The importance of yawning

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Just found this and thought about sharing. Excellent read. I wonder if this can be used to help LD’ing (I thought about posting in Quest, but meh, just a topic about yawning is good enough).

PS: I dare you to read this and not yawn.
PPS: I’ve just read the word “yawn” so many times that it doesn’t sound like a word anymore :razz:

Wow, very interesting, who would say that something seemingly so unimportant and simple actually makes so good to human brain…

Thanks for sharing this! :content:

That was an interesting read.
I’ll make sure to yawn before I do anything important from now on. :tongue:

I managed to do it because this is pretty much the most active part of my day right now. :razz:

Thanks for the link, it was an interesting read :smile:

All I knew about yawning beforehand was that Morgan Freeman said that it helps to deepen your voice :razz:

Also, it says in the article that some people say they cannot yawn deliberately, only after 5 or 6 fake yawns. I find this strange, as I can yawn whenever I feel like it, how about you?

You know what I’ve read 3/4 of it and I just can’t take it any more!
whilst reading it I just can’t stop yawning. It happens every 5-10 seconds.

jesus christ

Very great read! I will try to adopt (manipulative?) yawning for all kinds of things as it sound really useful.

Oh, and Moogle. I’m not sure about LDing, but when he talks about yawning helping memory recall, it gives me an idea about improving DR. I’ll make sure to yawn whenever I get stuck on what happened when. :happy:

HA! I managed to read through the article without yawning :razz: interesting article and I will practice concious yawning because of this :tongue:

As the article says Acetylcholine is also involved in yawning it MAY even be good for LDing. I’m not good at neurology though. :happy:

Hmmm quite interesting :smile:

Good read, but I had to fight like a mad woman to resist the urge to yawn :razz: And I agree the word seemed very strange after many views

That was really interesting! Thanks for sharing.

i have to yawn a lot to fell like i’m getting a deep breath in and it always seemed detrimental so its good to know its not :razz:

That’s really interesting. I’ll definitely try to practice conscious yawning.

I almost forgot to check this, I’m glad you liked it :grin:

Yeah, I can yawn at will. I feel like if I force 5 or 6 yawns I’ll just then get a super deep yawn.

And I wonder about yawning while IN a LD, never done that, or ever felt the need. I’ll try to remember. Imagine if you’re brain goes into turbo and you have a super awesome LD!

insightful and interesting. i wanna strive to encourage my yawning more.

I should try it to get some concentration to try to get lucid now that this heat is making me rot, making almost everything a chore.

I know I wouldn’t actually yawn during a dream so it doesn’t have the physiological effects it would have IRL, but could “yawning” in a LD have any “placebo” effects?

Indeed. I think I did try it this morning, almost forgot that I did. It was low lucidity, though, I don’t think anything happened. I was more focused on doing other stuff :lol:

The only way how I managed to read the article without yawning is that I kept my mouth occupied with eating. :tongue:

My first thought was: “Hey, that sounds familiar to how dreams are seen as unimportant in today’s society!”

Good point! :woo: *yawns

I yawned about 5 times reading this. (mostly because I forced myself)
P.S - does it make a difference if you force the yawn or not?