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Also, when posting a link to a video, it’s helpful to describe what it’s about.
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Oooh, pretty.

*goes to Google

Well, if it’s an extraterrestrial aircraft, then the aliens are getting lazy with being secretive. :wink:

It’s really pretty :grin: haha too bad it’s just a minotaur rocket.

Let’s see here.

We have a thread that’s in the wrong forum. It should be moved to the lounge, if not the playground.

You have provided only a youtube link, which you have given us no information (other than a vague title), explaining what it contains.

State your case.

“State your case?”

Why interrogate everyone who mentions these sorts of things? After all, by definition, a UFO is an “unidentified flying object,” ergo to Mr. Rational, anyone who mentions one is merely pointing out that an object is in the sky, which has yet to be identified, by definition. Not necessarily implying anything else. :wink:

As to the video itself, beautiful.

And maybe lucid lounge would be more fitting. :smile:

WARNING:This may cause nightmares.

Can you atleast tell us what it is without scaring the crap out of us, so we know what to expect? XD

And dont you mean “Lucid nightmares” xD

That WOULD be disturbing if I hadn’t seen THIS first: … vp-4MxR7EE

Hahaha awesome, If I’m not mistaken thats from Courage the Cowardly dog, I just loved that show, even though some of the episodes really scared the crap out of me :tongue:

Why’d you have to make me remember that?!

SPOILER - Click to view

Not the game

I saw it and it scared the shit out of me!

What about this?

Hahah I’ve been rickrolled so many times man, I think I love that song xD :tongue:

The episode that really gave me nightmares as a kid was the one with the violin girl,the clip is in this video.

Wow! I never recall watching that episode, haha that was creepy :tongue: . I also had forgotten about the Ramses episode until I saw the clip! It was fun :tongue:

I can’t believe the exorsist episode didn’t make it into that Top 5 video, I couldn’t find any good clips but I’m sure you’ll remember it, here’s one I found: … re=related

To me that was one of the scariest episodes ever, thank goodness I hadn’t watch the real exorsist by that time! :happy:

Anyways, I can provide links to some real creepy things, not Courage-related. I’ll look for em if you guys are interested :smile:

You are right SG, they did determine it was a rocket launched. Even though it was both eerie and interesting to watch. I wouldn’t have expected an “advanced life form” with “advanced technologies” to be caught breaking the sound barrier like that.

Courage is one of my favourite cartoons .

Beautiful UFO? Yes. Alien? No.


Fixed link broken by wraparound. :dragon: … re=related

Where is this coming from. Is it real, who is it, what is it? I dont think it is a hoax. … re=related
this is the latest. I hope its true about holding on to the light, and not droping back to lower vibrations.

Plus if I am creating my own reality, and this is how I beleive spiritualy. I chose for God to communicate to me, and wala the enternet came about, and taought me to lucid dream, and expand my mind to prepair me for the coming tiems. It makes sence. I started playing this game, andwe are nearing its end.

What in the world are those videos about ? :eh: “Our presence and that of many souls who have incarnated to help you, has stirred memories of greater knowledge that is held within.” This is… creepy :bored:

In order for the lounge not to be cluttered with everyone sharing their fav youtube video’s, please use this topic for it. Thank you! :thumbs:

Looks like Nirvana was inspired by some ealry Michael Jackson! Enjoy!