The Line Between DCs and Fellow Lucid Dreamers?

In my latest entry in my dream diary (see signature for link) I’ve describe a situation in which I, desperate to be lucid in future dreams, ask someone in my dream to remind me that I am dreaming. Now, instead of just refuting the whole, “This is a dream and I am a character of your imagination thing,” this DC just went with the flow and promised me that they would. Now the question that’s been on my mind since I’ve awoken from this dream is is this truly a DC or did I have a shared dream with someone that I’ve never met before. I mean how does one draw the line between DC and real people? Unless you are stubborn and believe that there’s only one part of you (totally disregarding the subconscious aspect of the brain) your DCs should be acting pretty normal (for a dream that is). Say, for instance, that the next poster has a dream about me. And they wanted to know if it was the real me (I don’t know if anyone would necessarily care but this is totally hypothetical). Let us pretend, for the sake of argument, that I didn’t recall any of my dreams (conveniently) the morning after this happenstance occurred (pulled out 1700s lingo on ya lol). Is there some sort of way to go back in later dreams and figure out if this particular dream was a shared one or not?

Edit: Oh goody! I’m getting closer to gaining full lucidity. God, if only I could make it out of the buildings in my dream. The walls are like made out of this indestructible foam! Well, I do claw out some of the foam but there’s too much! It seemed as if an RPG couldn’t even solve the matter!

I don’t think there is anything inside the dreamworld that could be any proof. Anything is possible in a dream, it’s waking life that has limitations. That’s where you can draw conclusions such as. If two people share a dream they can retell the dream and even draw pictures that will show the same things, more or less. If this happens alot, more so than the reports having too many dissimilarities, you can start to rule out the possibility of coincidence. Since there must be some sort of connection between the dreams. You can for instance get a phone number in a suspected shared dream from the other participant. Rest assured if it’s not a shared dream, noone will call. And if it IS, the right person will call.
If you try to call someone in a dream, that won’t prove anything. IF you talk to the same person in the dream that won’t prove anything.
If you go into the dream to ask questions that require a specific answer then you know it already and can create the answer yourself.

Use the door.

well i was in my school on the top floor and i was losing lucidity fast… so i do what i always do and try to fly out lol
haha i feel stupid now
but i found the DC… just like that he was there in real life (i knew i recognized him from school) he didn’t say anything about it so i wasn’t going to look crazy mentioning it to him

That sounds like a good idea asking someone to remind you that you’re dreaming

it may not be a good idea because it gives your power away to a perhaps fictional entity when instead you could develop your will and confidence in your ability to be a great lucid dreamer

its interesting really to ponder where the boundary is between your minds impressions of who someone is, and who that person REALLY is because i think that you could indeed cross between the veil of fake DC person and the real dreamer he represents.