The chain method

This is a method I came up with to give lots of people lucid dreams. The reason this is in the beyond dreaming forum is because it involves shared dreaming. Here’s how it works:

It begins when one person gets lucid. That person then enters the dreams of two people he knows and then makes them lucid, and afterwards he then goes about doing whatevever he wants in his lucid dream. The two people who he made lucid must then make two more people lucid each then go on to doing what they wish in their dreams as the next people make more people lucid. It will continue like this until the night is over.

If you try this and one of the people who’s dream you visit is also lucid, ask them if they will make two people lucid. If they say no, don’t be persistent and try to convince them to do it. Just find someone else.

It would be fun to try this with other members of LD4all and see how many get lucid as a result, but that doesn’t mean it is only limited to be LD4all members.

Try it. :smile:

I’ve tried making people lucid before. They almost always seem to ignore me or get confused…

Theoretically, it should work of some DC’s are actually real people, which is why I’ve tried it a few times. :wink:

An easy way to get into someone elses dream is by going to lucid island and using the dream antenna. The link to the topic of lucid island is in my signature.

That would be fun! Would be kinda hard do distinguish them from “mindless zombies”, wouldn’t it?

Or are they “the normal ones”?

It would be a great method if shared dreaming (in the supposition it works) was easy.