The Jesus 'fish'

Has anyone ever seen those things on cars, they look a little like a fish, and sometimes they say words in it, like Jesus, or something else religious. I was just wondering what the story on those is, can anyone tell me?

Josh, it was a secret symbol used by the early Christians to avoid detection by the Romans or anyone who had it in for them. The fish was chosen because of the Greek word for fish IXTHUS. Each letter stood for a word and it translates rougly to Jesus, Christ, God, Son, Saviour.

Actually the ‘fish’ like many other ‘adopted’ christian things came from the pagans. Not that its wrong or anything.

The reason the fish is usually upright is the fact that it came from norse rune magic, the rune “othala” which is the concept of dna, double helix, to do what you were genetically designed to do, and last of all death. Quite obvious, as christianity is a martyr religion.

To quote jesus ‘… will pick up his torture stake and follow after me’ Thus, it is the path of those who feel doomed to die.
In the lords prayer it ends ‘…if i die before i wake i pray the lord my sould to take…’

This is a great change from most of the bible characters including David (king) and Job who enjoyed life, seeked to benefit others. Not that death is a bad thing, but one wonders if the recorded evidence might have been tampered with.

Apostle paul wrote ‘this means living forever, people learning about God, and Jesus’ -this passage sounds more like the original plan, rather than to divide familys and cause destruction.

Apostates are known for tearing down others rather than building them up.

I don’t mean to destroy faith, but I think there needs to be some closure on this. Keep in mind that by cutting down others for their misdeeds, we may be guilty of a further offense than what common chrisianity leads us to believe.

Could the othala fish perhaps denote this ‘death like’ christanity that is promoted? Perhaps we could start a different thread on the subject.

Ah, I see.
I had always wondered what the significance of it was, or if it was even a fish. It just looked like a fish to me, I guess it could’ve been a ribbon wrapped around like helix, like Phantomspectre said.
Well anways, thanks guys.

Funnily enough, there’s a guy in a town not to far from where I live who has a fish on his car like that, only it has two little legs, one in front and one in back, and in the middle it says Darwin, I got suck a kick out of that :content:

I thought it was about the dissipales being fishermen when they first met Jesus.

Hey, watch out for your next post, kavaa… check your number!

And Phanthom Spectre brings up a good point. There is some evidence that certain scripture (only new testament, I think) had been altered by religious figures in the early stages of Christianity. Makes you wonder why they changed it, eh?

EDIT: Forgot to add some stuff about the fish. There’s a passage in the Bible somewhere where Jesus draws a sketch of a fish in the sand with a stick. This was a basis for a lesson he taught the disciples about being “fishers of men.” This also might have something to do with it.

I’ve got a Darwin fish on my car.

The fish with legs &darwin pn/on it means that they beleive in the darwin theory which I think is all about evolution and such.

I’ll ask my one friend about the normal fish and see what I can find.

haha, I must be way off…

I always thought it was because in the bible they talk a lot about fish. My friend said that there is a story in the bible where Jesus had to feed a TON of people, but he only had 3 baskets of fish. But the baskets kept refilling themselves. So, Jesus worked a miracle with the fish…

And Catholics don’t eat meat on Fridays during lent, but they CAN eat fish. I thought that might have something to do with that

Vegetarians to, they can eat fish, but not meat. Weird, I think fish is meat, like, fish meat :tongue:

I don’t understand that either. Fish is meat, isn’t it?

Yeah, its the meat from a fish…well, whatever floats your boat I guess.