The DreamFlasher - new cheap LD induction device

Hello everyone!
I heard about new lucid dream induction device called DreamFlasher.
I have bought it.
This device has coused that I have lucid dreams five times more (around one, two LD per night).
You can read about the DreamFlasher on site


Hey LAzar :smile:
Welcome to the LD4ALL forum :slight_smile:

That is an interesting device that u have there :smile: Its great that u have more LDs now. I hope that in the future u wont need it to have LDs :wink:

Good luck with your LDing ^_~

Could you tell us more about your experiences with this?

How did the flashing appear in the dream?
How often did you correctly identify it?
To what extent did you have to train yourself to recognize it?

The flashing appears for example like this: i see the sky is flashing, and i reconize it must be a dream (that looked like my first LD with the DreamFlasher) or for example a light reflection in the window pane.
I correctly indentify flashes in around 80%.
I do reality test when i see flashes in real world - that’s all, and thanks to do this i do it in dream world too, and then i reconize i’m dreaming.

For some reason the page wont open for me:(
How much is it?
Did it take long for you to learn to recognize flashes?
Just tell us more,more,more:)we want to know all about it if it works as good(one per night-thats perfect!:slight_smile:

I opened this page in the Internet Explorer, i don’t know why this site won’t open for you.
The DreamFlasher price is 110 USD + 30 USD (shipping).

Did it take long for you to learn to recognize flashes?
No, becouse flash is so intensivity stimuli for me, that i have learned to reconize it after a few days.
Just tell us more,more,more:)
I’m not english nor american and i don’t know english very well, so i’m not able to tell you in english about my practise a lot of information.
Please try to open site with another program, then you will read about that how the DreamFlasher works.

Ouch 140 dol is bit beyond my posibilities.Polish currency sucks if it comes to exchange:(
But i got this page now,so ill keep it in mind.

140 USD is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond my ability to buy now. Argh. Living independently isn’t as easy as I thought. Don’t take anything for granted.

By the way, it looks interesting and useful… but I can’t buy it unless I become rich. :cry:

I know! 140$ US is not something I will readily buy, you can buy a lot of dream books or mint tea for that. I will however tape a flashing christmas light to my eyelid and see if that does the trick :tongue:

LOL! :rofl: That’s so funny! Ahem… it might won’t work unless it is turned on at a certain time cuz if you have it on while you’re trying to sleep… I don’t htink you’ll be able to fall asleep at all. Just an idea, you could try buy a plugin that is controlled by the computer and set your computer to turn that plug on at a certain time (that might take some experiments though to find a right time when you’re in REM stage though) and somehow have it turn off in like 30 seconds and repeat every 3 hours or so.

What do you think? :shrug:

I wasn’t actually serious, but when christmas comes along I just may make my 2$ Christmas light flashing mask, if I could just figure out how to make it come on at the right time so It doesn’t keep me awake. It could possably work… :eek:


I am VERY interested in this, I need to get a lucid dream inducting device very soon, and this looks great and its in my price range, are you still having success with it? Still having 1-2 lucid dreams per night? Thanks so much.

Not really.
I was having 1-2 LDs per night during holidays, when i could sleep to 9.00 a.m.
I have been studying since Oct 1 and i have to wake up at 5.30 a.m. every day without weekends, and i have only around 5-6 LDs per week (including weekends). But in weekends i have still 1-2 LDs per night.

Sounds just about perfect to me…
Now im just looking for someone rich enough to sponsor me this thing.I can pay back in orgasms if u`re a woman or in appreciation if you hapen to be a male.
Thx in advance:)
ps.Seriously…damn im going to start saving now,tho its kinds hard,im saving for too many things i guess.But thats living…oh well…im just happy theres something to help us on the ld quest.

You could get the same results with a strobe light hooked up to a timer. Would cost max $30.00-$40.00

I realised after reading that, I actually have a timer and strobe sitting around, I’ll hook it up tonight, give it a couple of days testing and tell everyone the results at the end of the weekend if anyone’s interested.


I would be interested in hearing your results.

Wow if your results come out good i might just try it myself.

Weird…polish site sells it for half of that price
thats the link i gave a week ago.No need to translate polish page as its exactly same thing ,even same description.No idea why its such a difference in price…but if u buying it,choose the one cheaper:)
good luck