The Cloud has returned! :D

The Cloud has returned!
In the old days, we had a forum for philosophical ponderings, called the Philosopher’s Cloud. Since it rained Down in the Lounge, it has lived on in memory.

You may have already noticed Bruno becoming local moderator, but not with any forum assigned to his name. You might have noticed the cloudyness surrounding some of the moderators (especially Bruno).

What do the cards say about that? Ysim has created this LD4all tarot card to show what the future holds:

It’s back, and it’s more Fluffy than ever
In the last few days, Bruno has been working on rising the cloud back up from the lounge. And now it’s ready to welcome you all back!

I hope you enjoy the new fresh atmosphere, and enjoy discussing your deepest ponderings :smile:


/me unleashes the Cloud from the bottle :content:

Click here to enter the Cloud

:peek: the Cloud is only visible for LD4all members :smile:

/me runs around in circles yelling in glee.


This makes me happy.

Very, very happy.

/me cheers :grin:

Always nice to see old members returning ^^

:woot: It’s back!

Yeah, I know I never posted in the Cloud even when it was around before, but I did enjoy reading the debates every now and then.

I think I just moved a discussion in which you posted to the Cloud!

(My task this past week was to cherry pick topics from the Lounge, snatch them to the Cloud, assemble a sampler of what it’s supposed to be like for new members and all).

/me goes check.

“Search found 10 matches” for posts by Wyvern in forum the Cloud. :yes:

I reality checked.

SPOILER - Click to view

Now if we could just get back the Spiritual Corner… :hmmm:

You can still post would-be Spiritual Corner posts! They just don’t belong together in a single board: some spiritual phenomena are dream related, and should go to Beyond Dreaming (one of our oldest and most repurposed boards); some are a matter of sharing but not debating, and should go to the Gathering (in particular on the Personal Spiritual Beliefs series of topics); and some are open questions and interesting ideas, which should be posted to the Cloud for discussion! :yes: If you want to post something and don’t know quite where, you can ask a moderator; but you shouldn’t worry, if a moderator feels the discussion belongs to another board, they’ll let you know and help you out anyway. :content:

Nice to see a new version of the cloud :cool_laugh:

“Mentioned in their signatures”
Ah, so it wad what I suspected.
Niiice. :happy:

The last cloud was removed way before I joined Ld4all, but ah well. It’s always good to have a new forum. :grin:

Blimey. The Cloud is Back. And this time for realz, and not a false storm like that one time on Facebook.

Count me in. Although please don’t be too alarmed at my change in metaphysic. :help:

i had just written out a fairly long and relitively poorly thought out Cloud topic, complete with a picture and some of my own special 11 herbs and spices of comedic touch…

But then i accedently hit a bunch of buttons that made private browsing happen and i lost all of it…

Serves me right for not writing my entire post up in Word and then copy/pasting… but i feel really bad and i know it won’t be as good next time i try to write it up :sad:

It really sucks

Ah, I sometimes delete it accidentally too.
It sucks and the new post isn’t good as the one before, right?

But you can use firefox, and when you press ‘‘back’’ (or forward, if you accidentally pressed ‘‘back’’), the post will not be deleted.

Well…I welcome the new forum…I guess…

Lazarus is your friend :wink:
Also, yay I finally witness the Cloud with my own eyes! I hope many interesting debates will spring ^^

I guess if lebowsk1 is back to hang in the cloud ive gotta show my face too.

y’all are in for it now


haha sounds good, cngrts bruno :content:

:happy: I love this, all the old members coming back!

Every time I check there’s always plenty for me to read :content:

OMG! I was laughing a lot when I read “the cloudyness around Bruno” but it’s right, he’s really cloudy! :wow:
/me wonders how it’s possible :uh: