The Grey Mist

Whenever my dream is going to end, this sort of grey mist seems to swallow up my surroundings. It starts my dissolving anything further away from me first then creeps towards me at an alarming pace untill it engulfs me and I wake up. This always happens at the end of a dream. Sometimes, random objects or people will come out of the mist only to be swallowed back up again. Sound is also distorted, if someone is talking the volume begins to decrease and it echos untill they are too dissolved by the mist. I also get the sensation of being light as a feather, or being pulled somewhere but standing still at the same time.

Does anyone else know of the grey mist that eats the dreamworld before we awaken?

Have you read a lot of Stephen King stories or something…my dreams just fade to black and I’ll start to feel myself lying bed. :tongue:

I normally don’t remember the end of my dreams. When I LD and I know I’m waking up, thinks just start to vanish and my vision is blurry. The sensations of sound and touch go away a lot slower. Then everything just turns to black and I’m in my bed.

The gray mist is creepy. Made me think of the tornado in the Wizard of Oz though :content:


I have no mist either. I just feel myself lying in bed as the world around me fades to black when I wake up out of an LD or ND.

But I have some experiences of a dreamscape falling apart around me while in LD. At first I thought it was just the waking up, but after trying the spinning technique I realised that i could lenghten the dream… Have you ever tried spinning when the mist started to come after you? :smile:

I don’t feel scared when it happens. It happens right before I wake up (except nightmares where I jolt awake)

Hmm, I have no gray mist, but it sounds like something interesting. I don’t know if I would be scared of it or not since I at one point had this escape I called “the gray”. It was where I went to block out what I was upset about. I actually did my first DEILD by closing my eyes and floating in a really foggy area maybe similar to what you’re describing. (Btw, I was not lucid at that point, but I was lucid when I almost woke up and when I went into the next dream.) That fog or grey mist was very peaceful and comforting. You’ve given me another idea for one of my next LDs (after I meet my SC again, of course). I might literally end up visiting my gray… I hope I’ll find it behind a door. :spinning:

For me it’s a fade to black, too. But sometimes, in LDs, the darkness (even in parts of the place I am in) seems to ‘weaken’ my lucidity, darkening my eyesight if I look too much into it.

No mist for me, never had, I always appear in my bed when I wake up :tongue: and Ive been experimenting with this too :tongue: no mist though

I can say I’ve never had a mist either, but that does sound like something from a horror novel, you should write books.

Usually when I wake up from a LD everything fades to black and I feel myself in bed, I open my eyes IRL but I’m still dreaming and still have SP, I’ll see DC’s and nightmarish creatures crawl out of my walls, people I know will be laying in my bed (When they’re really not), then as soon as I can move everything turns normal, it’s like a bad trip for about 10 seconds, used to creep me out but I’m used to it now.

Waking up from a ND is just waking up, no wierd things, I usually don’t even remember the end of the dream.