The Internal BodyClock

first of all sorry to all who have posted this.

im sure we’ve all had those time or everyday were you wake up jsut before someone shouts you up or the alarm clock goes off.yes?

well i put this down to the internal body clock. i knows when u need to be up and the brain awakes does it work?
i dont know but me and my friend have been talking and weve come up with a theory. now its only a theory and a rubbish one at that. i hope you can add your own theories to this matter.

we think that because we have an understanding off time how it works eg seconds,minutes, hours etc. because the brain works like a computer as such figuring out calculations and what not , is it possible while asleep the mind is counting time?
but why wake up at a certain time? if you set the alarm you self the mind has a record of it. and if your mother like mine has a routine to shout em up at 7:30 every morning my mind records this and as i think counts the time from which i slept to the time i awoke. the reason the brain can keep the time accurate in my case is ebcause iam on the computer late at night and i know what time i come off.

This is what me and my friend theorsize about this.
what do you think?

I’ve always been able to do this, I’m not talking about routine either. I can wake myself up at any time I wish, i rarely use alarm clocks because I don’t need them to wake me up at specific times, my body does not need it.

While I do have one that I use for the more important things “just incase” I rarely bother with it.

How is this possible?

While this is possible, it’s not a theory that I tend to agree with. We as humans view “time” in a very linear, and basic way, we view it as we understand it. Our non-physical bodies however are not as dependant on our human perception of time and it is my belief, through experience and experiementation that time is not the linear thing we believe it to be.

We are connected to everything around us one way or another, maybe this is just another example of the Universal Consciousness, but I don’t believe the brain calculates time in such a linear, clock like way.

yes some of my friends can do this though i can only do it if i really need.
how do you find time not to be linear?
thanks for your opinion :smile:

Ok I think this answers your question about the internal clock.

For thos lazy people I will take some quotes.

All of that has been quoted from the link above.

I don’t have a theory but I’m time sensitive. I like to be punctual and probably my subconscious has internalized this and developed a sense of timing for me. I have never relied on alarm clocks and since I live alone, I have no one to wake me up. But take this recent example. On Christmas eve I told myself that I wanted to wake up at 6:30 on Christmas morning. When my eyes opened, it was exactly 6:30 on my watch. If I am going to oversleep, I might hear a voice call my name, a knock on the door, someone walking up the driveway, things like that, and I wake up finding no one there. But I realize I have woken up when I needed to. Probably it might be called ‘lucid waking’. It might be that those of us who are time sensitive are the ones who have this ability. Does anyone have any research funds to test whether organised and disciplined people are different from others in this regard?