The greatest method ever, incomplete.

When I have worked out some off the edges I will post a new thread, however I think this would be good enough to post.

The key to this method is getting SP, when SP is achieved you can Wild easily. You don’t need any talent or skill to do this method, only a change of sleeping pattarns.

You will need to nap in this method, the best time is around 8-10pm. When you nap don’t set a time limit wake up naturally, and when you wake up if you feel really tired and can easilly go back to sleep then you have done it.

Don’t go back to sleep intill you want to wild.

Now, you have some free time to go and do something. Now this is the unclear bit, which I have to figure out. How long do you wait to go back to sleep? I personally feel waiting from 10pm to 1-2pm is enough, however it seems that the longer you wait the more chance you have off wilding. Also the longer the naps are the more chance of lucid dreams.

The success signs. If you notice these signs then you going to have a lucid dream.
. When you wake up from nap you are tired and could go back to sleep, however your mind is relaxed.
. You start to feel tired around 1-2pm, however you don’t feel sleepy.
. If it takes you a while to get to sleep at 2pm.
. You start hearing sounds and hallucinating, whilst trying to sleep. This is the most improtant thing, if you exprience hallucinations then you will lucid dream.
. You can’t move.
. It takes you more then half an hour to get to sleep. If you notice that a long time has gone by and you can’t get asleep it a good thing.

Note: The more stressed you feel the more chance of lucid dream, so do something stressfull before going to sleep or put yourself in a stressfull mood when trying to go to sleep. Don’t try and relax, it better to be stressed.

Finally, you did everything I said and your in SP. Note: You will naturally go into SP and you don’t have to do something special, however it is good if you notice hallucinations.

You can’t move, what now?

Somebody in dreamviews(paradigm shift) talked about a method to get lucid, however it was not that effective. But, it works perfectly when your in SP. When you feel you can’t move and are literally stuck to your body all you need to do is fight it. What I mean is that you have to use all your will to force yourself up and then standing and then move, it kind of like lifting weights. Once you have lifted the weights you can move freely, now your in the dream.

That how simple it is, get into SP and forced yourself to move.

This can be distressing, however I been doing this for months and it gets easier.

Now what do you do?
This is simple, you walk towards your door open it walk down stairs and out your front door, then explore. It will be pitch black and in your house, however when you go outside it will be lighter. It could be scary at first, however you get use to it.

And the plus side?
You can have lucid dreams for ages using this method, last night I had a lucid dream for about five hours, however to achieve this you need to nap long(two hours) and have a gap of five hours. When you wake up always get up, normally you would be in SP, however just do the same trick. You would normally wake up a hour later, so you would need to do the SP trick about five times. When you wake up the best thing to do is to quickly do something that will wake you up and something that is really stressfull. Then go back to sleep and don’t relax.

If you do this you could get long lucid dreams, saying that even if you don’t your dream recall will be near perfect.

This technique is not perfect and I could improve it, however I guess I should share this now.

P.S. Somebody try this method, if you have any questions ask.

Hey, it’s what I try to do since I know LDing because I can SP very often, but “mentally” moving your body is harder than pulling weights, even if they are heavy. But when I get to roll out of my bed, I go to my window and fly and wait for the dream to begin. So far, it’s worked once, but whenever I have a SP, I try this.

Thanks you. I forgot that it can be easier to roll out of your bed, however it gets easier to fight your way out of SP. Your mental muscles get harder. I must have done this hundreds of times and now it just second nature.

Also, having the nap and the gap makes SP easier to break. Flying out the window seems dangerous, I would just walk out of your room and then out the front door.
If you do the walking outside bit you can check your actually in the dream by trying to turn on the lights, lights don’t work.

Their are some problems with this technique. After a hour it is really hard too lucid dream, you only have a hour of lucid dreaming per night(You can extend this, however it is hard). You have to constantly look out for tricks for example I had a false awaken outside last night and thought I had sleep walked so I was not lucid anymore, your mind can trick you. SP can become harder to break out off near the end of the hour, however you can roll to get out of this.

However all you need to do is nap from 9-10pm intill you feel tired and rested(about two or one hours sleep). Then just go to sleep at 1-2am(you have about a hour of lucid dreaming, watch out for false awakening).

Oh yeah, you have to be on your back. So only sleep lying on your back. If you turn and sleep on your front then you have failed this method.

Lol, one night, I have dreamt only 4 hours, and I haven’t napped during the day.
So, the night after that, I have had about 10 SPs in a row.
And guess what, I was on my stomach !!! So when I let the vibrations go stronger and stronger, only my legs were getting out of my body, my torso wouldn’t move !!!
It was pretty frustrating. And I forgot to roll out of my body, all I expected was to fly out of my body.
But onto my stomach, it’s impossible to move !

And this morning, I induced SP by will but it didn’t lasted long… I guess I had slept enough.

so let me try and simplify this for myself

basically take a nap->wake up and do stuff->going to sleep will bring you into an SP?->trying to get out of bed or imagining yourself getting out of bed?->then LD!

is that kinda correct? lol

it seems relatively simple :smile: i wanna try it!