The effectiveness of Audio for MILD or WILD


What do you think the effectiveness of falling asleep with some kind of sound is for inducing a MILD or WILD?

It seems like falling asleep while listening to some kind of trigger sound, like a repeating bell or something, would help you to remember your task right up to the point where you actually fall asleep.

I have heard some people leave tv or radio on while trying WILD. For me I find it hard to get to sleep with voices around me. I also am very bad at WILD.

I have experimented with different sounds that come on after I am asleep. Most of the time I don’t hear them while asleep.

When I do hear them, they usually wake me up. In approximately 100 attempts, I have only heard the sound in a dream twice. Both times I still failed to become lucid.

Experiments in sleep labs have shown that people can sleep through very loud noises.