The embrace of the Black Hole.A fluke or something else.....

In my dreamscape, there is a section of the Mnubek Galaxy that contains a black hole of truly immense proprtions. Just the other night, Mew-Tai and I decided to see if we had attained a certain level of skill. So, why not see who had the biggest balls and play chicken with a black hole? Anyway, we both made it. Insite was this serpentine creature that “reavealed the secrets of reality” to me and him. So, what is this?

Perhaps if you told us what this creature actually said, we could better determine any relevance it might have to anything. At the moment, I’d be giving the credit to your imagination. A lucid dream, after all, exists within your own mind. Rather than treating it as a higher form of consciousness allowing you to connect with elements of the universe otherwise inaccessible, simply realize that everything you see, hear and feel in these dreams are mere constructs of the subconscious mind.

That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t learn a great deal about yourself though. Perhaps this message was a thought that you sometimes find yourself suppressing? Maybe it has some meaning that you might find useful or relative to your own life in some way.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with analyzing your own dreams. When people begin classifying other people’s dreams and trying to derive common meanings from certain situations, that’s when I think it gets a little unrealistic. Your dreams are created form your own memory, and relate only to yourself.

Yeah, it’s like you get these “experts” who interpret somebody having a dream about drowning as relating to some other fear like being overwhelmed by something else in their life. Why can’t it ever just be the simple explanation, that maybe that person simply has a fear of water, and simply fears actually drowning? Why do things always have to represent other things? Why can’t things sometimes just represent themselves in dreams?

It’s like, what if somebody dreams they are falling? You can’t say that every time somebody dreams of falling then it has this or that deep fear relating to it. What if that particular person simply has a fear of heights, or worse still, actual virtigo?


I agree with you both. Some times dreams are no where near as complex as people tend to make them out to be. But this is another story all in itself. I also apologize for not including details, I do admit my post was rather vaugue. The serpent said, if I recall correctly

       " Time lays not as a set path, but as a loop, a mere reflection of itself. Actions here and now have unfathomable reprocussions in the past as well as the future in countless different fassures of the universe. Each one a different perspective, that persons own interpatation of reality. By simply coming here, you have defied the ideas and beliefs that define your reality. You have already taken a step to realizing that existence is only the illision portrayed by the individual. The two of you, now you shall all know the false lie."

   Some one please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks either me or this dream is crazy. This is weird,as once again I could not control the actions of the serpent. Has this happened to any one else?