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Yup… time for a BIG Topic about False Awakenings. So this topic (previous title: My FA’s trick me!) is will now be known as the BIG FA topic.
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Sometimes after I have a dream I jot down short notes about it on a note card and when I wake up in the morning I expand on it in more detail. However, sometimes I will have a false awakening where I think that I am writing down the dream. When I wake up for real a few hours later, I am disappointed to find out that there is nothing written on my notecard and as a result I forget those dreams. This is a frustrating problem, does anyone have any advice?

:grrr: Aaargghhh!!! I have the same FAs every now and then. I don’t know if there’s really a “cure” for them though. I guess you just have to really be committed to waking up and writing down your dream notes. Your body probably doesn’t like waking up at 2:30 in the morning, but you just have to make yourself.

Ha ha ha, sorry that’s kinda funny! :rofl: Anyways, you have gotta be very commited. Just wake up and MAKE sure that you have it written down… if not… then write it down. :grin: You can use your FAs as your sign. If you think you’re awake… be careful, you might be still dreaming. (hint… hint)

I used to have the exact same problem until I got into the habit of doing a RC every single time I “wake up”. In doing this, you know for sure whether you’re asleep or awake. In fact, some of the most vivid, stable LD’s I’ve had have come from my “wake up check”. :grin:

The same thing happened to me today. I was dreaming and then I thought I woke up, so I grabbed my dream diary next to my bed and wrote down the first few sentences of my dream. Suddenly I woke up again - this time for real - and it was a bit annoying when I realized I had to start writing in the diary all over again. :content:

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Might as well say something else so I don’t feel this post was wasted…

I’m just getting back into lucid dreaming after many years so I’m still working on my reality checks, but if you keep doing it as people have suggested, eventually you will catch some of these false awakenings. And it can be quite exciting when you wake up in a realistic version of your room and suddenly realize it’s all just a dream. It’s like “Ha! Didn’t trick me this time, false awakenings! I’m still in a dream!”


The time that happened to me, I remembered what I wrote in my dream journal but it really had nothing to do with dreams:
I’d say maybe too much studying math but. . . I don’t study.(Even my calculus teacher called me a nerd)

hehehe, I like that simple solution:


It’s a lot better than complex solutions. lol :smile:

LOL! x=2… that’s some funny stuff. Don’t ya just LUUUV dreams? :tongue: And I bet when you “wrote it down” it seemed perfectly reasonable at the time hehe. :grin:

:tongue: Writing down my dreams mentally happens so often in the morning, even today. It is frustrating knowing you don’t have a single word down. I guess it might help to RC before writing any dream down, along with “wake up check”.

I sometimes trick myself when I am sooo lazy and try to decide wether I should make some notes or not.I just go into HI (accidently) and imagine making notes, but I don´t really get that this doesn´t work

Sorry if it is too much offtopic, but does this also happen to anyone:

I wake up at night, and I am soooo thirsty.I can´t even go back to sleep, my mouth is completely dry, I really NEED to drink something.
However, I am really sleepy and lazy, it´s like I can´t possibly get up, since I am still almost dreaming.
So, I just try to get back to sleep.Then those weird images start, I imagine myself walking down to the kitchen and getting myself a glas of water, over and over again.And each time I am really frustrated when I realize that I just have done it in my mind…
It´s like a false awakening, until I actually try to drink it, I don´t know that it isn´t real (although I am not sleeping)


I can relate to that, many years ago, when i was a kid. i’d wake up early on christmas day, but i knew it was too early to open our presents, so i went back to sleep and dreamt of opening my presents, only to be dissapointed when i wake up. then i’d fall asleep and it would happen all over again until i actually got out of bed.

I had something similar. I had a long dream and near the end i had a reffer then went to bed in the dream, i woke up in the dream the next morrning but thought i was awake i went downstaris and took the phone of this guy who was using it and started telling the guy on the phone about the dream i was still having. I would have thought if you wanted to stop the problem with writing stuff down in dreams just get in the habit of doing a reality check before you write down your dream.

i had a dream where i woke up and started writing the dream down on my mattress sheets and then i woke up again and could barely remember the dream. those are quite aggrivating.

I had a FA recently, my first one, I liked it because it must mean im closer to being Lucid, and thats a good thing. :content:

lol i get a FA almost every morning. my mom wakes calls me to get up, I sit up for a few mins and fall back asleep, but i dream that I am awake, and i walk to the kitchen for food and stuff. Then my mom calls me again tellin me to get up and I scream “I am awake! Im makin breakfast!”, then I open my eyes to see im still in bed. Yep…my mom must think im crazy lol

I do something some mornings that is incredibly annoying, but it’s not exactly a FA. I’ll wake up, for real, and think about writing down my dreams on the backs of the Far Side Calendar (hehe, I love Gary Larson). At that point, I just kind of drift off back to sleep (not entirely) and in this state of waking/sleeping I’ll write down my dreams. Then I’ll wake up again and realize that I haven’t written them down yet. It’s especially annoying when I have a lot of dreams and I have to record them all for the second time.

Pinky :lmao:

LoL Nightmare :tongue: I wish I had a FA every morning cuz I always get lucid in them. Every time I wake up, I look at the clock next to my bed and it usually has letters or mixed up numbers on it in my dreams, which makes me lucid :content:

I had an LD last night and then had a FA in my spanish class. Supposedly I fell asleep, lol…

But is that still considered an LD? I know there’s the term “fake lucid dream” and a few others, and I’m not sure if any of them involved having FAs after the LD. Thanks!


Yes it stil is a LD, “waking up” in a FA after a LD or not.