The Finger of Offense!

I know, this is stupid, so you dont even have to make that comment. But i just asked myself this question and it launched a major question that’s worth a discussion under my opinion. So here’s it is; why the hell does the middle finger give such harsh offense to people? I’m not sure in other countries it works the same way(Im sure it does), but in America if you give anyone the middle finger, you just find yourself a fight. Now, who invented this power, how did this gain so much hatred :shrug: . Why does the middle finger mean F-U? I want to know and understand why, and maybe we can invent a new sign of offense :eek: :wink: .

i vote for the big toe … i mean common if somobody goes through the trouble of taking off their shoe and sock to show you that… then you know they hate you :happy:

I once had a (asian) teacher give me the finger by accident (because for some reason people from asia usually point with their middle finger instead of their “pointer” finger) but I’m glad I didn’t take it the wrong way. I was laughing though…

I’ve found this:

[i]Apparently, the middle finger has long been considered a phallic symbol in many cultures, possibly because it is the longest of the digits. Displaying it to someone is an insult of the first degree, though the gesture seems to be one of aggression rather than sexuality. According to a contributor on the always interesting Urban Legends Archive, the upright stab of the middle finger represents “phallic domination/hostility.”
Despite the popular and widely circulated story that the gesture comes from the 1415 battle of Agincourt, this ultimate insult actually dates back as far as to ancient Greece and Rome. The first written record of someone “flipping the bird” comes from the writings of Aristophanes, who spoke of it in “The Clouds,” a play from 423 B.C. The Romans even had a special name for the middle finger – they called it digitus infamis (infamous finger) or digitus impudicus (indecent finger).

Though the interpretation of the gesture varies from country to country, it is fairly widespread. In England, one might display either the middle finger solo, or the index and middle finger together (with the palm facing inward) to convey the same message. And in a recent court case in Japan, a judge ruled, “The sign of raising the middle finger with the back of one’s right hand down is recognized in Japan as an act signifying insult or provocation, although it is not as common as in the U.S.”

These days, the gesture is becoming more commonplace and is danger of losing some of its “badness.” Witness all these celebrities famously giving the finger. It seems even squeaky clean pop princess Britney is not above displaying her longest digit. What is the world coming to?[/i]

Let’s just say you shouldn’t give the “okay” gesture when you’re in Tunisia.

Where in the hell did you find that? :gni: Very informative, i guess it answered my question. Do you think we can create a new offensive move or sign, or re-discovery an old under rated one and re-popularize it? I’m just saying, the finger is getting old, and we need something new. There was something a little bit ago i used to do, it was like crossing your arm, or brushing the top of your fingers tips of the top of your neck to the bottom of your chin. I’m sure you’ve seen that one :wink: I’m going to marinate on this one, help me out with some new gestures :help: (Maybe this can turn out to be a Poll :content: )

Nice thought, alot of effort. People might think your crazy; It’s on the list :grin:

That’s funny, do Asians have a hand gesture or anyway of signaling FU?

Looks like the big toe wins :happy:

“Pulls show off and points at the screen”

I´ve read another theory about it:

I don´t remember the exact facts, but apparently in some war the british archers got two fingers cut off when they were made prisoners, to stop them from fighting again after getting released (the two fingers that are necessary for using a bow).
Showing these two fingers to an enemy means something like “try to get my fingers, I don´t fear you”. With the time the gesture changed and today only the middle finger is held to your “opponent”.

No clue wether this is right :wink:

yea i think i read in an old Shakespeare play some guy bit his thumb towards another man, and the man apparently finding it offensive said something like “How dare u bite ur thumb at me?!” or something to that effect. im not sure about this tho, id prefer the big toe. i can hear it now: “suck my big toe u SOB!!” :rofl:

In some Asian countries, it’s disrespectful to point at anyone or anyTHING using your hands or fingers! They sort of wave their nose at what they want to point to.

Don´t know, but trying to shake hands with someone using your left hand should work

Yeah, that’s right. Cos the English had really good bowman or summit.

blazinfish: yeah, that’d be Romeo and Juliet.

‘Does thouse bit thy thumb at us?’

(damn, I hate my English teacher… :razz:)

I think people that take offense from something as simple and non-important as a finger on someones hand are pathetic. Just hand me the power to control your feelings please. I just lift one finger and people flip out. It’s like being a king or something. People need to get over gestures or words that they take offense from. You shouldn’t give someone the power to control your feelings like that. Anyway, F ALL OF YOU!!!..are you mad? :eh: