The end of the world via big rock

Speak your thoughts. What will you believe will end the world? Why do you think so? Do you feel frightened when seeing this movie? Speak anything you have to say about this.

I can however tell you, that if the inadiquate chance of a rock this size hitting us, even if it did life would restart. The chemicals needed for life would not be destroyed and some bacteria / animals in the bottom of the deepest seas would survive. Remember that the earth has been a big boiling planet once, but the time to restart life is rather big. I’d say a few million years since we already have some of the complicated chains of hydrocarbons ready. So it won’t take as much time as it did before. And another calming point is that if an asteroid would be on collission course with the earth, we would spot it in time and change it’s course.

But, if an asteroid would collide and if we could not do anything about it, this movie gives a very good visual convo of what would happen. Beware, my lucid friends.

cool animation.
Really looks like hell on earth after the whole of earth is full of fire.

However if an asteroid like that did hit the earth, and we did all die, what is the disadvantage of that? :smile:

Death is only apart of life.

Heh, according to my astronomy teacher, statistically you’re more likely to get killed by an asteroid then to die in a plane crash. I’d be more worried about comets, they travel fast enough for them to sneak up on us and we wouldn’t have enough time to plan for a solution.

Is there really a solution?! Actualy I think that the human will be responsible for the earths desruction… We’ve gone way too far…

I’m not convinced that humans could do more than superficial damage to the earth. Sure we might damage the lithosphere or kill all life on the planet, but nothing of our design is capable of destroying the planet itself. So you should rest easy knowing that we can only obliterate all living things on earth. :tongue:

'tis another reason to switch to geiko. ^^

Actually, there are atomic bombs nowadays able to destroy the whole planet—not just life, the planet.