The FA topic - Part II

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FAs… They’re crazy. Of the two major FA’s I’ve had, both of them have led me to LDs. The first one was my first LD, in which I think waking up after my FA and then going back to sleep meant my mind was still on LD, and it worked!

My second one was my latest LD, a week or so ago now, in which I managed to get lucid in my FA. Pretty cool actually, but weird. Whenever I think back to those FAs, I get a weird tingly feeling in my head. Sometimes I even get shivers up my spine. Especially the first one, I came out of my room and started yelling gibberish to scare my parents. It was… weird.

I had a FA today. BUT when i did that, i wanted to try a Chaning techniqe and by that i went sleep. I had a LD again :grin:

I had my first FA when I was telling myself to wake up during a dream… I was dreaming about my brother folding up spiderwebs neatly instead of dusting them away. Then I ‘thought’ I had woken up so I recorded my dream and went back to sleep. In the morning I was SOOO mad because when I checked my DJ the dream was GONE! :grrr: I was even madder because I knew there was more to the dream that I forgot because I thought I had recorded it. I guess thinking that I had recorded it let my mind gradually let it slip away… sigh :crying:

I’ve never had a FA before, but I’d like to have one. :grin:

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[color=blue]one of the most weird things that can happen to you, when dreaming, is to wake up, get out of bed, begin to do things, & then suddenly, for some reason, be aware that you never really woke up at all\there is an old horror film, i think it is called, the nightwalker\its about a woman, who keeps dreaming, over & over again, of her dead husband, who died in an explosion in their home\she goes to sleep at night, & is approached, during the night, by a young man, who takes her by the hand, & leads her to another place, where suddenly she views various horrors, like corpses where live people should be, & her dead husband, severly burned, walking slowly towards her\at one point, she is so shocked, she wakes up in her bed, only to be approached by the same young man a few seconds later, saying the same exact words as before\at this point she yells, i cant wake up!!! i cant wake up!!![/color][color=green]i think that when one begins to experiment with lucid dreaming, one should be prepared for the fact that there is a “fear barrier” of truly bizarre experiences that one may go through on the way to controlled lucidity\not all parts of the mind are of heaven, some are of hell\i was very interested in lucid dreaming a few years ago, but have not thought of it in all this time, because i had similar nightmarish dreams, that almost scared me to death\i will need a lot of courage to get through this fear barrier - but now, with my new buddhist faith, i should be able to do it\one should have a plan of what one will do, in a nightmare, so you can continue to hang on to the dream, & not just “lose it”[/color]

I would say that the horror movie scenario is a tad extreme and not likely to happen if that’s what your afraid of. Generally FAs usually are more of an annoyance since you don’t realize that you are still asleep, usually lasting only a minute or two at the longest.

Most people have had good luck with LDing and while the occasional nightmare may arise, the end certainly justifies the means. Good luck.


In My Opinion would it be a lot better to change the nightmare to an ld than not to do it.

[color=darkred]hi, petter\thank you for the hugs, i hug you back each time\yes, that is what i mean, by facing the fear barrier\often, a nightmarish scenario is the beginning of lucidity in a dream, it is the subconscious mind trying to wake one up, within the dream\hang on to a dream, no matter what\i have a feeling that the most unpleasant dreams may often be unusually likely to produce a lucid dream[/color][color=olive]i hope you are right, rad, but as one first develops lucidity, or out of body travel, one may have some really weird experiences, & one should be ready for them[/color]

rad is right.

[color=indigo]ah, the internet, honolulu to france\do you care to elaborate on that comment, a bit, basilus?\by the way, i envy you, i have a picture of you in my mind, sitting there in france, drinking wine[/color]

Upon reading something about FA’s yesterday I suddenly re-remembered maybe the strangest sleeping/dreaming thing that ever happened to me. I think this happened within 2 or 3 years back from now.

I suddenly woke up from my sleep, and I was surprised to see what had happened while I was asleep. Some group of hamsters made a theme park right in front of my house. It had a big house (a big house for hamsters that is) with an open roof right in front of my home with a rollercoaster coming out of it which went partially through my room. They just took out a window for that :content: . And I was just watching these hamsters come by in their rollercoaster cars, some of them even flew in toy-airplanes and I was just lying there like… IS THIS REAL?? But the hamster were all smiling friendly at me and some even waving I thought lets check out what’s on te street. That’s when I noticed the big house. I remember seeïng some pictures floating around in the house, like dream scenes I jumped down and made a real long dive into one of them and if I remember correctly I started dreaming… The next morning I woke up still not sure about whether it was real or not.

Thats about all I remember. Yesterday I just realized it had to be an FA.

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Hi lain,

When you read this thread, you’ll see that during a false awakening, people generally:

  • Write their dream journal (the most common),
  • Walk to the kitchen and eat or have a glass of water,
  • Reply to a phone call,
  • Go to the toilet,
  • Are late for work or school.

There are no corpse, no various horrors and no panic. It’s the same when you read the BIG “My first LD” topic: people realize for the first time that they are dreaming, they are happy and try to fly. Thus it sounds like you greatly overestimate the role of fear. LD’ing is not an horror movie… and by the way horror movies have never been considered as an accurate description of what happens in life!

As nightmares are part of dreams, of course they may happen, but LD’ers face them no more often than normal dreamers. Moreover LD’ers generally learn very quickly to change them into pleasant dreams. Hence I’ve just the feeling that you try and frighten yourself by telling these stories. rad gave you a precise answer which summarizes not only his own experience but the experience of LD’ers on the forum. So you don’t have to hope he’s right: he’s right.

[color=indigo]ok, all i know is, that a few years ago, i had a dream, of being chased by something so horrible, i never even turned back, to see what it is (was)\it kept getting closer, & closer, & when it was about to catch me, i woke up, shaking all over, & i kept shaking, for about a half hour\for me, nightmares are an issue\it may not even relate to lucid dreaming directly, it could just be a personal psychological problem[/color]

I think any problems or fears you have involving your dreams/ the dream world could be solved or overcome through lucid dreaming. You can create some amazing dreams while lucid. They can be very beautiful (just read some of the members’ dream journals), and as exciting, or calm, as you like. I’m sure that once you have some nice experiences in your dreams, you will begin to feel better and have a totally different view towards them.

Also, like Rad and Basilus said, FA’s aren’t a big problem to most people. What you described sounds like a regular nightmare to me.

I must say that a couple of years ago I had 3 FA’s where-in the same kid, about 3 years younger than me at that time, tried to choke me on my bed 2 times and I couldn’t move nor scream, and one time I saw him entering through my door.

I had more types of FA’s, and the only one I can remember as pleasant is the one I posted.

It sounds like you had some sleep paralysis experience or something related.

I love it when I have SP and think I can now move and I really do move, but my body doesn’t. I think I go a bit further but my real body doesn’t. Good basis for a LD I think. :content:

Snow’s experience does sound like SP.

Do teachers call students nerds in America these Days?

I have had one similar experience where I was able to move when the kid entered my room so I jumped up and hit him and then woke up but…

…is it normal to hallucinate during SP?