The Dream "I"

I’ve always been fascinated with exactly who you are when you dream. A lot of the time I will do things in dreams that I would never consider doing, even in a LD. I know this is because of your subconscious etc., but it still sometimes seems that the dream “I” is just a completely different person to who I really am.
Anyway, in LDs because you can choose your actions, the person you are should be much closer aligned with your real self. However, I still don’t really feel that it’s exactly me. We all have regrets, but sometimes I will wake up from an LD, and know that I chose what to do (if you believe in free will anyway) but still just wonder exactly what I was thinking. Is this because I’m not at a high enough level of lucidity?

What are your thoughts on this?

I think that because a person is free in their own mind and not influenced by the pressures to conform to society, we act differently in our dreams.

That’s obviously true, but the point I am making is I’m surprised at the decisions I make in LDs after I wake up, even though I know that in my dreams I won’t have to conform etc.

It just seems to me that a possible way of defining the strength of lucidity could be how closely aligned the dream self is to the waking self.

Often in my dreams (non LD) I am a completely different person… I’ll be watching a character just like if I was watching a movie then all of a sudden I am that character… it’s weird

This probably happens because you tend to be excited in an LD. Excitement causes you to make different choices than you normally would, because excitement tends to cloud your thinking. Another possibility could be the lucidity level of course, if you believe in lucidity levels that is. (I personally don’t believe that lucidity levels exist.)

Yea this is because your level of lucidity is not high enough. I had the same problem, but after having lots of lds, you can naturally keep your sensed better and the dreams are more vivid. Another thing that helps A LOT is apple juice.

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i think that the removal of the normal world is SUCH a huge change, that it would be nearly impossible to fall back into normal modes of thinking in an LD. i think consciousness in the dream world is a different animal and your mind responds accordingly, by taking on a somewhat different form.

I think you’re probably all right. It’s probably a mix of low-lucidity and also an excitement at all the possibilities that are open to me and the somewhat shocking realisation that everything around you is all part of your mind. It really is amazing when you think about it like that.

I would like to add that it also sound like you are in your LD or ND with no special intention.

As for me, when I enter a LD, I now always remember what tasks I want to achieve lucid, so I feel really close to who I am IRL (sometimes too close, making me restrain to do things such as jump out the window). It’s more the other DCs who seem uncontrolable.

It’s been a long time since I began to have LDs, I used to as a child, without knowing that it was called like that, so realising that all is made by your mind has never crossed my mind while lucid. Now it’s more “ha cool, I am here, let’s see how far I can go to do the things I wanted to do” take a list out of her pocket hahaha it’s almost like that now. it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the LD, but rather than considering that it is something my mind is creating, I just take it as a parallel world, and want to explore the dreamworld, especially when everything seems so real, when I can touch and feel whatever I want…

But where you amazed in a good way of what you did while lucid ? Or is it because you did things that you are forbidden to do IRL ? I once summoned a friend of mine and make her take her clothes off. That would have been frightening if I was having issues about that ^^ Of course I don’t since I can do what I want in a dream, and that will never change how I think or what I believe in, IRL.
I ask this question because I think I saw a topic once about killing someone in a dream, and knowing if it was “good” or “bad”, even if it was just a dream.

It’s in your dream, so it’s the perfect place to solve your problems, as long as you don’t go berserck IRL :wink:

I wasn’t amazed at what I did while lucid, in a good or bad way really. It’s just that, thinking about it in hindsight, I should have used the chance to experiment in ways that I haven’t done before. After all, I don’t have many LDs so I feel like I should make the most of any that I do have. At least I tried the mirror thing, where you can put your arm through or walk through it, that was quite cool.

It’s an interesting question you ask, about morality in LDs. Really, I believe there’s no limit to what you can do in a LD. It will be worrying if you decide to rape someone or something like that in a LD, because that means that you probably wish to do that IRL but morality is holding you back. It might make you come to some worrying conclusions about your secret desires, but once you’ve got over that it is probably better to get them over with in a LD rather than repressing them.

In your dreams, there are no rules.
If there were no rules in real life, wouldn’t you act differently?
The rules are set by your conscious. :peek:

When I wake up from a LD. I always blame myself for not doing what I wanted to do: Fly, Meet my Dream Guide etc. When I realise I am dreaming, I just run around like a fool and do stupid stuff. How do you make your DC do what you want them to do in a LD?

I would recommend you make a list of things you want to do in a dream. Read it every night before you go to bed, and cross of anything you achieve. In most cases, that will fix the “what do I do now” moments.

Who are you in a dream? Well, who are you now?

You are both your dreaming self and your waking self. The main difference seems to be that the waking self thinks about what it does and the dreaming self simply does it. This is my opinion of why you act differently in dreams and then wonder why… simply because it is the nature of your conscious mind to question itself.

If you didn’t question yourself in waking reality, would you act differently? Morality is a nice excuse for people to be afraid of what they want, in my opinion. Just because you aren’t necessarily “moral” doesn’t make you want to rape or murder somebody - it’s just not who you are. I doubt your subconscious “I” would want to do that unless you are trying to get a message across to yourself for some reason… in which case, odds are the dream wouldn’t be lucid.