The BIG FA topic

FAs are kind of cool when they only happen once…but if it ever happens about 6 consecutive times in a row it can be really frustrating…I think I can even remember my first FA dating back to when I was four! :tongue:

I had 3 FA’s in a row before I really woke up once. By the time I really woke up, I was so frustrated :wallhit: that I punched myself in the opposite (left) shoulder, expepecting it to not hurt cause it was a “dream”. I learned quickly after that…

i have had my fair share of FA. infact instead of following a lucid dream they actually induce my lucid dreams. because i might wake up in my own bed and i think its real life. i have concious thought in them, it is different to a normal dream.

as i look at my surroundings i know that this is not my house and that i must be dreaming. a quick reality check and bam.

this FA induced LDs are the most strong and vivid ones that i have usually.

Lucid Clown, that sounds neat… at least better than my experience with FA last night.

I had my first SILD (self-induced-lucid-dream (MILD, VILD, WILD, RC, etc.), a phrase I’d like to coin… :razz:) last night. Had it through RC, but probably also came from MILD… Anyway, I decided, “Gee, I haven’t done this in a while. Let me get my wings first, then I’ll see if I can meet up with one of my cousins.” Well, I had FA 2 secs after. Didn’t get to fly or anything. And I forgot to RC like I normally do first thing in the morning, so I rushed downstairs, ate breakfast and had another FA. Then I rushed downstairs and ate breakfast again, then really woke up.

Oh well… I’m improving at least.

Ive so many FA that i could set my nick to some thing like FA-Master.

I had 4 times the last 10 days (i remembered of sleeping 8 times)

3 Years ago i had my record!!!
I think it was 16 FA in same dream!!!

How it worked:
I was dreaming that I was dreaming (surely) and I woke up after i saw a disaster (A large fatory colapsing with many victims!! I was passing near it) and then woke up (False awakening) and then i got to bed again.

After going to bed, I dreamed about another disaster ( an huge flood along with many destruction and people stuck in floating pieces), and I got to bed again.

Again, another disaster (a plane crash). I woke (FA) pissed off, and grabbed a paper and a pencil and put it inside a chair near my bed. I started to write down the number of the disasters.

Go to bed, another disaster (a violent car running over a person making him be…) woke up and wrote it.

Again, again again until i had the 15 on the paper

(List of other disasters I remember:
2 Another building colapses. (one of them is the last one)
Car crash.
3 fires (one of them wild fire and one of them in a risky situation of explosion, but not happened).
A plane explosion in mid air.
Boat sinking.
chemical leaking.
Huge explosion.
Violent Storms and blowing wind.
Earthquake (yea more colapses…)
(im not really sure about the order, maybe i forgot one.)

The number 16 was another colapse! I woke up very pissed off ready to write the new number… HEY WHERE IS THE PAPER???

My room seemed soo real…

i had 4 FA’s last night, and 2 the night before. i had lucid dreams in both nights.

these FA’s i find quite ammusing, especially if i wake up in identicle bed that i sleep in, with the exact same clothes on.

in one of the FA’s from last night, i woke up from a lucid dream, in the dream i was underwater and hearing some kind of singing sound, and i was trying to swim towards it.

i “awoke” in my bed, and there were 3 people outside my bedroom window. my brother, and 2 of his friends from his school. they were yelling at me, and they were saying that my girlfriend was not coming over today because i didnt deserve her.

then i woke up for real. luckily my girlfriend did end up coming over later in the day, the dream characters were just being meanies :razz:

i find FA’s quite interesting indeed, they can be a great oppourtunity to become lucid.

They are!

Most of my LD come from a FA!

In my 10 LD’s that I had one night, there was a FA inbetween every one of them. :tongue:

They are so easy to become lucid in FA it help for the latter LD !

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Last night, I was caught by a FA without waking up :shy: , I had my first good level LD, but half way through the dream, I had a FA, except I was still in the dream, I never actually awoke, I just lost lucidity, and thought I had woken up, and continued to tell my friend who I found nearby, about the LD. How did I think I had woken up, I must be so dum! :wallhit:

Happened to me before, I was in the dream and telling myself it would be something like this in a dream.

I’m afraid that losing lucidity is the biggest problem for most of us. :cry: That’s why looking at your hands or performing RC’s from time to time - and especially when you think you wake up from a LD - is very useful.

I even thought about doing a reality check, but decided to just use lucid living, which didnt quite work.

For me its not like that . The moment I say to myself that im in a dream and lucid , I never lost the lucidity.

Yeah I can lost the dream but never in the process of the Lucid Dream I forget that im in a dream .

Theres peoples that forget the lucidity ?

wow I just had an FA half an hour ago!!
I thought to myself … “lemme do an RC, maybe this is an FA” but the RC didn’t work; it told me I wasn’t dreaming! (I tried the finger-thru-palm RC)

The thing is, I felt like this is a dream … but the RC told me otherwise. Even more to my stupidity, I was in a place that I used to live in 5 years ago!!!

When I woke up I felt stupid!! How could I miss that obvious FA?

Last night I had three, THREE false awakenings. All in a row.

First, I had a FA just as I fell asleep. I was in my bed and I thought I wasn’t dreaming. So I rolled over. I saw a white haze shaped somewhat like a rat and I started to hear a high-pitched, gravelly voice pointing out that there was a monster in my room. I realized I was dreaming and woke up.

Turns out it was another FA. I thought I was awake so I rolled over to turn my lamp on. Nope, didn’t work. Right away I knew I was dreaming. I saw the white haze again and the voice started up again. I was getting angry. :grrr: I woke up again.

And it was another FA. This time there was some sort of device in my bed massaging my back. It wasn’t pleasant at all. It was pretty painful. I knew I was dreaming and I rolled out of bed. The device fell out of my bed and it was a machine with arms. The voice started up AGAIN and started yelling at me for getting out of bed. I rolled my eyes and teleported myself upstairs into my kitchen.

The lights were on and I did a quick RC. Woo! My first LD in a looong time.

heheh … lucky you!!

after my previous post, I went to sleep again, and I had another FA!! This time I was in my room, but some thing was different: I changed the curtain in my room recently, but in my dream the curtain in my room was the old one. I see some roaches walk on it then I saw a huge spider walking on it, I got scared to hell ( I don’t know why) I couldn’t speak for a few seconds … then I rushed downstairs to bring an insect killing spray, but I couldn’t find the good one, then I immediately woke up!!

I think I found my dream sign: being in a different environment settings!

I think I may have had another FA after that … I don’t remember very well.

This morning, I had a FA. I got up, brushed my teeth, and went downstairs. I started to cook eggs, but then I had SP in the dream, where it was hard to breath and I couldn’t move my arms. I was entering a new dream, but then I lost conciousness and woke up. I’ve never heard of SP in a dream before, its interesting.

lol, I had two FA’s this morning. Alarm woke me up, I wrote in my DD both times, haha.

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