The 'feeling' of dreams

There used to be a similar topic, where we ended up discussing “Lucid living” and how horrible it would be if certain people decided maybe they were dreaming IRL and jumped off a cliff. I have had some experiences recently that have reminded me of this topic.

“Experienced” LDers tend to just know when they are dreaming, no RCs required. There is a feeling when you are dreaming, that varies a little from person to person. I can describe it best for myself as follows:

I feel as if things are a completely new, but a little stale. Nothing is really alive: things look more dead, and without a soul. You have a feeling that if you were looking from a vantage point of 50 feet above you, you would see no horizon. Everything seems to be mechanized but looks completely normal. It is a feeling more than anything else.

I have had this “feeling” about twice a day for the last few days while doing RCs. I ask myself, “what would it be like if I was dreaming? how would it feel to become lucid?” and I have the exact same feeling. What is scary is that I can’t tell the difference between the feeling IRL and the feeling in LDs except that IRL it wears off. Has anybody had this experience? Also, what does it feel like for you to be in a dream? And, how would you reccomend only having “the feeling” in dreams?

I know exactly what you mean. My dreams don’t feel like that but there is deffinitely a certain feel to them. I’m not sure whether I can explain it or not but I deffinitely have a certain feeling when I am dreaming. Its more like being at home… or at ease. Even when stressful things are happening during the dream I feel, somewhere in my mind, that same feeling like things are great. Thats not really explaining it well but whatever.

Trying to lock down how that feels and train myself to notice it when its happening is one of the ways I am trying to learn to become lucid.

Lol, funnthat you said “experienced” LDers just know when they’re dreaming without LDs, cause thats how almost all my LDs come about. But I’m not actually very experienced, but as you say there is a certain feeling to dreams, and I think I getting to notice it more easily. I can’t really explain what the feeling is, it just… hmmmm… I’ll get back to you…

I have feeling in dreams, but i dont have a direct feeling when its lucid, the only thing comes to mind and how i feel is Awake. :cool_laugh:

I think the most noteable difference between my dreams and reality is that my dreams contain so little detail. In my dreams, I only usually use one sense, i.e. vision and I think there is an awareness of this.
Also there is never really any ‘proper’ lighting in my dreams.

Of course, lucid dreams are entirely different which is what makes them so wonderful.

Yeah, they tend to not have so much detail, but its quite possible for them to have just as much detail as rea life, if not more.

Just go for lucid, who needs detail?

It’s difficult to explain exactly what I mean by the lack of detail. I suppose if I look at one of my dreams from last night, I can put this better.

I dreamed that I was in a supermarket which contained a lot of freezers of frozen food. I was shopping and I met a man and his son. When I recall the dream, I couldn’t tell you what the man and his son looked like, just that they were there and we had a conversation. It all seems very ‘two-dimensional’ (although at the time my mind believed that it was real).
Some dreams, especially pre-lucid ones can be a lot more detailed, but generally most of my dreams are like this.

Yeah Hubbs, I agree totally with what you say - it’s the putting it into practice which is not so easy :smile: