The fruits of hypnagogia?

Hi, all. This is my third topic at ld4all. Hope you’re all doing well.

I am curious about hypnagogia. While there are well attested fruits to be reaped from lucid dreaming, I have never heard of anybody cultivating hypnagogia toward any end. I ask because my memory for these odd little flashes has improved dramatically since starting to meditate every day.

Can anything be done with them? Can they come under conscious control? What do they mean to you? I’m not sure that they have any value beyond interpretation.

Also, relative to the reports I’ve heard about other people’s hypnagogia - flashes of light, screams, etc. - my episodes seem quite coherent (while meditating, but not while trying to get to sleep). I had a funny one today where a little Chinese woman was drawing a curtain open for me. I was leaving a dim room where I had been meditating. Her smile said “Come back any time.” Then I realized that I only meditate in my bedroom and snapped out of it. The auditory ones are quite coherent too, usually featuring somebody talking to me in Chinese (which I can barely understand at this point in my learning) or girls talking to me in English but with a Chinese accent.

How about you?