The Dream Memory

Hey all.

Has anyone had a dream and in it they remember events that have only occured in the dream world? I’ll give an example:

Last night I dreampt that I was babysitting someone who has long since grown up. As a child he was wild about toy cars. In my dream I looked around for some cars for him to play with. I found a few that held his interest for awhile. Then I remembered, “My brother has a two feet tall Optimus Prime Transformer toy around here somewhere.” I had detailed memories in the dream of ordering this very rare action figure for my brother from Ebay. I could even remember telling him to take care of it and how rare it was. I found the toy and it was just as my dream memory reminded me it would be. Although I never bought my brother anything like that in RL, the recollection of such an event in my dream was very strong, as if I had actually done so. I remembered much more about the purchase, small, seemingly insignificant details. Has this ever happened to anyone? I find it confusing when trying to become lucid. I would like to hear what you guys think.

That’s not the only time this has occured.

Hi daywalker.

I know exactly what you mean. Just recently I had a dream in which I was working in a factory assembling snow-globes. In the dream, I could recall every little detail of how I got the job, including how long ago it was, and what kind if personality my boss had. None of that actually happened in the dream, it was just always there as a memory.

This also happens with dream characters. I sometimes dream of talking to a friend who I don’t even know in real life. The character may even have an extensive background, and I might recall different occasions during which we’ve spoken or traveled somewhere - but it all only exists in ‘dream memory’.

hello Daywalker,
I can remeember waking life memorys all of the time in my dreams.