The key in WILDing

The key is to let go, just let go, let the thoguths flow your mind, have fun with them, be lucid in them, be aware, but let go, letting go is the most important thing in WILD.
Just understood it that moment…

You mean, letting them be the way they are and not to change them, don’t you ? Yeah, I agree. It’s the hardest part. Last night I couldn’t sleep for 3 hours, just because I imagined myself changing thigs !

So yes - let the thoughts wander by themselfs - don’t push it !


Yes that['s what I meant :smile:

Its easier said than done but yeah you’re right! :tongue: also patience is key, and of course: practice practice practice :smile:

That is so true!

It’s so hard to let go, but when you do WILDing becomes so much easier. :om:

When I “just let go” I forget all about my WILD intentions and just enter normal sleep.

yeah, thats my problem too. i just cant “let go” w/out literally falling asleep and then waking up like what the hell just happened?

Hi, as i don’t want to open a new thread i guess ill ask here.
Whenever i read about the process of WILD there is this part where you enter your dream by rolling over or waking up, but how do i know when i reach this point? and shall i really try to sit straight up?

You have to let go of the atachment to your thoughts and expectations, without letting go of your awareness. They call it “passive attention” as it’s like simply sitting back and watching.

This is practice, I think :neutral: Experimenting around until you get the feel to it. Usually I get a feeling like I’m falling or floating, or even diving into my mind :eh: (As I’m in bed feeling like I’m falling asleep) Then I roll out. But you only imagine you roll, maybe just move slightly and imagine the rest of the movement. Kinda hard to explain :tongue:

And welcome :wave: