The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II

Just keep at it, it only worked for me once or twice.

I suppose i will keep at it thank you. :smile:

Bah… After quick first success I’m having some problems with this tech. I just fall asleep. Sometimes I’m even so tired that when I wake up I just turn of the alarm and go straight back to sleep without even trying to move my fingers :tongue:

Does anyone have any advice for that? Beeing to tired, I mean.

Being tired is the key to this technique, for you you just have to remember to do FILD, perhaps write it on some paper and put it over your clock so you’d remember to do it.

Thanks, But I sure as hell won’t remember to turn on the light to stop the alarm… I was thinking of more of a magical solution to my problem, y’know? :wink:

I’ll try turning the volume to insane levels and putting my mobile phone (my alarm) in the next room tonight.

Just had my first experience with WILD yesterday, though I didn’t get an LD. I moved too early and found myself waking up, when I thought I was moving my dream body (I got to the point after your body gets sort of a shock-feeling). Then, I tried to relax again (it was only 4am and I needed to get up at 8) to try this technique, but I wasn’t tired anymore all of a sudden. Couldn’t sleep at all anymore, perhaps it was part excitement (the experience of the WILD kept me up, I think).

But this sounds like a very reliable method, going by all the responses in this thread. I’ll try this the next few days and I’ll see what happens. I have yet to have an intentional LD. So far I’ve only had 3 DILDs where I just sort of “knew” I was dreaming, but none of those lasted more than 10-15 seconds. The last one was a success for the most part but I forgot I was Lucid and went with the flow of the dream again soon after.

Same for me. I thought I had the best method ever, it worked so well–but then never again. It’s been over a year now. I think I’ll give it another try.

No, still no luck :neutral:

This is an interesting technique, although I’m not sure if it will work. :neutral: Many techniques I’ve read, including WILD, or WBTB techniques never really worked for me. But I will try this tonight though, and hopefully it will work! :smile:

Just out of curiosity, how does just moving your fingers help you fall into a lucid dream? You could just easily fall asleep into a normal dream, but with a tiny movement of the fingers for around 15 seconds can get you into a lucid dream. I find that pretty interesting. :happy:

Well it calls to be extremely tired. I have tried this before and I have gotten lucid from it once.

Oh, I see. :smile: Argh, I tried waking up so I can do the technique, but unfortunately I can’t even hear my alarms ring, much less wake up on my own according and intent. But hopefully I’ll try this again tonight though.

Let me first say that in 2 months of trying MILD, I only had one LD, and it only lasted seconds. This morning I tried FILD and it worked for me–twice!

I went to sleep around 1:00, woke up at 5:45. I went back to bed at around 6:30 and when I felt myself get really sleepy, I started moving my fingers, alternating between index finger and middle finger. I kept telling myself that in a couple minutes I was going to do a nose RC. The next thing I knew, I heard my wife yelling from across the room. It startled me, and then I remembered about the RC (I don’t think my fingers were moving in my dream). When I did the RC, I of course found that I was dreaming, but I did just as hagarts said. I kept my eyes closed for a while and just breathed while pinching my nose. Once I opened my eyes, I had a lengthy, vivid lucid dream.

I woke up and stayed up for about half an hour, then got back in bed, thinking that once I was sleepy enough I’d start moving my fingers again. I never got to move my fingers, but I did remember to do the RC eventually. When I did, I found I was dreaming again! I couldn’t believe it!

This method is truly brilliant.

Many people loose track if they try WILD just by counting or calculating, because thinking about something seems to be very unstable. You easily get unconscious and fall asleep without even noticing.

Moving your fingers, however, requires a conscious mind and is more “real” than only thinking about something! Thus, it is easier to keep your consciousness. The problem is that moving can also wake you up - that’s why you should be really tired for this technique.

At least that’s how I would explain the success of FILD. I haven’t heard of it before today, and I will try it tonight for the first time. The last nights I had exactly the problem described above: merely counting didn’t keep my mind conscious.

I look forward to tonight!

I think the reason FILD is successful for me is that even if I forget and somehow stop moving my fingers, once I’m in a dream, I still remember that I was supposed to be moving them, and that leads me to do a RC, because I figure that since I forgot, that must mean I’m already asleep.

…if that makes any sense.

this is what I do

  1. turn my tv on, the volume is at about 7 or 8, which is sort of low (it may vary according to TVs

  2. I move my fingers, like a piano

  3. I wake back up at about 3 or 6 o’ clock from the tv

  4. I turn the TV off, and i resume doing the finger/piano thingy.

  5. So far, I have forgotten to do a RC, but tonight, i will try to remember.

It also helps if i stay on ld4all before i go to bed. I think it helps me remember to Ld and RC.

heres wat happened, i woke up 3 and a half hours afta i went to sleep. i tried movin my fingers but i jus fell asleep. but i woke up agen an remembered to try agen, so i did an lost track of time so i thought id do a RC, so i pinched my nose an lo an behold i could breathe, i was in room so i stood up and i blinked, but my eyelids wouldnt open agen, i kept trying to open my eyes but then i just woke up. what happened???

I’m trying this tonight along with what the program Infinity suggests. I have to do it a bit differently because of my sleep patterns but I will post the results here anyway!

This technique had no effect. I may try it again at a later date.

tried it last night. couldn’t do it! lol
I kept moving my fingers, but after a few seconds my mind would start to wander and I’d completely forget what I was doing!
I found myself, many times, thinking about something I did during the day then “crap! my fingers stoped moving!” I just could not pay attention long enough… :shy:

will try again, though…

I tried using this technique last night and it seemed to work, I felt different, as though I was in a dream. however, when I tried to do my RC, I couldn’t manage to move my dream body. I ended up moving my real body, which in turn woke me up. how do I control my dream body rather than my real body?