The Dream Recorder

For those without a computer running Mac OS X, ignore this post. But for everyone else I’ll let the website speak for itself.


I am eager to try it out tonight with my MacBook using its built-in webcam. Does anyone else think this program could benefit them?

It looks very cool. Unfortunately, I have a powerbook (iBlind) and am unable to test it out, but it looks very neat.


This looks VERY interesting!!

I think I’ll have to try it out. My mac laptop sits right next to my bed. :razz:

quite impressive! unfortunately, I dont have a mac at all. Maybe a smilar program for pc will come out later, or I could try to design something similar…

MeZergy and all others planning to download it, I strongly recommend trying Dream Recorder 2. This version is so much cooler than the former.

Dang…If only there were a Windows version. That’d be so cool to have.

yeah, i’m sure if we get enough people with 1337 skillz we could find a way to make it work on windows

but don’t look at me, i dunno anything about computers :confused:hrugs:

Even if it did work on Windows (don’t know about the rest of you), I’d still need a camera. :sad:

I have to say, if it is only for mac and not windows, not many people will use it, because they cannot use it. I would love to, but mac doesn’t have a good game selection, and windows is just the dominant OS.

ok, I personally have windows, but Id like to say right now that we should not begin saying what is good and bad about each OS. I have seen to many good threads on other forums ruined by people fighting over which OS is better. The developers of this program must have found this computer/OS most available and easiest to integrate with their software at the time. Please, lets not get too distracted by what OS it is made for and just be thrilled to see a new invention/tool for lucid dreaming. Although I cannot use this program, I am thrilled to see its potential to help others.

edit: this is not an attack on you, shatter, this is just my way of trying to avoid the thread deteriorating and moving away from the original topic

yes, i say we focus our combined geekyness in making it a program all can enjoy

Ok, I understand, that was an unessacery attack on the mac.