the EILD tech. still working on it

Exhaustion Induced Lucid Dream
well i went hiking last week and walked about five miles over canyons and gigantic boulders only to face a steep mountain pass that i had to climb over(about 1/3 the size of mount. Everest) :eek: went over it and when i get there it starts to rain and my tent turns into a pool. the next day i did it all over again to the car. i get home and guess what. sleep time! actually i didnt really go to sleep i just felt my body aching just laying there. this is similar to the WILD tech but the sheer exhaustion keeps you up. and before i know it im in an LD well i got sort of sucked out but yea i think i made a new tech. :cool:

Moved from General Lucidness. :dragon:

Yeah, I think LD’s happen alot when you don’t know when your going to fall asleep. ( Super tired, thinking about something else, etc.)