The Laws of Dream Nature

I find that when in a lucid dream, the same laws of nature in the real world, are present in my dream. For example, I cannot make myself fly, that would be against the laws. Or I cannot walk through a wall, I just bump into it. I find that the laws are more flexible in the dream than in reality but I cannot break them.

Can someone please give me some advice on how to break these dream laws?

Visualization. You know it’s not the real World, so don’t take it for granted—don’t expect any behaviour of it, visualize yourself touching walls and not feeling them against your fingers, visualize yourself flying, run, jump and fly. :smile: The quirk is to see, or rather, to be able to see the laws of physics bensing themselves in front of you.

Same promlem here, but i am solving it now. To problems with flying just summon Flying Teacher. Explect that he will come out from a corner of builiding, or he will come tough doors.

But like Bruno said (writed ?): remember that dream happens olny and fully in your head, dreams are part of you, and this is reason why you are able control it.

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Find the Lucid Pill topic.

It’s all about belief and expectation. If you expect you won’t get trhough the wall, then you won’t, if you believe that you’re not able to break these laws, then you’re not. Just remember that the whole dream is a creation of your own mind and has no physical conection to the reality, therefore, the laws of physics of the real world are not valid in your dream world.

one thing that works for me, is to shout out loud things like " this wall is not real" (for example) to make myself believe it isnt. therefore overriding the rules :razz:

Just remind yourself you aren’t in reality, but a world your on mind created, so take charge. You’ll have to beleive you can do it 100%.

and as a wiseman once said :smile: : You have to let it all go Neo, fear, doubt and disbelieve

Bahh. I’m wiser than Morpheus, lol. :tongue:

haha, The Matrix

When I’m dreaming I make the laws.

I can throw objects like cars, chairs without even picking it up. I even pulled a huge tree out of the ground from 20 yard distance. I can also suck objects like rocks and such into my hand. Really makes me wish I had such a good dream recall like when I was younger.