The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

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Hi, everypeoples. I don’t know if this belongs here, but I know of a fantasy that may interest some people here. It’s called The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, by H.P. Lovecraft. It’s about a parallel dimension accessed by some through dreams. This website reminded me of it.

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So,my first post after a month or so will be for one of my favorite writers: H.P.Lovecraft!
I can assure you,that it’s not his only story about parrallel dimension or a dream world!
If you can find more or have more of his books ,read them,the only thing i almost dumb (i read it at the end) was mounts of insanity!A bit how can i say boring story from him!!
Silver key is one that’s good as well,and many more

It’s one of my favourite books. :cool_laugh: I don’t know if it the case in english but in french the editors merged 4 stories in the same book, that is, The Statement of Randolf Carter, The Silver Key, Through the Gates of the Silver Key, and The Dream Quest of Unknown Kaddath (in this order, if I remember well). It’s a wonderful idea cause it really seems it’s the same story.

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Well, I think that it would be great to create a Lucid Quest around HP Lovecraft dream storys. I am not talking about the one with Ctulhu and terror stuff (altought it would be interesting too), but around Kadath and other amazingly beautiful storys.