The Green Haired Girl

The Green Haired Girl

So, I had a dream of this beautiful girl, she around 18, and she was floating in a black void. I was in that void with her, and we just looked into each other’s eyes, and I was mesmerized. I thought perhaps this was the feeling of pure joy. Which is very odd because as complex as my emotions are in real life, this girl just stopped everything. She had flowing green hair, a black dress, and flip flops.

After a while I performed an RC and realized that I was in fact, dreaming, and using my knowledge of lucidity I transported us to my bedroom, where we sat on the bed. She giggled a beautiful little giggle and said simple, “You’ve done it!” and then she hugged me. Then she looked into my eyes and said, “The Waking World my feel more real, but in all honesty, we have no proof that the dream realm may be the actual life.” then she stood up and said, “To the next one I go.” and then i woke up.

After reflecting upon her words, it dawned on me that they may very well be true, life itself can be a simulation created by the brain, where the dream realm may be the one time we are allowed into the actual plan of existence.

I just wish I can see her again, I feel like she might have answers for so much.

that was deep :tongue: … maybe she is your dream/spirit guide :happy:, i’ve hear before of people that fall in love with their dream guides, next time you become lucid, search for her, and hope for finding her, maybe in the room or corner next to you

or… it could have been a real shared dream with a girl you don’t know :open_mouth:


When you do see her again which i’m sure you will, please post what happens! :content:

For what it’s worth, this is shockingly similar to accounts posted in a dreams thread on … st-Dreams/

I’m DoseiSan there.

As you will see, that brings us up to four very similar accounts of this person appearing in dreams, emerging from a black void. Quite interesting really.

Damn take a look at this! Something very similar. (found it reading the topic that Vanc posted)

Your dream girl is totally right. Check this video out too, it applies

So you had this dream as well, along with another member from starmen?

Indeed. And then I found the example linked in said thread. The OP of this topic makes 4.

The waking world is the amnesia of dream. And the other way around.

Well, i don’t know if the “Real” world is the fake or not but the Lucid world is sure as hell more awesome :happy:

Oh my god, I’m so going to meet her. Dosei, were lucid when she came over to your dream?

This is relevant:

Link the part that is relevant. That link just sends me to the homepage.

My conjuring of this girl. … 268#691268

The entire site is relevant.

It’s not a green-haired girl, but its another commonly seen person within dreams.

The Chroniclers have created a dreamscape called Sky Island. This reminds me of the time I tried to get there in one LD, and ran through about three different floating islands and still didn’t find it.

This whole post reminds me of this girl in my dreams who isn’t quite a guide. I first caught sight of her on this dream of a train, she looked about six years old, and was treated like a queen because she have superpowers but wasn’t immature enough to be flashy about it. Neverending-Story-Childlike-Empress sort of thing. She had dark brown ringlets, but the changed the second time I saw her as an older young girl with red ringlets. The face was almost the same, but, you know, facial features are difficult to describe in words correctly and none of my drawings look like her.

I haven’t heard of any other accounts of dreaming about her, but just the sense of presence she has, keeps nagging at me that she wasn’t an ordinary DC.

I got the sense that her name was Felix, (I know, it’s a boy’s name–) so if anyone wants to try to summon her, then please do tell me how it went!

The green-haired woman sounds like a very gentle succubus.