The Dream Voice-Over

I want to post this question for a long time… but I didn’t know how to translate the french “voix off” expression. It seems to be “voice over” or “voice off” in English. :shy:
So, by “voice over”, I mean the voice of a narrator or other who is off camera, in a movie. OK ? :grin:

It exists a long and interesting thread about the realness of DC’s and about the quality of the information they give.

This is somewhat different. Sometimes, you can hear a “voice over” in your LD’s. It’s like someone speaking in your hear, or in the sky. Thus, it is not a DC voice and it not feeled as a DC voice, indeed. I’ll take an example in my own old LD’s :

I hope I have been clear enough with my definition. :content: Now, I would like to know if you often hear this “voice over” in your lucid dreams, and what it says to you, and what about the quality of the information it gives to you. :smile:

Well, I had something like this. Not quite in a dream, but when a dream was fading away. The quality of what he said was not very high. But it was better than nothing. :smile: I wonder if people who never read Castaneda hear this voice. :tongue: But I have an explanation, which seems to be more possible for me personally, - I am a writer (not an artist or filmmaker), so it is easier for my brain to create an incorporeal voice than a whole DC. I often have movie-like and book-like dreams, always with a narrator.

when i used a tv for teleportation in my last LD i was thrown into a documentary where my eyes where the camera and i heard the voice of the narrator of the show talked from inside my head.

i don’t remember much what he said but in the moment i think it made sence. I was flying above some kind of cultivation that was called “the lucid cultivation”. When i got a closer look the cultivation were built up like a diagram to show me how i live my “lucid life” or something like that. I really tried to remember something from that diagram when i woke up but sadly i didn’t.