The Early Morning Rewake Method

This worked for me three days in a row, the only three times i tried it! Here is what you need…

Lots of time

I recomend doing this on the weekend, when you have more time to yourself in general. What you do is after waking up from a normal dream in the morning, go back to sleep. Repeat until you have a lucid dream. This scored me three lucid dreams on three diffrent days. It is a powerful method. Think about lucid dreaming while falling asleep…
This is also great training for more lucid dreams.

Yes. Yes yes yes.

I had another Lucid dream thismorning just doing this.

It seems to me that when you fall back asleep you not only go almost immediatly back into REM sleep, but you also are more aware during your dreams. I notice dreamsigns when I use WBTB, and never do when I’m normally sleeping.

I only found out about lucid dreaming yesterday

But ive been using this technique for a while to induce normal dreams and remember them as well

Best way i found was with an alarm clock, one that goes off again ~10mins after the sleep button goes off

Ive had ~5 normal dreams in succession with this im pretty sure it could be addapted to LD :happy:

its called a WBTB. Just that you do it over and over again.

No. This is a lot diffrent from a WBTB (Which is know to cause miracles)…


1)You don’t get up for a long period of time.
2)You don’t read anything.
3)This occurs in the morning when you normally wake up.
4) It is done over and over again.

That not enough for you? Wait…i kinda flew off the handle their…well i made my point.

Well… it is still WBTB, because you Wake up and go Back To Bed. Or back to sleep, I guess its the same thing though.

I did something like this a few days ago. I realized that I was dreaming, floated a few feet above the ground, then woke up.

It works better if you don’t move at all when awakening. Don’t open your eyes. Don’t wiggle your feet. Don’t scratch your… Well, you get the idea. :smile:

Yeah, i actually mentioned that in an earlier post. it might be in this forum…