The forgotten art of flying in waking life

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I had a long dream lastnight where I was flying, and showing off. It felt so natural. I allmost feel like if I had enough faith I could do it in real life. Anyone have those before. Maybie the feeling is caused, because we were once birds in a previous life, or who knows maybie we really can all fly. Maybie there is much to life being a dream. Oh well Im off to jump from a ten story building. Wish me luck. Just kidding.

You can fly in dreams, because they’re simply that, dreams. Dreams are only limited by your imagination.

Sorry, but no amount of faith will help you fly in real life.

Unless you want to die, I wouldn’t advise jumping of a ten story building.

Yeah, I’ve had flying dreams like that before, showing off like I am superman or something. The thing is though, each time I fly in my dreams there is always a big obstacle in the way of me being able to fly high. I don’t know what it is. One time I was flying by my town houses and the people below looked up at me like I failed to impress them. It was kind of fun though because I said “I’ve never been this high before” and a guy by a tree just smiled although he looked like a girl too. lol.
Maybe the thing with flying is, we want to feel free when flying. Flying is like some sort of freedom beyond being able to do the normal stuff or other supernatural things in dreams. Maybe it is that flying takes us to places faster so we are able to gain lucidity faster. The question is, why fly in a dream when you can build a story of adventure and make dream friends and…well become a fantasy in your dream. (if you get what i mean). Why not fulfill desires we want in real life that we might not or cannot achieve. I think the whole idea behind this is that we don’t want to connect to real life and we want to find a desire that is worthwhile beyond what we want in real life. Maybe we are beings that are put into real life so we can find are Eidolons or our plural astral images, are dreams, our true desires so we can become again.

I have this whole idea behind life that this is not our only body and to be able to achieve are dreams we have to experience below what we are capable of because a lot of people are not natural gifted with fantastic supernatural powers. Life beyond death always gets me though. and flying is part of the idea when it comes to life after death. I wonder if we are training for some sort of flight after we pass or maybe we are relating to some sort of paralell experience that we want to go to. hmmmm.

Hello kava :wave: Ive had that feeling when I woke up that I still can fly, actually I get a bit disappointed when I find out that I cant :tongue: because once I start to fly in dreams it feels so natural and relaxing as if the ability always has been there :content:

When you say imagination is limited by us, I know this is very true because IRL it seems as though we don’t have enough experience with using are imagination. We are stuck during the day thinking about other things, hopes, worries, and possible the end of the road, death. We are very limited in our imaginations, period. we don’t get enough time during the day to create our own stuff in our heads. I wonder what it would be like if we did…

I heard about this one case on talk radio or something, a mental inpatient thought he was superman, and because of that he would touch a part of a very high ceiling that nobody else could reach or try to touch. I think a lot of what we want to do in dreams is limited by our mentality too. This whole idea behind the inpatient was what part of his mind or brain made him to this?

Yea I woke up with the same dissapointment that I couldnt really fly.

I’d never remembered any flying in dreams before, but since I’ve read on this forum that people could fly in dreams, I have now dreamed about flying twice. It feels extremely natural indeed. Even so natural that I discarded the thought that it couldn’t be real, so it had to be a dream (and there for didn’t become lucid :sad: ).

i cant tell you how much i relate with your thoughts…most of the things we usually do are just simple, stupid n devoid of imagination…i totally get your point when you say we rather should not try to fly but i think once in a while it could be refreshing…the central idea of your LDs though should be something meaningful…something you can learn from…

i flew once but only with the help of a dream figure…i tried to jump into air a couple of times…having failed miserably, i then asked a dream figure if he thinks i could fly…holy angel he nodded his head, n that ushered my confidence to no limits n i flying like a superman…but after a while i got a bit bored, n with that slight feeling ended my flight n i got back to ground…

I think thats how it goes on in RL…you need an inspiration to let your imagination flow beyond all bounds…i’ve seen some brilliant people who are inspired by love, happiness, nature n all that crap…they take imagination to all new levels n get so many creative things done that i feel so small in front of them…but i guess i just have to be optimistic enough to seek my own inspiration cuz imagination does exist in real life also, for its the same mind that functions in either domain, be it RL or those dreams…i would advise the same to everyone…

except for the superman thing :grin: …cummon that comes under physical limitations…

Ooops I ment to put this in stuff dreams are made of. I just saw dream,and posted. Anyway when I had this dream it felt so amazing. I was in a gym showing people that I could really fly. I allso dreamed something about the movie… “The boy who could fly” I really do believe, and I know it sounds nuts, but we can fly it is just locked away in our brain. I think if we are here long enough that we will get to the point where we will evolve, and be able to fly somehow. Have you ever seen the movie “Last mimzie” where there flying at the end of it. When I had this flying dream it did indeed feel natural, but Ive had alot of dreams about other paranormal things like moving things with my mind that allso felt really natural. Maybie we dream of these things, because it is drawing from a collective conciousness from things we could do long ago.

I don’t think so. If the feeling is derived from a collective conciousness, you’d expect all people that learned to dream lucid and fly by their selves (without reading about it on internet), that they would all fly the same way. However, that’s not the case. Some fly like superman, some move their arms, others glide like an eagle, some sit on a broom and others simply swim through the air in their dreams.

Actually we can fly, airplanes and helicopters should do the trick. Now you might say “Well can you fly without those?” well can a bird fly without it’s wings?
Now if a person really believes they can fly and TRULY believes they can fly then they can fly and you can’t say “no they can’t” because it’s a fact to them and if through there vision they are flying then they are flying and if through your vision he isn’t flying then only you perceive it as him not flying.
Just like dreams are limited to your imagination, so is real life.
Man imagined to fly one day, they got the airplane.
Man imagined to communicate world wide they got cellphones and the internet
Man imagined to broadcast images world wide they got the television and cable
And you can see where i am going with this.

I do agree though that FAITH alone will not get you to fly.

I was trying to explain the differences between the dream world, and waking life.

Sorry, but you can’t “Up and fly” in real life, without the aid of machines. Sure, you can say that man’s imagination let us fly in real life, but that’s besides the point.

There are physical limits in this reality of ours. There are none in the dream world.

In a dream, you’re a god. In waking life, you fall short because there are physical limitations. We’re subject to unyielding laws.

I’ve had that feeling. It may seem silly, but I have tried to fly in real life. Just to see if I could… but alas, I never did. :sad:

um… o_O

I have the same thoughts when it comes to imagination. I feel very limited within my own imagination but maybe that is because I’m not letting go of some of the past and my feelings that get in the way. I’m just trying to figure out how i can let the fade away so I can finally fly in my dreams.

From all the researching i have done over the last year, it does seem over many years humans have lost their true mind power im not sure if flying was 1 of them, But being telepathic may have been 1 of our qualitys as humans we lost, How we lost them i have many many theories on this, I still need to fly in my dream as a person, i Have flown many times as other creatures including dragons which felt extremely real and natural. Previous life a Dragon maybe? :smile:

But to me it seems we are on a high climb at the moment with all this technology and discoveries more and more people are “waking” up you could say. It feels great :happy:

When I was a kid, I thought if I could jump off the roof, I could fly. I didn’t actually try to, though. But it did cause me to have my first pre-lucid dream, where I was flying on a magic carpet. I loved flying so much. After that, I never needed a carpet to fly. I usually fly with my arms outstretched in front of me, as if my hands/ fingers are both guiding the direction and selecting the speed. But a few weeks ago, I went lucid, started flying like I almost always do when I realize I am lucid, but this time I was sitting down, like the genie on Aladdin, and just kind of enjoying moving gently but really having fun with it…I floated over to some guy, just above his head, and kinda communicated, yeah, that’s right, I can fly, and I can teach you, too, if you want…really fun~

Chloe: When I dream, sometimes I remember how to fly. You just lift one leg, then you lift the other leg, and you’re not standing on anything, and you can fly. And then when I wake up I can’t remember how to do it any more.
Morpheus: So?
Chloe: So what I want to know is, when I’m asleep, do I really remember how to fly? And forget how when I wake up? Or am I just dreaming I can fly?
Mopheus: When you dream, sometimes you remember. When you wake, you always forget.
Chloe: But that’s not fair…
Morpheus: No.

Brief Lives by Neil Gaiman.

It appears to be a common yearning, even to non-lucid dreamers. … re=related

Perhaps this is the reason

Angelic humans ? No Kava, that is not the reason. This is the reason:

The Bible talks about this in Mark 11 :

As they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots. And Peter remembered and said to him, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree that you cursed has withered.” And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

Search the bible for Mark 11 : 20-26 if you don’t believe me. This proves that no human being will ever have enough faith in God to actually break the rules of physics. That’s why no man ever did such thing…

I’ll let you think about that for a second…

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…but mankind did improvise. How ? By building airplanes ! :tongue: Just a joke.