The diffrence between waking, and dreaming...

In waking life there is only one thing diffrent then dreams, and that is evrything has logic. Imagine if your doing a reality check in waking life and fail, or what if you do a reality check in a dream and pass, what if you counted only 5 fingers, or your hand didnt go through the mirror. Then you would realize what every reality your in isnt a dream but waking life. Give your reality check a reality check. When your watching T.V. or on the computer ask yourself "Is it normal to have a “magic box” that has little people in it or a “magic box” that gives information. If we were dreaming we would take what we see for reality, and not question what we see.

Kavaa, also the brain chemistry from waking compared to rem sleep is totally different!
And that plays a big part in the lack of rational logic and recognition of our full conscious self as when we are awake.

This post reminds me of something real stupid I did when I first got in to LDs.
I done just about every RC to see what one worked best for me.
The first time I went lucid was when I punched a mirror and my hand went though it.I kept doing that and it kept me lucid in my dreams.
One day I wake up,The same night I had an FA.
No one was in my house,and its always full and active,so I did the mirror RC…I punched it and the mirror broke and cut the crap out of my hand.
Now that I look back on it I think it is funny :content:


wow yeah that was smart :smile:

I always do more than one to be sure.