The cheapest induction device

I found it at All you need is alarm clock, two LED’s and wires. You have to connect the LED’s where the speaker is connected. Then you just insert them in a goggles made of paper, for example. You have to set time of REM stage manually.
I’ll try to build it and test tomorrow. I’ll tell you how it worked.

Genius! Budget nova dreamer lol. Eco-dreamer! Looking forward to hearing the results. If Nova Dreamers work then this will also work…it’s the exact same method…but slightly cheaper! :tongue:

I’m gonna experiment with this…I was always interested in Nova Dreamers and thigns but I did not want to spend money on something that can be achieved for free with a bit more effort!

I’ll start work on my Eco-dreamer 2nite lol. I like that name for some reason…

er pedro its spelt genius trust me i know i am one
very good idea to whoever made that its good havent tried it yet though
i will when i get a cheap alarm clock to take apart though

I couldn’t find any good clock in my house, so I used a programmable calculator (HP48G if anyone knows it) and one LED. I connected the LED to the COM output of the calculator. Tonight I’ll just use a scarf to attach the diode to my head :smile:
I’ll set the normal alarm to 4.5 hours after going to sleep, and then 30 hours on my calculator (with repeat every 5 min.)
I’ll post tomorrow…

pedro: EcoDreamer is a great name!

Umm one thing about EcoDreamer…could be slightly scratchy if it’s made of paper…So what im thinking is actually using proper swimming goggles… ones with a really soft cushiony bit would be best. Any other ideas? I hope no one sees me sleeping or they’ll think I’m going deep sea diving! YEAH! I’ll use a face mask! lol. That wouldn’t work…

If you use swimming goggles you can make a tiny hole in the side of each eye piece and put the wire through it and then stick the LED to the “roof” of the eye piece. If that made any sense… That should work. 2moro I’m gonna buy everything I need then I’ll test it and give results… Watch this umm…thread.

How about a sleeping mask?
You know, these masks made of cloth to cover your eyes so it is dark when sleeping in a train or something

That’s what the homemade one is meant to use, I think.

Hmm but then you’d have to put the LEDs on the other side (which might not be bright enough to shine right through) or on the inside which means they are actually pressing against your eyes and theres no way I’d be getting to sleep with them like that!

I couldn’t sleep with the diode :cry:
I guess I should find a sleeping mask.
Swimming goggles can be good too, but they can’t be tight.

Yeah they will have to be quite loose. Also, the part that touches your face should be ones with foamy bits rather than those modern rubber ones… I’m about to go out right now and buy some goggles!

why are you trying out new methods pedro when you have one that works perfectly fine?

Sorry, but is it just for research or what?

Just wondring :wink:

Just because I want to try it. I’ve always been interested in how much the senses work during sleep… I’ve also wanted a Nova Dreamer since I first heard of them but I didn’t want to spend much money so this is a cool idea! I don’t need it…but i want it, if that makes sense! :happy:

Also, incubating a dream takes effort…would be nice to get lucid using easier methods I guess. But I am getting so much better all the time! I don’t really need to try very hard to visualize now but when I first did it it took all my concentration!

well that kinda makes sens :tongue:
btw pedro you should take a look at your vild topic, i am going there now to ask a question :peek:

What does LED mean? :eek:

Light Emitting Diode - it’s like a filament bulb, but far weaker. You can probably see a few near you, on your monitor (the power light, not the screen), on the computer, on your modem/router and on your speakers.

An LED is a light emitting diode. Its basicly a small light. They’re relativily cheap, small, and don’t use much power. Also important, they don’t heat up.

Crud finally a question not related to LDing, something I could have answered but my typing was too slow.