle of the night and fall into another one.

I wish I could say that :cry:

lol don’t worry Ben … I think my brain is broken :eh:

Last week I managed to get 4 LDs in one night, but 2 where so short that I only counted them as one :tongue: But I’ve had 3 LDs in one night several times.

ahhhhbwahhhh!!! i’m still trying to have one all together.

I think I’ve had two in a row, using a REM re-entry technique.

You people are so lucky!
I’ve only had three altogether…and none of them were in the same night…:sigh:

Maybe with time I’ll get better…

Three in the same night is the maximum for me.

Re-entry technique works also for me. If I wake up after a lucid dream, I know that I can have another. And I have :smile:
But 2 is my record

I still haven’t had one… :cry:

Hang in there dreamwalker496, it doesn’t lucid dream it lucid pours. Sometimes when they come they all come at once.

I had some nights, or early mornings, usually on a weekend when I sleep in late that I have had a few LDs in a row. 3 or 4 being the maxiumum I believe :smile:

how the hell can you people be getting lucid so much!!! :confused:
i keep trying and have yet to ever have a single one!!!
then i see people who get it on their first try :cry: tis not fair!!!

only one a night :sad:…but ive been having them almost everyother night now :smile:

4 in a row here, happened a few times as FA marathon

I have had 2 LDs in 1 night.

It was good!

ConstantDreamer :grin: