'The Drink' - the movie

This drink really helped me to succes with my quest for Lucidity!

(download it at the bottom of the site)

what kind of thing is this?

I don’t see any relation with LDing, please enlighten us Incanus :meh:

^ Yeah, really?

hmm i might try this tonight

Considering that it was never answered what it was, and I get a 404 when I go to the page, I doubt I’ll be trying it. :tongue:

Malac, I assume you didn’t get a 404?
What is it? I’m curious now.

So is this like a drink, or a movie? OK here it is.


wow that was a very old post malac bumped…
still, what is it, kavaa?

Love your new avatar Q… Aparently its an alcaholic drink that dosnt really give you an intoxicating feeling, but a relaxed warm feeling. If he is saying it helps to LD I would imagine it gives you the same feeling you get right before you Astral project.