The different levels of conciousness in a Normal Dream

Now, when you normally dream (not lucid dreaming), you are concious. Atleast when you enter REM. You have to be concious. Otherwise, Lucid Dreaming wouldn’t be possible. So, what I’d like to know, is what is the different levels of conciousness? I mean, we know that there are 3 levels of Lucidity:

Low Lucidity
Medium Lucidity
High Lucidity

So perhaps there is 3 different levels of conciousness:

Low Conciousness
Medium Conciousness
High Conciousness
Waking Conciousness

Of course, High Conciousness is probably equal to Low Lucidity. And Waking Counciousness is, of cource, equal to High Lucidity and when we are awake.

So what I want to find out is:

How many levels of conciousness are there?

Now, I’m thinking that in a Lucid Dream you make a double of yourself, say it’s your subconcious, and ask that question. Or maybe a Dream Character. What do you think?

I moved this into “theory” until we can form some type of experiment that we can perform. From what we learned in the “Testing the realness of DCs” thread, DCs do not give reliable or sometimes understandable responses.

Maybe someone has suggestions on how we can experiment with levels of consciousness?

I don’t think you can say “there are [so much] levels of consciousness during a ND”, because that makes it sound as if it works with stages. I think it’s more like a fluid spectrum, going from unconscious to low conscious, high conscious and superconscious. But you can’t pinpoint “low consciousness”, because it’s an area on the spectrum, consisting of countless possible states of mind. This way, dream consciousness can be seen as an awareness which changes every second in countless subtle varieties due to dream situations, subconscious expectations and associations; it’s always moving in a dynamic flow, whereby the level of awareness never remains the same during two subsequent moments.
So I think the answer to your question is: countless.

Ok, thanks DA! :smile: Wasn’t sure which to put it in.

Mystic: hmm, Countless Awareness. Better than my explanation. Thanks! feels stupid for posting this thread when the answer was so simple

Noooo!! don’t feel stupid for questioning the levels of consciousness in our lucid dreams!! It’s something that will always need more experiementing with.
The possiblities do seem countless, but it seems logical to try to map the most common levels that we are able to experience.

You don’t have to feel stupid, I don’t think it’s so simple.
You’re right when you said we necessarily have to be conscious in ND. I we weren’t, we could not remember anything.
But I suppose that the problem is, when we come back to a wake state, that access to the memory of this ND consciousness is not so easy. It’s like we were looking through a thick and distort glass.
So I don’t really understand your levels of consciousness. It’s seems to me that in a ND, the level of consciousness must be the same, but that our memories are more or less blurry. What is your opinion about ?

And who says that everything we THINK we remember from our dreams is the right thing? Maybe we only remmeber a couple of seconds, if anything, from our dreams, and the rest is built up from our waking consciousness. Sort of false memories.
In other hand, the possibiltys are countless.

That’s what Freud calls “secondary elaboration” of the dream.
But don’t go too far : if you suppose everything we remember in a ND is wrong, why not imagine everything we remember IRL is wrong ? And what we see now is wrong ? And what we think is wrong ? etc.
… the famous Descartes’ “evil genie” hypothesis, indeed.

Good posts All :wink:

Iam curious what you will think of next DreamerCrystal :smile:
The levels of consciousness in your dream also have to do with at what level of sleep you are dreaming. Rem or nonrem sleep en non rem sleep has several stages.