The FA topic - Part II

(Scary) hallucinations during SP are called the “Old Hag Syndrome” and I think it’s very common for SP.

[color=darkblue]i used to read great classical books on the subject of astral projection\one of them was astral projection by oliver fox, another was the projection of the astral body by muldoon & carrington (both titles just came into my memory)\especially in the case of the oliver fox book, these books were among the first to ever be published on the subject, & they made a big point of the supposed dangers of astral projection, such as premature burial, having difficulty when trying to reenter the body, & indeed, horrifying experiences of awakening in the physical body, but being unable to move at all, & being approached by beings from another world, while one was in this helpless condition\this is the way the public used to think of astral projection, in the 1920s, & 1930s, while spiritualism was in its heyday, & harry houdini was just making a name for himself\today we understand that a nightmare is just a nightmare, & is caused by the dreamer\it can also be avoided by the dreamer, it is just a matter of self suggestion (even hypnosis was new, then)\its interesting how thoughts, experienced a long time ago, sometimes take hold of the mind, & cause ways of thinking & acting, even when you no longer realise they are there[/color]

Hey guys, I had two FAs today! :content: I can’t remember the second one, but in the first one I was driving with a bus straight down abyss and then I false-woke up and walked a little in my room and thought “I’m gonna record this dream in my DJ” and then I really woke up. I love FAs.

Now I’m kind of scared of dreaming of some like that.
Especially if I can’t move when some strange beings going after me . . .

Anyways for a FA, is it that realistic? Indistinguishable from actually waking up for real. Also is it in a 3rd person view (your viewing yourself from another angle, usually from behind or from a side angle), or a 1st person view (In the eyes of view).

Is this an FA?

One morning I woke up (in the dream). I went to the bathroom and had a look at myself in the mirror. I had the most enormous and disgusting cut on my forhead. I put a plaster on it and saw a girl called Elle.

That’s all I remember.

Yes, it’s generally realistic. It’s in the first person view, or else it’s wouldn’t be realistic.

Caz, I think it was a FA. From the moment you believe in a dream that you just woke up, it’s a FA IMO.

Woke up 6am this morning, pray, and did WBTB + WILD. When doing WILD, I got SP for a few second and then I suddenly wake up, and I’m very scare of that SP so I get out, jumps from my bed seeing the floor with a TV remote lay in there, then running to my living room, and saw my father sitting there reading a newspaper. I sat on the carpet and suddenly I really woke up in my bed. Wow that FA is just like reality…

That’s why I wasn’t sure whether mine was an FA. In the dream I felt like I woke up but it was different than normal…you know? Like, I couldn’t feel the floor when I walked and the house was different and everything but I didn’t notice it in the dream. At the time, I believed I woke up.

This is a long story but I’d like to tell it here as it is all about FA’s.

One night few weeks ago, for some reason I went to sleep earlier than usual. It took me a long time to fall asleep and when I did, I woke up almost instantly.

I got up from my bed and went to drink some water. The light on the stairs next to my room was off. I thought I had left it on when I went to sleep but my little sister who was sleeping on the next room must have turned it off. I left the light on again, got back to my bed and was feeling quite tired. When I relaxed on my bed I felt a little weird and had some kind of rush of thoughts and imaginary sounds. It was pleasant and interesting. I fell asleep.

I had a short FA where I got up from my bed and went to sit on my desk about to turn the computer on. But then I woke up realising it was a dream. (This wasn’t as simple as that, you’ll see later… :wink: )

I was getting frustrated for not being able to sleep. I went to turn the light off, maybe it was disturbing my sleep as it illuminated my room too a bit. I saw my little sister on the stairs going to her room. I went back to bed and got some more sleep.

Again I woke up after a while, not feeling very tired so I went to listen to the radio. I sat there for a while listening to the music and relaxing, and then I woke up!

I realised it had all been a dream, I never woke up for real since I first went to sleep! I was laughing at myself, what a fool was I to let my dreams deceive me. I tried to make sense of it, I had a dream where I went to sleep and had a FA! (But it get’s even more complicated, read on… :wink: ) I thought this would be a great chance for some LD’s. If I would wake up again I’d be sure to do a RC. So I went back to sleep feeling happy and confident that I’ll have some great LD’s tonight.

I fell asleep, and sure enough, I woke up again. I sat on my bed looking out of the window, wondering if it was a dream. Then two of the stars on the sky began to move, they came closer and I realised it was a spaceship, a UFO! At that point I was sure it was a dream, got up from my bed and started running downstairs shouting “Take me with you!”, jumping on the stairs and acting all crazy. I was so happy to be lucid again. Usually UFO’s are frightening in my ND’s but this time I knew they can’t hurt me. (I’m not afraid of UFO’s or aliens in RL…but then again I’ve never met them there like in my dreams) When I got outside the UFO was gone. There was only darkness. Then my dad came outside and said he wanted to play croquet with me. So we did. It was cold and I had only my t-shirt ans shorts on, but I didn’t worry as I knew it was a dream. Then I felt the dream fading, and woke up again.

This time I was really confused, and amused at the same time. I again realised, I hadn’t woke up since I first went to sleep! The first time when I woke up from listening to the radio, had also been a dream. Everything that I had dreamed was so vivid and real, it gave me shivers. But this was reality, I was now truly awake for the first time that night, there was no question about it. When I was dreaming, I couldn’t tell the difference but now I could. I had to clear my thoughts and try to make sense of it all again.

To make it short, I had a dream where I woke up, went back to sleep, had a dream FA, woke up, went back to sleep, woke up, then woke up again, went back to sleep, had yet another FA and a LD, then woke up again, this time for real. :rofl: I know it sounds unbeliveable but that’s exactly what happened.

How is this possible? Isn’t REM sleep supposed to occur later on the night? I had a very continuous dream about waking up and falling back to sleep again. The only black spots that I don’t remember are when I thought I had some sleep in my dream.

Anyway, this was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced so far on my LD journey. I wish I could have a dream like that again. :smile:

What, so few FA masters here? I used to post a lot here. this topic was forgotten for months…
Now I’m far more excited after getting back to this great community forum!

Today it was amazing, more than a flashback,hehe, I woke up in my old house, like it was 12 years ago, very realistic. That’s one of those dreams you couldn’t do IRL. :cool:

The first time I actually turned an FA into an LD really opened up my eyes. I had been expecting something different from what I got. Now whenever I ‘regain consciousness’ during the night or morning I will slip my hand up and try to breathe through my fingers. You never know… sometimes they are consistent in what happens and sometimes they are so much like waking life that even the finger-nose trick doesn’t work. I need to pay more attention… they are a valuable source for becoming lucid!

I had a weird FA yesterday morning…

I had it, so I woke up but was still actually dreaming. I started WILDing in my dream/FA and it worked. Had the flashes, the buzzing sounds, all the stuff.

The weird thing is that the transition was actually from dream to reality. After that WILD-in-dream, I woke up for real that time.

Sleep-induced-lucid-reality? :tongue:

Note to self: NEVER forget to RC when you wake up.

ROFL maybe your mind was trying to mess up your distinction between dream and reality :tongue:

I’ve been doing Chaining tech. in FA’s. I wasnt doing it by any lucidicy. Most of the times, it worked;p I was findng myself in LD again. Unlucky, those LDs had low lucidicy level.

That’s another useful thing, best way to avoid losing lucidicy while having FA.

BTW, i didnt had false akwening for long time :eh:. I really wonder why…

has anyone had a false awakening and just carried on with what they’d usually do in the day?

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I had a friend back in college who suffered this fate. His mom found him (dead) under the blankets already in rigor mortis. They got worried when he’s still in bed and he will be late for class. He died in a position of extreme terror just like in the movies, his arms gripping the blanket to cover his eyes and froze in that position.

It is sometimes referred to as “Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome” and quite common in Asia.

I guess he was not able to scape (or wake up) to whatever it is that is terrifying him.

But I did woke up once in a nightmare. I dreamed I was dreaming while I was sleeping at work (graveyard shift) and I was actually sleeping at work but in the dream I was not sleeping in my usual spot (so it should have qualified for a dream sign!) but I did not remember what was the dream in the dream though I remember a false awakening. In the dream, I heared my boss’s voice then I had a false awakening. I usually sleep in a row of chair so I’d be lying down and in that false awakening, I quickly sat up then bumped my head (in the dream) in my desk and this is when I had the real awakening …or so I thought because I can’t move, I know I’m really awake because my eyes are open and I can see the ceiling from where I usually sleep and not in the position from where I am in my dream. It was very scary, I cant even shout to get some help. It lasted for maybe 30 seconds before I was able to sit up.

It is the first time I have told this story and I want to be prepared if it that happen again so I’m really getting into LD.

It’s just a scary thought, to die in your sleep and you cant do anything about it.

Nightmare on Elm Street maybe for real.

how common our FA’S do most people have them…because Ive yet to experience one

hi again,
i think i had an FA last night i thought i woke up
Is this an FA and thought i should have done an RC

If you dream that you are having an FA, what is that?! lol. i had that once. It was like i was having an FA but was fully aware of the situation. I was trying to move to see what happened and just felt tingling.

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FA’s suck. Everytime I have one, they’re creepier than a nightmare IMO. I usually can always tell if i’m dreaming or not, and lead that into a lucid dream, but then again I don’t have as much control when bad thoughts creep in and I feel powerless and wake up.